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Foot amputation?

Penis enlargement.

Nose Job?

2nd guess, RE??

hmmm .... therapist? Botox? personal trainer? accupuncture? colonoscopy? Wait, you're more than 10 years too early on that one. Hmmmmm.

boob job!

tongue tattoo?

Boobs. It's gotta be new boobs.

Boobs, nose, or baby.

Colonic irrigation

I second the penis enlargement theory... Although new hooters would be nice too!

Baby, boobs, botox. In that order.

I vote boob job as well.

Xanax and alcohol sounds like a fun combo actually......I assume THAT isn't your plan for next week?? :)

I'm guessing new hooters. (I hear that with the new methods it only take days to recover.)

A posh spice cut at the hairdresser?
Ok maybe not.............

Boob job!

we know you miss riding the cooter wand.

tatooed makeup

Baby, Piercings, Boobs?


permanent eyeliner and/or lipliner?

Your talk was great! Very moving and inspiring!

Yay, remember don't go too small. I did 275 and I should have done bigger.
Maybe I will have mine redone and u can get my old silicone, they have a lifetime guarantee!

.... a fresh IVF???

gotta be a waxing... i'm so glad it went well!

A cooking class?


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