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It's not over till it's over!
I'm not giving up yet.
Thinking/praying for you!!!

Oh. Crap. I'm sorry.

You! Back to the couch! Go on!

I don't believe it until the official blood test. Still hoping for you!

I hope you're wrong.

ohhhhh pooh.. I'm sorry. :(
Will be waiting to hear what a blood test says.

So very sorry. But hope you're wrong.

I don't know... With my first pregnancy, I didn't get a positive till 13 dpo. And stats say that hardly anybody gets a positive before 10 dpo. If, as others say, FETs take longer to ramp up the HCG, then these early tests really don't mean anything... Keeping fingers crossed for the blood test.

I really think it's way too early. Even with my twins I could never get a positive til I was at least 10dpo. I'm sure with one it would have been even longer. Don't give up. I'm sorry this is so hard! I've got everything crossed for you!

I know this is wishful thinking, but... is the top one the most recent test? I think I've convinced myself that I see the faintest of lines there.

I really wanted this to work out for you, and I'm so sorry that you're feeling down. I understand. Me, I'm too chickenshit to try again, even though my husband wants another.

I've been reading your blog for over a year or so now but have never posted (that I recall, anyway).

Before I even read Leia's post, I thought the EXACT same thing...on the top test I too see a hint of a line.

I won't even go in to my story 'cause I have too many kids now for you to even want to hear it, BUT...I was told I would NEVER have ANY kids, and tried for 6 yrs. before I had my first child. I did start younger, but I can relate to the anguish of it all. Even now..now that I'm in "baby greed" mode, I'm finding it harder and harder TTC (just lost twins at 12 wks. along).

Once again though...that top test DOES look like it has a faint line. Do you see it? Don't give up just yet. I even had a blood test say I was not pregnant at 12dpo, and finally at 16dpo-18dpo (can't remember off the top of my head) discovered I was indeed pregnant.

My thoughts are with you, hon.......

For whatever reason, FETs have much lower betas than fresh cycles. So don't rely on these HPTs -- it's just too early for an FET!!!

Just hugs.

I'm still keeping fingers and toes crossed.

I'd just like to bring out some quotes here. See if you remember them. Click on my name to see the post they come from:

"I was totally, and utterly convinced it hadn’t worked. Not only because my acupuncturist had said so and I trust her implicitly, but because I had felt nothing. Nada. Not an iota of a symptom. In fact I was so convinced that I wept my tears, got over it and made a follow up appointment for this Tuesday (which I must still cancel). I had worked out my finances for my next cycle etc. You know how convinced I was."

"Then when beta morning arrived on Friday I nearly didn’t go. It had started raining and I thought bugger that. But I knew my husband would be pissed off if I didn’t go. I didn’t even bother phoning the Dr for my results because I knew it was negative."

Oh, and let's not forget a quote from a post a few days before that:

"Well it looks like this cycle hasn’t worked. I have had this feeling since the weekend and my acupuncturist basically confirmed it today. My pulses have dipped. And she knows me very well, she has correctly predicted my pg both times and my negative cycles as well. So I am about 99% sure it did not work. I will obviously carry on with the progesterone etc and do the beta on Friday, but my acupuncturist has not been wrong before. She said on both previous pregnancies my pluses have been very strong. They are weak now."

Tertia, you may not be pregnant now. I know what your odds look like. There's a reason I'm posting this here and not under your post in which you vent your frustration with life. Vent away. But I just want to point out that we've read these words from you before, and the outcome then was those two little critters you have dashing around your house right now fighting over a Spiderman suit. The fat lady, she has not yet sung - she keeps quiet until the blood is read. I wish you luck.

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