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I heart your sister Mel

What does it say under Raisins?

...and when I had roommates, whoever put something on the list had to pay for it. Perhaps its an offer?

My cuteness! Nose job going together with raisins! LoL, what demands they got there for you.

Melanie...It says Wheatbix under raisins. (Its a breakfast cereal).


Ah, sisters, they can be so kind!



My fav comment on the shopping list was "If you insist on buying sharp knives could you buy plasters too?"

My daughter to Ian's new, very sharp purchase!

Wheetbix is a breakfast cereal (#1 brand in South Africa I think). You can get it at Trader Joe's in the United States.

It's like a big square of whole wheat flakes binded together with some honey. My boyfriend claims that it resembles hamster food.

HAHAHAHAHA. Sister Mel has an awesome sense of humor.

Also, TAG!


Hee! Got to love it! :o)

My list would have to include a tummy tuck and a boob lift! LOL

mwaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaaaa... she's so funny!

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