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ROFL - it's like that old Far Side cartoon - What You Say vs. What Dogs Hear (la la la la Ginger la la Ginger la la la).

Well, this American LOVED your post. I'm all about numbers. And statistics. And pie charts. Bring it on A-N-Y-T-I-M-E!!!

And, by the title of your post, I thought the kids had sabotaged your computer!

I would be interested to see the wealth distribution in S. Africa as well as the businesses owned by whites. From across the pond my perception is that apartheid ended but the economic apartheid continues there as it does here as a consequence of the segregation era. Reading your sister's experience with the hospitals I would say there are still many problems there as well as here. Every country has them, to deny only exacerbates the issues. I guess I do not understand your continual harping on Americans while looking at the sunny side of S. Africa. Maybe I will be enlightened in due time.

I loved your post too. I saw real words. And I'm American!

That's funny - but it doesn't apply to me. My best friend a few years back was South African and I think it's a fascinating place and plan to visit eventually.

P.S. When you have video clips that include your voice, I really miss her. The standard SA dialect is SO COOL.

How rude of them! If they don't want to read it, they don't have to. Were they expecting to find, I don't know, posts about America here? On a South African's blog?

I love it when you post about SA. I'm so intrigued.

And is the commenter above, ABB, implying that you are somehow responsible for apartheid? For shame, Tertia! Fix it right this very instant before you post another thing about your homeland. We Americans can blog about our country all we want because there's nothing wrong with it. Don't you wish you were American? Shouldn't everybody wish they were American?

That, for the humorless among us, was called sarcasm.

don't forget that we also read the bits about your cooter and your (and marko's) uses of it.

I adore South Africa and would visit all the time if it didn't mean spending an entire day on a plane to get there - and I love when you write about it. I saw words and charts, too!!

And ABB, you might want to check wealth distribution stats in the US - they're nothing to boast about...

Silene, you're not kidding. From the New York Times this week:

Only twice before over the last century has 5 percent of the national income gone to families in the upper one-one-hundredth of a percent of the income distribution — currently, the almost 15,000 families with incomes of $9.5 million or more a year, according to an analysis of tax returns by the economists Emmanuel Saez at the University of California, Berkeley and Thomas Piketty at the Paris School of Economics.

Such concentration at the very top occurred in 1915 and 1916, as the Gilded Age was ending, and again briefly in the late 1920s, before the stock market crash. Now it is back.

People write what they know and feel comfortable with!

Having a sense of humor helps you live longer. What happened to people that we can no longer take a joke?

This American thought it was funny. :-)

I think ABB has a point. Poke gently at another country for a bit. What about the Swedes? The Japanese have some quirky traits that might need pointing out, specifically their game shows. And the Canadians with all their 'eh-ing' and good nature - surely you'll find some material with them.

I don't think ABB is lacking in a sense of humor. I think she is responding to something that is dangerous to our country and its citizens, and I think that she is pointing out that just because you preface something with 'I'm joking' doesn't mean that no one has a right to be offended, no matter how firmly in your cheek you've planted your tongue.


I love the SA posts, I even go and look things up in other places to learn even more. I find it all very fascinating. Thanks!

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