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Good luck!

Not that you''l need it.... G&D as always, I'm sure.


Just try not to say "fuck".

Just try not to say "fuck".

very funny. thank you. anyway, good luck. what the hell, say fuck if you must.

I do the same procrastination thing too. I think I work best under pressure! Best of luck!

I must have a dirty mind, because when I read that you'd had a 'blow job' my first thought was - good, you'll be relaxed!

lol! Good luck!

I also thought you must be feeling pretty relaxed. Another difference between SA and the US - here that is called a blow-out {which also means a big fight, which may lead to the post argument blow ... well, never mind}.

I can't wait to go to the salon for a blow job. If I don't have a blow job every 10 days or so, I get cranky. Not to mention my hair looks terrible. Now which of the operators at the salon should give me my blow job? Linda is cute but she's too chatty. When I'm getting a blow job, I like to just relax and think my thoughts, without hearing a lot of chatter. Plus, if she's talking all the time, how can she concentrate on my blow job? Helene is the most experienced, but she's getting on in years. If the blow job takes too long, she starts to complain tnat she's tired and needs a break. Kurt is a hunk, but he doesn't do blow jobs. Too bad.

Knock 'em dead, girl!

At least then you won't have to give the speech!


Kidding...you'll do great - just be yourself!

The 'blow job' thing gets me every time. HAHA!


Best of luck - just speak from the heart (without getting all choked up - at least not too choked up) and you'll do fine.


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