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I love the look of Adam's hair... how adorable, all spiked up... so cool and their shades look fab! Don't worry doll, at least you know there is light at the end of the tunnel which includes: no bottles, dummies and plenty of sleep. Hang in there. You have a whole community supporting you. Don't listen to anyone but yourself. Mum's know best what is best for their kids. Nite, nite.

WARNING: Most assholish comment ever.

You're definitely training those kids to be orally fixated. They're going to be smokers and probably alcoholics.

Speaking of alcoholics, weren't you supposed to be cutting way down on your wine, per your chemical shrink's advice? (Shhh! Don't holler. I have a headache. I had four glasses last night at BlogHer, and usually two glasses is my limit. Do you swear more when you're drinking/ I noticed I started swearing more during the first glass.)

Of course you were rebuffed when you tried to intervene. You are a nosy busybody! That child's parent obviously knows best and is handling it her/his own way. Butt out!

Hand-washing bras is for pussies who are afraid to show a laundry-care label who is boss.

Of course you look 100 years old. Your actual age isn't that far off.


Washing bras in the machine makes them break down faster. Oh well. It just gives me an excuse to buy them more often.
Don't worry bout the pacifiers and bottles, my son gave them up on his own at a year old, so I got lucky, but he got really super attached to soft top sippy cups, which are just like a bottle, just shaped different. I haven't had the patience to take them away, and he's almost 3. He also pours whatever liquid I give him all over the white carpet if it is in a regular cup, so we'll just keep the bottle/sippy cups for ever and ever. He goes to bed with one full of milk every night too. Ha! (:

I hand wash my bra's...

I though everybody did! Clearly not...

Looks like your kids have themselves a great time! How adorable they are. Can't wait to hear about the mystery appointment!

on bras: I don't think that some are meant to be hand-washed. Most of mine have padding in them of some kind, which gets all wrecked by the washer, even if you put them in one of those mesh zipper bags. So proceed with caution! But I think that if yours don't have padding they will probably do OK in the washer. No dryer, though, ever.


Re: Washing bras: I use a mesh bag that in the states can be bought at any large supermarket or store like Target and I wash them in the machine, but never dry them in the dryer. As a poster above says, they don't last as long, but if you figure the cost of your labor, lost time, patience level, and tiredness it's worth it.

Re: Dummies and bottles, yes you probably should get rid of them, BUT get your meds and your system taken care of first. Being depressed and taking away your kids' dummies just doesn't make sense. You'll give in and they will have scored another win. I hate to put a damper on your surgery, but I think you should wait until your depression is under control first. You might not find the desire for change is as important once you feel better, and after surgery it can take months to get all the anesthesia out of your system to where you feel fully up to par. Yeah, I know, I probably sound like your mother. Please get yourself well first; then do anything you want.

Going back a few posts: You might try using eyeshadows made by SeneGence (www.SeneGence.com). They are liquid, just a dot on each eye, spread in quickly; it dries in a few seconds, you don't feel it at all, and it stays on until you remove it when you clean your face - that night or the next morning. I rub my eyes a lot (actually less since I've been using this) and it doesn't come off. I can't stand anything powder, and I'm allergic to perfumes and scents, but I swear by this. I've had a tube of the Khaki (closer to an olive green) for three years; I've used it almost everyday and there's still some left. It costs $20 US. They also make long lasting liquid blushes that you just dot on and blend; and lip colors that you top with a clear gloss that stay on until you eat greasy foods, but I'm not sure how you'd do with the lip colors with your sensory issues. I didn't like their mascara, and I haven't tried any of their skin care products. (Because of my allergies I use Origins products.) I'm sixty-six years old, (that's why I probably sound like your mother) and every day after putting on moisturizer I do my eyes: SeneGence eye shadow, L'Oreal screw up (self-sharpening) eyeliner, and Cover Girl Lash Exact mascara, which doesn't go on clumpy, and doesn't dry stiff; very rarely do I wear foundation. I too hate touching my face and having my hands pick up the color. Hope this helps.

Oh, and I'm one of those people who love hearing about SA. Thanks for the link to the news about your ferocious weather. We heard of none of it here.

Yes, the slight padding in some bras will 'deform' slightly with the washing machine but they don't be at the 'toss out' stage for quite some time (I use the mesh bag and FOREVER NEW, which is designed for lingerie and for the washing machine). Personally, it is a better use of my time and money to replace the bras more often and not be standing with my hands in the sink.

Right there with you ... old-fart mommy who looks and feels a million years old most days ;-) Worse, I think I'm a year or two older than you, so I am even old-fartier (turning 40 Feb '08 - you?).

Don't sweat the handwashing thing. I used to do it for years, but somewhere within the last decade or so said WTF. Now I just close fasten all hooks before tossing them in wash machine. Used to use the mesh bag but don't even do that anymore. Machine is a front loader/high efficiency, so it's pretty gentle on clothes. Sometimes I dry them in dryer, sometimes hang to dry. They survive.

Don't sweat the handwashing thing. I used to do it for years, but somewhere within the last decade or so said WTF. Now I just close fasten all hooks before tossing them in wash machine. Used to use the mesh bag but don't even do that anymore. Machine is a front loader/high efficiency, so it's pretty gentle on clothes. Sometimes I dry them in dryer, sometimes hang to dry. They survive.

My daughter is 3 and a half and still has a dummy.(my neighbours 5 and a half year old still has one which is a bit much!)

Was most please to read at our dentists office that they recommend that children be allowed to keep their dummies if they are really attached to them (Aat least till age 5)as the psychological damage of removing their "security" can be worse if its taken away.

Also studies apparently show that dummies dont damage teeth formation unless used after the age of 5.So 5 should be cut off limit.

The major damage with dummies is that they can cause speech problems if the kids learn to talk with a dummy in their mouth.When my daughter does this I just say "excuse me I cant hear you" and she knows it means talk without the dummy!!!

Enough of that though........you are killing me with suspense....what is teh big appointment this week!!!!!!!????

I hand wash my bras about half the time, and throw them in the wash with the diapers (no mesh bag) the other half. So it probably evens out to the same as if I machine washed them in a bag every time... oh well.

Have never hand washed a bra. Into the washer they go. Dryer too I am afraid. Laziness, pure laziness I tell you. I know, the dryer kills them but what can I say?

I always found with my 3 that recovering from any sort of illness threw a wrench in their sleeping habits. Get firm if he is fine. You need to sleep my dear!

(And yes, while I am a lazy bra washer I am a good enough mom. You DO need to sleep and both your kids are well past the age of being capable of sleeping through the night! Stand firm.)

I also have never handwashed a bra, had no idea people do it (also had absolutely no idea that some people don't wash them at all!!!). In the machine my bras go to be washed, rinsed, spinned, the lot. And they still last for long, long time. If you can't find the mesh bag, you can try to use a pillowcase. That way the hooks won't catch anything on the way or they won't get tangled. :)

WTF ~ I'm supposed to be using a mesh bag to "wash my bras"....ha, ha, ha?????!!!!

OMG ! I'm so sorry~ Love your blog my friend ~ Tam :)

You can buy it at the Crazy Store.

Have never hand washed a bra and in fact I machine wash mine at 60C! Then I spin dry them for ages until I remember that they're in there. LOL. Life's too short for handwashing them. Oh, and they are padded and have underwiring and look fine.

I do NOT handwash bra's. I'd rather spend that time online hehehehe. After wearing once, I just whop them into the machine (top loader) and then shove them in the dryer. When you've got a bust like mine, you have to buy new bra's every 4 -5 months....so whether I wear them out, or wash them out, it's the same. :)

The only time I ever washed by hand was if there was underwire. The machine does wierd thing to the wire and it never fits comfy ever again.

Too lazy to hand wash anything...are you nutz!!!??? Used to use the bag...can't find it now...if I remember to take them out, I hang them to dry, otherwise, eh.

And, yes, you are the one I point to when my son has a tantrum ("at least he doesn't still use a bottle/pacifier!!"). Yes, you are a lousy mother.

Get rid of the dummies and bottles already. Ugh. Your kids' adorable faces are unnecessarily covered. Who needs a plug stuffed in their face when they're over two years old?

Is Marko dead? Sick? Out of town? If he isn't any of those things why isn't he pulling his load of nighttime parenting?

i have about 6 of these. i use them for baby bibs (to keep the velcro off of everything else), sometimes i put my undies in there if i'm washing them with tougher stuff like jeans, and always my bras.


I also hand wash my bra's!

your kids are so cute T!!!!

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