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I heard rave reviews on this stuff from my mom, did some research online and tons of high praise. I went and plopped down my $80, used it twice... then returned it a few days later.

Because it's all powder rather than liquid, this stuff actually showed wrinkles I didn't even know I had. You may love it though, but don't believe all the marketing hype on this product.


Go to bareescentuals.com and you can see all the foundation colors, it gives you advice on what color to pick based on skin tone and undertones. The TV offer, or introductory kit gives you two different colors, just a shade off from each other, you can mix together to customize, or, I found that one works better for me when it's summer, and a slightly lighter one for winter. You are going to love this stuff. I hate make-up and I wear this every day because it feels like nothing at all on your skin. Good luck.

I went straight down to Truworths and found out that MAC have a mineral make-up range too - cream or powder. Powder doesn't work for me as I have a lot of "facial fluff" and I find that powder makes it show more (MAC girl confirmed that it would.)

I also found one that is sold in SA here: http://www.greenspace.co.za/index.php?menu=23

And another here:

p.s. - I wear Clinique's "Almost Makeup" with SPF 15. Pretty light for a liquid based makeup. Better if you do end up liking the bare minerals stuff. Tis very easy.

I also hate the mineral powder....it settled in my (very small!) creases and my skin didn't feel moisturised enough - so I use tinted moisturiser with an SPF in the summer (and on hols). Doesn't feel as thick or "sit" on your face as much as foundation. I still need to use concealer under my eyes and on acne but generally it takes about 30 seconds to put on, and gives me a light, sheer glow.

I love Bare Escentuals! Have your friend go to Sephora and get the "Getting Started" kit for $60US. It includes two foundation colors, plus brushes and some other stuff (you can see it on their web site). I'd probably pick the "Medium Beige/Medium" kit.

Have fun!

I agree with the above comments that BE shows every little line (and I'm only 25). I use Pur Minerals, which is very much the same except with shea butter and vitamin E (so good for dry skin). Starter Kit is $35US, and there is a shade selector online (www.purminerals.com).

Love the Bare Escentuals --- I am 50+ years old, and I do NOT feel that it accentuates wrinkles (I have very few.)

It is the only makeup I wear anymore.

As stated above, go to their website to see the colors.

tertia, i am 50+ and i wear sheer cover and love it. it is an anti-aging mineral powder with built in spf 15. i love it, i had not worn any makeup for 15 years before i discovered this. i can't feel it on my skin and it looks great on. it comes with a great concealer in the two tones that the mineral base powders are. like the others it comes in light, medium and dark. it also comes with a face scrub and a moisturiser. i also get three more add ons. it comes every three months. three brushes come in the initial kit. go to the website www.sheercover.com my bet is that they ship overseas. it isn't really expensive and the best make up i've ever used. of course i could never stand the feel or the weight of liquid make-up on my face, weird though that may sound! oh, and you can put it on in about 4 minutes flat! another plus!

Sephora online sells it. I don't know if they ship overseas, but if not, I'm happy to get some for you and ship it. Email me.

I just started to use the BE and LOVE it. I think if you use too heavy of a hand it accentuates fine lines, but if you use it lightly it is awesome! You will love it.

I still recommend the Studio Fix. Since you already wear Mac, you should be able to just get your normal color. Your foundation may cover a little more, but the Studio Fix covers my nasty acne and scars pretty darn well.

People keep recommending BE to me, but I won't buy makeup without trying it first, so its a no-go here.

I LOVE Bare Escentuals! Despite growing up the daughter of an Avon Lady I've always hated wearing makeup. The liquid foundations and creme foundations were too heavy and smeary. BE is a light powder, and with the right brushes (I had a startup kit that came with 2 foundations, 1 "warmth" color (blush/rouge), Mineral Veil (finishing touches) and 3 brushes to go with) the foundation will even cover my 2 monthly pimples/blemishes. I looked cakey at first because I used too much, but the directions say to go very lightly. Once I trusted that it was fine.

I use "Fairly Light" as my color and it now only takes me 5 minutes for my full makeup regimen (BE, swish of mascara and a dash of lipstick)

SKIP the expensive Bare Escentuals and use www.everydayminerals.com - it's the same thing but much less expensive and just plain wonderful!

Please, save some $ (for the boob job :-) ) and use Everyday Minerals instead. And they ship to SA!!!!!!

I could have never imagined using "just" a powder on my face (lots of imperfections to cover) but I'm in love w/this stuf.. Good luck!

I was just going to recommend Everyday Minerals, too! They even have a free sample pack. :)

I am little worried about the 'accentuating the wrinkles' thing. I have crevices in my forehead - not terribly keen on having those accentuated.

I am going to Cape Town in November for my (sigh) seventh IVF (first one in SA though). If you need anything, just let me know!

I am going to Cape Town in November for my (sigh) seventh IVF (first one in SA though). If you need anything, just let me know!

Another Everyday Minerals user here -- I was going to recommend mineral makeup in a comment on your last post, but too many other clever women beat me to it! Buy the sample pack from everydayminerals.com -- actually, it's free but you have to pay shipping. So worth it. The sample sizes are really quite generous, I've been using mine for months. If you do take this advice, I will further advise that it's better to select the concealer rather than the finishing dust (haven't felt the need for extra powder, over powder makeup) and be aware the the beige foundations have a slightly yellow tone to them. (They work well for me, as the combination of Celtic and Mediterranean genes provided me a yellowish complexion. We'll just call it "golden," doesn't that sound better?) Also, go for the "intensive" formulation of the foundations. It won't look cakey or artificial, I promise.

I have no experience with Bare Essentials or Everyday Minerals but love Benefit cosmetics (http://www.benefitcosmetics.com/).

They have a product called Dr. Feelgood which is a balm you use instead of, or on top of foundation to "reduce the appearance of fine lines and pores while soaking up excess oil." Which I much prefer to foundation as I'm always paranoid I've used too much, too little, or I've got streaks or whatever. They also have a product called Dandelion which is a powder you just brush across your face that I use when I'm feeling gaunt and need a bit of colour. I can usually get away with one of them, some lip gloss and a good eye cream. Oh, and their Maybe Baby perfume which I adore.

So sorry to sound like a sales rep but I'm in Australia and have just found out they have free international postage for orders over $85 at the moment so I've spent the past 3 days drooling and shuffling around my wish list trying to refrain from spending $150 on products I usually buy once a year.

I hope you find something that suits you. It's taken me years to find something that I feel comfortable wearing that doesn't make my manky PCOS skin even mankier. Those Everyday Minerals sample packs sound awesome too.

I use it (infrequently, because even though it's quick to do, I am lazy) and it looks good, I think. I'm... 37, and don't find it settles in wrinkles... While I have not experimented much with brushes, when I tried a brush other than a BE one (Body Shop) it was UTTERLY unable to pick up the minerals. You need a really soft brush...

In that special disorganized way of mine, I signed up for the club and have several (er many) unopened medium kits - ie - the two powders only, no brushes. I'll totally swap you some for some biltong from Woolies... I am serious.

OK... See - clearly I've never opened one - it's the two shades of medium AND the mineral veil...

My wedding day makeup was Bare Escentuals, but it was applied by a professional makeup artist. She spent half an hour just doing the foundation, using three different shades pus two of blusher! It looked amazing but I am makeup dyslexic and could never achieve a result like that myself.

Incidentally, my beauty routine is washing my face with anti-acne stuff and heading out the door. My 28 years in the Australian sun is showing in tiny lines around my eyes, but I figure I only look as old as I am. Why would I want to look younger?

Adding my voice to the many, I LOVE Bare Escentuals. I have bad skin, including an ongoing issue with acne, past acne scars, dry patches, oily patches, and new wrinkles around my eyes. I am able to camouflage nearly all of this in less than five minutes with BE. I agree with other commenters that it takes a light touch to assure that the powder won't settle into fine lines. I use the light powder in summer and fairly light in winter. I never thought I could get this kind of coverage from something that is so unbelievably light and easy to use.

Hmmmm. I have used Bare Escentuals for two years or so now and I really love it. I have combination skin skin (yay! acne AND wrinkles!) and I don't think it makes wrinkles worse. Plus, it contains some sunscreen so I don't feel so horrible about indulging in the sun. I also use alot of MAC products and my skin shades are similar to yours. If you do try the kit from BE I would get the one for fair/light skin.

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