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Oh, yeah, Versed'll knock you right out. Ha!

My mom takes Xanax. When she takes it, she gets hyper (but not anxious!). She talks a mile a minute, and she might actually straighten up the house a bit.

Well, of course she's not anal, neither would you be on Xanax and Dormicum! :)

Snort. Yeah, that stuff will certianly cure anal-ness. Well, at least you'll never remember if you were anal or not whilst on it. Which may amount to the same thing!

Ha ha ha ha ha!!

Ahh.I know Midazolam well! That would have been interesting!!!!!! :) (Used it for my mother in the final days of her illness, not taking it myself, for the record).

Good luck on Friday.

Fortunately Dormicum also results in short term amnesia so you wouldn't have remembered the embarrassment!

It is part of the stardard pre-op medication that they give in hospital. And that is why you can't quite remember how you got from the ward to the theatre and back.

I like a bit of Xanor myself. :o)

Oh dear!! I LOVE your mother! Ha!!! This is just too rich!

Love your mum! What a sweetheart!

Wow... our mom's sounds exactly alike. Hilarious! Love her!

that is hilarious!

That is too funny!

my mom keeps a bunch of pills in her pocket, not even in the prescription bottle! She just pulls out a handful and tries to identify the pill by the shape and color. One time, she didn't look too carefully and instead of popping some sort of pain pill for her hip (this was following hip replacement surgery) she popped a tic-tac (it's a breath mint, in case you don't have tic tacs in SA). She tried to offer me pills from her pocket when I had a headache once; I passed on her offer.

I could use your mom's support (drug supply) some days ;)

The useful thing about Midazolam is that it has an amnesic effect, which is why it is so useful in medical procedures. One benefit of taking it for you speech is that even if you screw it up royally, you won't remember a thing! not saying that everyone else won't :)

Good luck and I'm sure you'll do well!

ooer... luckily you checked!

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