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Kate: look adam! ABC! Anything But Chardonnay!

Beautiful and Brilliant. Listening? Two out of three ain't bad.


I'm sad to say that Americans tend to think that the American way is the only and BEST way. Of course, many have never traveled outside the their own state much less the country. Oh yes, and the radical Christian who blows up abortion clinics is no different than a terrorist. I have spoken. End of discussion.

Sorry. I'm pissed off at the world today.

Another pompous attitude from a non-American about the American "way". You not understanding something doesn't make it uncivilized, it simply makes you uninformed, and prone to make idiotic statements such as the one above

Moving on.....Adorable kids! Reading, Cute, G&D just like their mother!

Ah Tertia - they really G and D - not quite as G and D as my Bryce, but a very close second. With you on the listening thing.......please PLEASE, if you EVER get them to listen to you, will you tell us how you did it?


Tertia, your use of the word Ouma in this post and your historical use of Afrikaans curse words :) made me wonder: are you raising A&K to be bilingual? Is this normal for SA?

This is obviously not pressing, but I would love to hear more about your usage of and thoughts on Afrikaans. It's something that you seem to incorporate so effortlessly into your lives. (I'm specifically thinking of the video you posted some time ago of Adam in his car seat, speaking to the camera in English, while an Afrikaans-language news broadcast played on the radio.) Are there any mores guiding when the use of one is favored over the other in SA society? Do you have a preference? Is this something that's ever publicly debated?

As you may be able to tell, the idea of functioning with two national languages, official or otherwise, is totally foreign - and totally intriguing - to Americans, even those of us who speak more than one language! (We must have something to think about when we take a break from arguing over religion.)

And yes, A&K are absolutely darling :)

You're funny! And I love your blog... religion, politics or anything else! :)

South Afica has no less than 11 official laguages! And that was after a lot of debate! In SA you are at a bit of a disadvantage if you speak only one! Though English and Afrikaans are most predominant in business. At a English first language school I was taught in English, but had Afrikaans as a second language subject, and Zulu as a compulsory subject until grade 10, and optional subject for grades 11 & 12. I didn't pay much attention in Zulu, and I'm regretting it now. By the time Adam and Kate grow up I think they will find themselves needing to know an African laguage in workplace.

I agree. Let's not talk religion. Back to more fun topics! K&A are absolutely gorgeous (& divine!) and of course they are highly intelligent! With mothers like us, how can our kids not be geniuses?

You crack me up, regardless of the post.

And yes, A & K are beautiful and brilliant...

You are hilarious! And of course your kids are amazing! and adorable!

"Another pompous attitude from a non-American about the American "way". You not understanding something doesn't make it uncivilized, it simply makes you uninformed, and prone to make idiotic statements such as the one above

Posted by: yaya"

Go piss up a tree. So there.
Here's your Northern Neighbour (Canadian) attitude for the day: "Beer and Bacon will solve everything, eh?"

Have you enrolled them with Mensa yet? No? WHY NOT?

Poor yaya, outnumbered by people who think American fundamentalist right-wingers are barbaric.

The average two-year-old is markedly less barbaric, and that says a lot. These particular tots, of course, are incredibly civilized.

I had no idea things were so bad here, either. I had no idea I was so hated. Wish I hadn't read the comments.

Ah Tertia, sorry that you and Mel caught some shrapnel intended for the religious right in America. As long a Mel sticks to her Bosom Buddies and isn't lobbying the SA Parliament to ban IVF or late term abortion (even to save the life of the mother) then she's ok by me.

On the language question, my family was all of English-speaking background but they still incorporate a lot of Afrikaans terms and slang into their everyday speech. In some cases there are things that are unique to South Africa and the word simply doesn't exist in English. Othertimes, the Afrikaans word just sounds better-- sometimes you just need a good "AGGG MAN!" My aunt is from an Afrikaans background, but she feels more comfortable speaking in English. Marco is from an Afrikaans family, isn't he? Which language does he feel most comfortable in?

My husband is Afrikaans and I am English. Our 4 yr old son speaks both beautifully and understands perfectly. (Makes it quite difficult when we don't want him to understand something! We have to spell!) He also knows which language to speak to the different members of our friends and family. If he's not sure, he'll ask us "what is 'abc' in English" or "what is 'xyz' in Afrikaans". He sometimes switches the odd word, esp. difficult ones, like "skool/school", but on the whole we have none of the confusion that everyone talks about. Yet. And our staff are teaching him Tswana!

to yaya, what makes you think an american didn't write that? it is true and i could have written it! oh, and i am very much an american! to tertia, it's all about religion and politics here, sorry to say. but mainly, your kids are adorable and obviously brilliant.

You've got to give Marko some of the credit for the children's well-above-average cuteness. For Adam's cuteness, at least. That boy looks like his daddy, except for the being short and having hair parts.

And just you wait until they can really read! It's fantastic, I can't tell you how wonderful it is to be able to say, "go read that Bob the Builder book to yourself." If I'd had to read about Roley rolling away in his sleep one more time.... There's not enough wine in the world to make a Bob the Builder book interesting to me.

I'm surprised to hear you say that politics bore you.

More often than not, great injustices like Apartheid end in a lot of bloodshed with a country bitterly divided that cannot move forward for a long time.

The political process can see so ineffectual. South Africa showed the world how effective it can be.

The end of Apartheid was not about politics, it was about people. And that is the kind of beauty and truth that interests me. Not power playing, one-upmanship, subterfuge and smoke and mirrors. Which is what politics often feels like to me.

Ms Yaya,

I am American. Born in the Midwest, living in California. Hope that clears it up.

Sorry T.

Love you!!

and one more thing...

The "I have spoken.... part--it's a joke! Please lighten up!!!

Your children are precious! I'm sorry for all the angst on your site and your sister's. Indeed, religion has firmly divided the US. To make things easy for myself, I moved to San Francisco, where contrary to what many people think does have a significant amount of HCs as well as Wiccans, Pagans, Atheists, Unitarians etc... all living in relative peace.

At one point I felt really very strongly that I could not understand or even like a HC. Over time though, I have meant a significant amount of wonderful HCs, and I know just as many lovely non-HCs. I consider myself very liberal and can not for the life of me sign on to any religion that puts a MAN (or a God that's considered MALE)in charge because it seems at such odds with the world we live in, where our children are almost exclusively taken care of by their mothers primarly (obviously there are exceptions).

In spite of this, I've noticed something. The percentage of a**holes appears to be the same in every religion, age, orientation, or any demographic. No one group seems to have cornered the market so far! It's a shame your sister had to find herself stuck in the middle, but I assure you the arguments have *nothing* to do with her. Your sister is doing a wonderful thing and no matter what fuels her (love of God, Jesus or something else entirely) the end result is that she is making the positive change she wants to see. And THAT is an awesome (as we Americans say) thing.

Anyway, just wanted to make sure you know that not all Americans are either angry HCs or angry non-HCs. We come in other stripes too!

Love those kiddies- clearly they are very, very clever!

Yeah, how DO you get toddlers to listen? I'm working on that one myself. Let me know when you crack the code.

What wonderful and darling little readers. Clearly, the cutest and smartest kids in all of SA!

They are so freakin cute.

Listening?? What's that??? Still waiting on my G&D child to figure that one out....


Now what are you going to do when they start reading your blog? LOL

I don't come around as much as I used to and I really regret that. Especially when the super cute twins are starring on today's post! Tertia, they are so adorable. And dammit, when did they grow up?

Long time reader first time commentor. wow nothing starts a heated debate quicker than talk of politics and religion....

I love reading your stuff, your kids are beautiful, you are beautiful. Thank You for sharing

I hear ya, sistah... Sammy knows every letter of the alphabet and can already read simple words (CAT, HAT, BEE). Kind of freaks me out that she is there already! Do you have educational toys/games in SA from a company called "LeapFrog"? If not, you can go online. They have the most amazing thing for learning letters. It sticks on the fridge with a magnet and the kids place each different letter of the alphabet in the middle and when they push the letter in, this thing sings the letter to them in a song and makes the sounds of the letter (i.e. soft c as in circle and hard c as in cat are both taught). Sammy taught herself all her letters with this thing, i kid you not!
It is great b/c it teaches through getting the kids to sing (which all kids love!).

BTW.. Please give us an Adam update. How is he doing now with his therapy and since recovering from his hospital stay and surgery?

Beautiful kids! Very smart and charming. Hey - when do we get current pictures of your dogs? Haven't seen them in a while and I'm sure they listen to you. I think I started listening to my Mom when I turned 35...

Eleven official languages? I had no idea. Thank you so much, all, for sharing about SA language - I'm fascinated! (Tertia, hope my little diversion didn't smack of politics to you.)

Hi there, I do not normally post. (Loved you book by the way, read it twice allready.) I was also wondering about the role Afrikaans play in the Albertyn household. Is Marko's family Afrikaans?

Rhonda, I was referring to the post, not your comment, or anyone elses. I should have made it a point to make that clear

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