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Hi there

I had a severe episode of PND, and I was put onto Cipralex. It is almost the same as Cipromil, also made by Lundbeck. What a winner!!! It is one of the leading AD's on the market in SA. I had absolutely no side effects at all.

I hope you will have the same experience than me!

Good luck


PS - Say hi to Tanja from me when you see her.

I am on Cipralex (next generation) as well and have NOTHING but good things to say about it. I've been on it for three years and I can honestly say it saved my life. And I started feeling the effects immediately, the very first day, because I was so happy I had finally done something for myself after years of depression. You should too; congratulations for taking care of yourself and GOOD LUCK!

I am on Cipralex (next generation) as well and have NOTHING but good things to say about it. I've been on it for three years and I can honestly say it saved my life. And I started feeling the effects immediately, the very first day, because I was so happy I had finally done something for myself after years of depression. You should too; congratulations for taking care of yourself and GOOD LUCK!

I really like her slow buildup approach and have seen it work.

Do you have compounding chemists in SA? They can compound the meds so that you can have really small dosages accurately. It's made a big difference in my household to have that option.

Oh god, this is so totally superficial of me after your so serious post about how terrible you've been feeling and your wonderful new therapist, but I can't help it.

*Share* an E? Man, they must make 'em stronger in SA than they do here.

Not that I'm admitting any firsthand knowledge of such substances in my misspent youth, by any means. Of course.

So glad for u! I was actually thinking about recreational drugs long term effects this morning cos we can never play remember when...
Tersh remember when we played with Suzie in the cave....NO.
How about when we went camping....NO.
The time we were kidnapped..... NOPE
Just like flippin Gary!

Celexa saved me, It even helped with the migranes and no side effects. My doc combined it with Klonopin for the first two months to reduce the anxiety spike. Good luck!

It sounds like you found a great doctor. I am glad you are getting help and that this dr seems to understand. I like that she is up on the current information. Hope you feel better soon.

I used to take Celexa and liked it. I spent several years without meds and just recently went back on them. My doctor just put me on a new pill called Pexeva. This is the best thing to ever happen to me as far as ADs are concerned. It's wonderful. Apparently it's very new. My therapist hadn't even heard of it.

I have been taking Celexa for just over a month - I think you'll be pleased.

Celexa is fantastic! It'll make you lose weight, your skin will be shiny and your hair will be full. Your nails will grow twice as fast as they do, and you'll have to shave your legs half as often. It will keep your bathrooms clean and your kitchen cleaner. Your kids will be immune from colds and flu. Your husband will begin to look more and more like Brad Pitt. Your dog will not get fleas. Your bills will be paid by a mysterious philanthropist who expects nothing in return. Your blog will get 10 times as many hits. Your work will be rewarding and fulfilling. Your book will end up on Oprah. (In fact, I hear that Celexa is what made Oprah so successful to begin with). Your car will get better gas mileage. People will stop you on the street to ask you what, exactly, the key to your success is, and you will say:


(Just trying to help! If you're going to get side effects from reading about them, they might as well be fabulous!)

Your new doctor sounds like a good match.
I suffer from depression as well and I remember bursting into tears in my doctor's office when I realized that FINALLY someone understood and then didn't sympathize so much as GIVE ME A PLAN. It was such a relief.
Take care of yourself Tertia!

While I've never commented before I've lurked, oh, forever.

Good for you for not googling. Google is, after all, the devil when it comes to things like AD's.

Now...for the good news? I'm jumping on the Celexa is king bandwagon! I started very very crazy low and worked up to a dose that is still really low in the AD world and it's working WONDERS. I mean super spectacular WONDERS. I've been going around pushing the drug it's so good (okay, not quite, but seriously the amount of depressed anxious should be medicated folk I know is high and I keep insisting they try the stuff.)

And, FYI, Celexa is one of the best tolerated lowest side effects AD's on the market. So really it should be fantastic for you. ESPECIALLY starting slow (I'm so happy you have a dr who doesn't believe in just pop the pills a handful at a time. THAT is why ad's get such a bad wrap. They aren't utilized correctly!)

Best of luck! (And did the dr mention how incredibly fast these suckers work? Within a week I started feeling somewhat sane. It was DIVINE.)

I'm so happy for you! This sounds like such a good fit in a doctor/patient relationship. The explanations for the drugs being so hard on you before makes so much sense. Goof luck!

Long time lurker-first time comment. :)
What a great entry! My doctor recently told me similar things and also mentioned the "recreational" drug use in my 20's could be a factor in some of my anxiety.
Keep me posted on how the meds work for you. :)

Love your blog!!!
Gillie in Nebraska

Hang on, let me get this straight: You lost umpteen pregnancies and no-one ever tested your TSH, FT3, FT4 and/or antibodies??? You've got to be joking!!!

Before I even reached the end of your post, I thought to myself: "textbook case!" and then you said she said that! Tertia, stick with the treatment in the long run this time. I have seen too many cases of people ceasing treatment (drug, therapy, etc.) because they felt like they were better. Typically, they are better because the treatment is helping! As for the drugs, I know it can be very frustrating. People's bodies react so differently, and sometimes it is really difficult trying to establish which will work best for which person.

Don't worry too much about your medication though. Think about the positive side effects instead!

Just wanted to say how pleased I am for you, T. Good for you, what a terrific series of steps you are taking. I'm hovering on the edge of taking loving self-control of my own life, too, and you are very encouraging to read.

So pleased for you. It's nice to be "textbook" once in a while!

Awesome news, T.

If I can add just one little postscript, can it be this: If I were you, I wouldn't take on any new "projects," especially those involving general anesthaesa (eg breast surgery), until you've got this problem well in hand.

First off, no sense mucking with the circuits! Secondly, who knows how you'll feel about the chest when the anxiety/depression is gone?

Which hopefully will be nice and soon. Since we're ALL ABOUT IDG (intolerance of delayed gratification).

Excellent news, again. Thanks for posting.


I'm so happy for you! I totally relate to so much of what you posted today. I hope you feel better very quickly and more importantly, I hope it's ongoing.

Sounds like a great appointment and plan! Let us know how it goes and take care.

Hey T,

Cipramil is marketed under the name Citolapram (spelling possibly up the sh*t) here in NZ, and a very good Dr prescribed those for me when I had a very bad patch at the start of this IF thing. Anyway - she started me on a tiny dose because I had had very bad reactions to a number of other ADs, and I started to respond, really well, even to the small dose - she was amazed! I had no side effects to that AD, and they really helped.

Your therapist does sound wonderful - sometimes having a basis for a relationship (eg. 'clicking') other than illness helps a lot.


It must be such a relief to find someone in whom you have so much confidence and trust. I have a few experiences with depression and it is an ugly, ugly thing. I am crossing all bits and peces for this to be THE plan, the one that gives you some peace.

Best wishes.

Am feeling v. happy for you right now, my friend. :)


I am so happy for you. When I went back on AD's my Dr. had me do the same, started out very low and worked my way up. I'm now on 2 different meds and I cant remember the last time I felt this good. GOOD LUCK from sunny San Diego.


She sounds great! I think the going on slowly is a fabulous idea - wish I had done that when I first tried ADs. I used Lexapro (which is a newer version of Celexa - basically same thing but with less of the the non-active ingredients so supposedly has even lower side effect profile but Celexa's is low to begin with). I found myself wondering why she didn't pick the newer version (Lexapro) but she sounds very smart so I'm sure she had her reasons.
It will really help with the anxiety a lot. So glad for you.
I ended up starting mine for PPD summer of 2005 and have just weaned off 2 years later - I got off very very slowly and so far so good. So again, getting on slowly is SO smart!
All the best!

Best of luck, Tertia!

Yay T! Light-at-end-of-tunnel is so important. Sometimes the light fades on me, but when it's rediscovered, it's almost as sweet as the first time i saw it (the day i learned what was wrong with me was depression/anxiety, reassuringly common, and i was so relieved i ate 3/4 a bbq chicken!).

anyway, i've been on celexa for ... since oct 03. and i feel good that you're trying it, because i know it has worked for me, especially in the areas of Being Able To Function On A Daily Basis: Eating And Sleeping Are Fun.

There is indeed a light at the end of the tunnel, T, and you're headed straight toward it. Peace sista! :)

There is a light at the end of the tunnel - and it's NOT the train!

I'm so glad you are so honest here. You don't know how many people you will help from being so honest. Your new doctor sounds fantastic. Love her already! That article is terrific. I see so much of myself there too. Good luck on the slow and steady plan.

I do also admit that exercising does help. We bought an elliptical machine and if I can get a half hour on it before everyone wakes up, it gives me endorphins to get through my work day.

YAY! Tertia, I'm excited for you! I hope that this is your 'answer'.

I know you from your blog, yet, as many of us do, we develop a connection to the author.. and often I find myself wondering "How's she holding up today?" with respect to you. I know that your family is probably looking forward to the day when you're out of the tunnel.

Until then, keep plugging away and I too like the plan your therapist has in place and I have my appendages crossed (and my eyes too), that this is what works!

Hey girl - I'm on Lexapro (newer version of your new supa-Pill) and I started on it for anxiety that was aggravating my Irritable Bowel Syndrome, which I've had cause me problems for 20 years now. (What? You want to go out to eat? Fine, but we'll have to stay an extra 20 minutes after or you'll need to find me a restroom on the way home.)

OH. MY. GOD. I love this pill. I'm so less anxious, the IBS has become completely managable, and its like living my life, just not in fast forward. Its like I have this distance now from everything that protects me from over reacting and freaking out and now instead of saying WTF??? HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO DEAL WITH THIS?? I'm all, Hmmm. This sucks. OK. Worst thing? I do nothing. Not a big deal. Now, what should I do about it?

Still stressed, still engaged, but man - as I told my gastro doc (who prescribed it to me) - YOU CAN'T HAVE IT BACK!!!!


Good luck, m'dear!

Hi Tertia,

I went on Zoloft 6 months ago and it has changed my life. However, the first week of zoloft was an anxiety ridden nightmare that was terrifying. AFter that, I felt GREAT. Think the tiny sections of pills (at first) sounds great. I wish my shrink had suggested that!

I love doctors like that. Sounds like such a reasonable plan. Best of luck with it!

I hope that the light at the end just keeps getting bigger and bigger. You deserve it. Way to go!

FANTASTIC post t- as always- but especially interesting for me! i've been on ADs for about 2 years- my depression is mild- but i SO feel it if i skip a prescription for a few weeks... i know i won't be able to go without them no matter how good i feel, and i have to keep reminding myself of that!

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