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Amazing how kids have the best timing sometimes. If bad news has to come, that's got to cushion the blow a bit.

Oh we've had tons of fun with the doctor kit Alyssa got two years ago for Christmas and especially with the glasses (I play either an evil old witch or the Queen Mother with them on, much to their delight). Glad to hear the rest of the day was better than the start! *hugs*

Thank God for your little angels. Hope you are doing okay today.

Just what the 'doctor' ordered xx

Goodness Tertia - you got them real gifts - not vouchers !!!


they are the best medicine arent they? you deserve all the 'doctoring' they can give you. x

What a wonderful set of kids you have! They knew just what their mama needed.

Maybe Kate will grow up and be a doctor. That would be great especially with her old bag of a mother to have to take care of.

Yes. I'm glad that Kate and Adam can heal some of the pain. Best wishes.

That IS what the dictir ordered! Love from the kiddos makes everyhting brighter!

Lurve that Katydid in those Harry Potter Doctor glasses! She looks like Kate Potter!

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