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Oh hell. I'm sorry. Go enjoy that wine.

Bugger-rama! So sorry!

That sucks T - it is so not fair that you went through the whole FET thing only to get a negative. I wish you had fallen on the right side of the statistics this time, just the once, is that too much to ask.........apparently! Have a drink, hell have the whole bottle and give A & K an extra hug.

Love, hugs and white wine

I'll toast you with a big glass of wine - to beee end. Hugs T.

I'm sorry dear. Forward, onward, etc.

Oh, shit!
So sorry.
Wine sounds about right. Lots and lots of wine.

So sorry, but glad you are able to keep a positive outlook on things. Hug A & K extra tight!

Well done for being so brave!!! Will have a glass as well on you.

So very sorry. Hugs to you.

Thinking of you... you and your husband need a romantic getaway, you might as well up the credit card, what the hell... just go and relax a bit.

i am having massive wine of glass.


i am having massive glass of wine for you right now.

sending much love xxx

I raise my glass to you for being such a strong, brave soul.


sigh!! so sorry T.

So sorry hon. I know you will give your two miracles extra big hugs today.

Here's to (((you))) & your twins. Prost!

My offer still stands. Punch me in the face. ;-) Enjoy those twins and who cares if you shopped "just because". It's only money. can't take it with us.

I'm sorry Tertia. Really sorry.

I'll be opening up a bottle of good red wine this evening to drink to lift my glass to you.

So, so sorry Tertia. With love to you, your twins, and your husband,


Oh, Tertia, I'm so very sorry this all didn't go the way you want. It sucks sometimes how unfair life can be.

I'm sorry, Tertia.

Make sure and enjoy your family tonight. They will help you through the sadder moments.

Hi Tertia = retail therapy, even if it is for your kids, is soothing. Good for you! I totally agree that you should be kind to yourself in financially creative ways. Cute clothes, massages or showing some love to the hOOters. Be it enhancement, lifted, or actually having some relaxing post-wine free-for-all hOOter shakin' sex with the husband... be fabulous and do it!!!!!!!! 40 is the new 30, ya know. *wink*


What a bummer. I'm glad that you received the news in the best place possible. The only thing that would have made it better was if Toys-R-Us had a wine bar in the back...

Tertia, I'm so sorry. I wish I could rewrite the story and give it a different ending.

But you say that your 40's are your decade to be fabulous? Babe, you've already got a head start, I think you're pretty fabulous now.

Raising my glass to you!

perspective. you've got it.
love and admire you so much for keeping it.

Tertia -- Wish I was serving you a nice cold double martini and giving you a big hug.

It's a small consolation, I know, but you did get pregnant on your own within the past year and it JUST might happen again. Lightning sometimes strikes twice. Just keep rockin' Marko's world and you never know. (That's what I tell myself, too. I found myself pregnant after 8 IVFs last spring, only to miscarry, then went on to a an FET which resulted in a dangerous cervical ectopic where I almost hemmorhaged to death. We have 4 frozen embies, but my husband doesn't even want to hear about it at this point. So I "kind of" get a sense for my cycle and my husband gets his brains f**ked out for a solid week every month in the hope that I get pregnant naturally again -- not terribly likely at 42, but hey, it's fun for me, too.) As you said, having Kate and Adam waiting at home for their recently purchased toys is the best consolation!!

Hope the alcohol helps -- maybe some prescription painkillers you put away for a rainy day? You'll get through this . . . but I'm so, so sorry that you have to.

The biggest hugs to you -- Stacey

i'm so sorry - i've been checking in daily for updates.

Shit, I am so sorry. I am glad you are handling it well but I am sure it stings a bit. Infertility sucks.

Oh I just cried when I read this. Perspective, it's ok to be sad but perspective is good. It doesn't mean you didn't want it to be different and I so badly wish it could have been for you. It sucks totally. I hate IF!! It is SO unfair! ((hugs)) Have some wine and enjoy your family tonight.

So sorry, T. Give K&A a big hug and say thank god for them.

You are a terrific mom.

Awe, so sorry Tertia! You're right - its all about perspective. Don't lose hope just yet ;)

Enjoy the wine!

I was hoping it'd work out for you but I'm really glad that you are okay. It's never easy but I know having Adam and Kate buffers the pain a little.


So sorry, sweetie.

HUGS. I am so sorry. I am glad you are able to be in TRU buying your precious wonderful kids some toys but this is still sad. It is ok to bad sad about this. I am sorry this did not work out for you. I is ok to be mad that this door did not open for you again. Yes there are worse things but that does not make this less hurtful.

Hey...I am sad it didn't work too. I think although you know you are lucky--it's still ok to be sad!
You are a great person, really great.
Thanks for all that you do.

Oh Tertia, I'm sorry. Your perspective sounds great but it's OK to be sad that you aren't pregnant. Enjoy the wine.


Good girl ... on the perspective ... and for trying even though it hurts.

I am sorry, Tertia. When I get my official BFN on Wednesday, I will raise my enormous glass of wine in a toast to you.

Oh nuts. That is...closure. I suppose.

I raise a glass to you.

Oh, Tertia. That sucks. I'm sorry.

I'm sorry Tertia.


I'm so sorry this didn't work. God this just sucks....

I am glad you were able to handle this so well. Massage, a bit of retail therapy, and some quiet time - sounds like the best way to let it go.

Cheers, mama.

That was supposed to end, "Have some 'wine and snaps' with the twins and enjoy. Cheers, mama."

Fuckity fuck! Drink up, girlie.

I'm so sorry Tertia. I am glad you have your beautiful miracles to hug today!

oof, so sorry Tertia...

so sorry to hear that, raising my glass of chilled white to ya! xx

So very sorry :(

I am so sorry, Tertia. I'm thankful for you that, everything considered, you're doing o.k.. Adam and Kate are the best perspective-bringers I imagine you could ever have. What blessings. That being said, please do a little stomping as needed. We're here for you!

Sorry to hear that. It does suck and its not fair. I've been there done that. Mini tantrum more than acceptable. I'll have one for you in fact

take care


Sorry Tertia, Hugs from afar...and we will drink for you tonight. You have given me good perspective for an upcoming FET. Thank you,

So sorry.

So sorry! I was really hoping you'd get a positive. I'm sorry Tertia, really sorry.

I'm sorry, Tertia.

As I read through these comments, I realize how truly supported we all are. You've got a group of people who wish you the best and would love to see this work out. I'm sorry for all of us, but today, especially sorry for you.
Thank you for sharing your cycle with us. If only it had tured out differently... ho-hum...

I have come to the conclusion that with this infertility shite, we run on adrenalin (sp - haven't a clue!) for a bit post bad news.

So, for when the grief hits my friend, I send you the hugest hugs ever, and lots of love. I am so very sorry.

xoxo S

Here,s hoping you can feel the moment fully and then let it fly!

Much love

I'm glad you were in a good place when the call came, but I'll still be here if you need to rant some more at some point. (Ps it TOTALLY sucks)

big hugs t...

kiss those two precious babies and do exactly what you are doing anyway, soaking up every mad crazy dramatic frustrating painful annoying embarrassing hilarious sweet cute sickly disgusting harrassing quiet noisy raucous scarey terrifying dizzying boring (. . . well, you make the rest up) moment of their lives. they are blessed in that they have a mum who appreciates their value, in that it goes so deep beyond $$$ to the visceral fury of the human heart. they will grow up to be fierce and feisty lovers of life, thanks to you and marvellous marko. YOUR love aint a fairytale, its way much better than that.
i am sad you have a negative, but know you are blessed because of what you have already thanks to your bloody minded determination not to quit.
hugs, buckets of wine and hours and hours of worry free shagging, and many many more pairs of sex-on-a-stick-boots.
Ruth x
and in due course, GRANDCHILDREN!!!!

Well, fuck. I'm so sorry.

I hope you enjoyed a glass or two of post-negative-result wine. I don't know about you, but I always found the first glass of wine after a negative to be a little bitter -- no matter how sweet the vintage.

Damn- enjoy the wine. Too bad it has to be a bittersweet glass. Thinking of you.



I'm sorry. But I'm glad you're ok. Enjoy that drink. ;o)

Dammit :(

I'm so sorry. Onwards and onwards.

I'm so very sorry. No words are enough...
I bought some wine today, as it happens, so will lift a glass in your direction... Here's to better days to come. And here's to Kate and Adam, and their big smiles when they play with the new toys.
Perspective doesn't take away the pain of infertility, but it does help me get through it.

So sorry Tertia. Lots of love to you and Marko and the kids.


I am truly sorry. This totally sucks.


So sorry it didn't work out. I was really hoping for you.

Fuckity fuck fuckeroo.
Oh, and, me thinks it's time for you and Marko to hit the couch again.

thinking of you....


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