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That is EXCELLENT! "wine and snaps and just belax mama!" That's why God made kids! haha!

Look at those laser beams shooting out of Kate's eyes!! How freaking cute.

I'll be over later for wine and snaps. I could really use the wine.

Kate's cross face is delightful! Such petulance! I love it. Cute Adam isn't looking terribly cross here.

Hee hee. One of my favorite posts... ever. :-) I love the crazy things that kids say and pick up on. Awesome.

Ah, she knows you TOO well! HAHA

I would so love to come over for some wine & snaps. Your kids are absolutely adorable.

What precious pots!

Might I ask what it means when you say, "Terrible Muriel"? And where does it come from? An SA thing?

Thanks from a Texan!

Damn, those kids are great.
I usually don't do cereal, but I can certainly make an exception for Adam. Now where's the wine?

That wine think sure would make me think about my consumption. *bg* Plus "just belax" from your daughter of all people - that's hilarious! *ROFL*

Tertia - your 'belax' story reminds me of my former foster son. He had a habit of saying "I pre-got" instead of "I forgot"!

Scarlett - I believe "Terrible Muriel" comes from the movie Muriel's Wedding. Right, Tertia?

That is right Bridgette. LOVE that movie, love Muriel. One of the best movies ever. You're terrible Muriel.


I was driving with my daughter the other day, and she heard some glass clinking in the back of the van. She said "What is that? Wine?"

Why is WINE the go-to item for clinking glass???

I can't speak for Tertia, but I always think of that movie "Muriel's Wedding" when she says that. People are constantly telling Muriel she's "terrible"

As a young girl, I used to say "belax" too. Now, I tell my daughter to "chillax" :-)

Finally, the snaps. All I can think of now is "Bend and Snap" from Legally Blonde.

OMG... I love that picture!

In our house, the word was "wewax". ;)

Perfectly balanced nutrition in my book - wine, coffee, brie, butter crackers and chocolate.

(And if consumed in a belaxing hot bubble soak…. So much the better!)

OMG they are just the cutest!!!

I was just thinking - in years to come how awesome it will be to have this record of all their little funny phrases and phases.

I'm trying to track my youngest daughters development similarly (although just in a word document with photos). I started doing it when she started doing all these cute things, and I honestly could NOT remember if / at what age my other kids did similar things. (They are now 18; 17 and 15)

Soooooooo cute! My Sammy makes the same fish-eye face!

My 2 year old was looking for her grandparents in the weeds outside our house today. They are so fun, no? I can't believe how big K & A are now. You are definitely ready for an infant again. ;) Crossing everything for you!

They are so stinking cute.

lol I love when the kids at the daycare make me "snaps". I usually get milk and cookies. The other day I had some soup. Cuties they are. I love the faces.

Whater happened to Karen? Enquiring minds want to know..... ;)

lol! heheh. If my RE ever finds time to schedule us for an appt for another cycle, I'll be thinking that: just belax.

"You're terrible, Muriel!" is indeed a treasured line from the wonderful Australian movie "Muriel's Wedding".

I have a friend whom I call Muriel on the grounds that she is really TERRIBLE (ie, a mixture of incorrigible and irrepressible). In the movie, Muriel Heslop, who's played by Toni Collette, has a depressed lump of a sister, Joanie (Gabby Millgate). Joanie, who lurks sadly at home smoking cigarettes and watching TV, always responds to Muriel's wild, irresponsible, impetuous, f***-you behaviour with a with a scandalised but but deeply admiring comment: 'You're TERRIBLE, Muriel'.

This line is now considered to be an expression of the deepest admiration between me and my friends.

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