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I am 48 years old. Yes I would die for another chance to have a baby. If your healthy I say 60 cut off.You can dedicate more time and hopefully you have learned by your mistakes. Unfortunately menopause set in 7 months ago. Any suggestions on what to take and how to get pregnant?

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all your comments. I woke up this morning with the bleakest, blackest heart. For 11 years my husband and I have tried to have babies. By 34 we were so lucky to have our beautiful son. By 42 I have had 4 miscarriages and I ask myself so often "When will I have to accept that there will not be another child, when is it too late?". This morning I woke to the vivid thought that maybe I had already passed that point and just missed the moment. The sinking feeling was utterly deflating. I could barely move out of bed. So, kicking myself, I turned to google and arrived here. 'When am I too old to have a baby" I asked google. And all you lovely ladies responded with openness and optimism and stories of twins over 40. I think there is always so much pressure on what and when and how of pregnancy and babies. It is so very hard to know what we genuinely feel is right for ourselves. And of course, at the end of the day, it seems to be all down to mother nature anyway. But thank-you for lifting my mood and giving me a window of hope. xx

I find all of this so interesting. And real for each person. I have a close friend who just this past year had twin boys (conceived naturally) at the age of 46! She did end up having a c-section but ran a marathon the same month. Amazing! It's individual preference, health, life-style and beliefs, etc...My own Grandmother had 12 children from the age of 16 to 43, last one born in 1939. Had them all in her own house. She lived to be 103. I think children keep you young and I think we all try and figure things out too much. Live and let live as wisely as possible. Having children is life and most women find that it satisfies them like nothing else. Look at all of the women celebrities, for example. You'd think fame and fortune would make you happy but even Madonna said nothing in the world compared with her having a baby. And now she's trying to adopt a 2nd Malawan child...a girl. With that being said, 60 is too old to have babies, esp. when you can't on your own. That I think for sure. :)

I have 4 grown up children from a previous marriage and now at the age of 46 I am in a strong relationship with a man aged 55.. he has no children of his own and I would love to have at least one child with him.. would it be wrong of us to try?

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