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Oh hell. Still lifting holy hands...

Oh T, it's still too early. Keeping fingers and toes crossed for you.

You're right, that doesn't look good. Shithouse photo, blurry and the colours just aren't true to life.


We're all with you, Tertia. Whatever happens. Thinking good thoughts.

Still praying... whatever happens, I'm here for you, as are all your fans.

I'm sorry, Tertia.

IT IS TOO EARLY. Stop torturing yourself!!!!!!

Oh G & D one, if there was likely to be enough HCG to register on a HPT at this stage, don't you think the doctory people would run the blood test earlier than they do?

Put down the HPTs. Step away from the HPTs.

I was about to write exactly what Simonne wrote.

I'm sorry you don't have a positive already.... best of luck for tomorrow or the next day, though...

Isn't it just a week from when you had it done? I think you need 10 days minimum to get to a point where the hpt might, maybe work. I think it's too early, still hoping for you!

still too early!

Back away from the pee sticks. All body parts crossed for you.

Anyone else coming back to look again later like we did with our own tests, hoping to see a line, even if it's just an evap line? I have to keep reminding myself that the photo is unlikely to change even if the actual test does!!

I'm not giving up yet Tertia. And I agree you should back away from the evil sticks, but from a totally selfish perspective, I do hope you keep testing so I can come every morning and get a nice photographic update! Hopefully a prettier one in a few days though.....

I took pregnancy tests very early too. Even went in for a blood test that came back negative. Hes going to be 21 this fall. It came as a complete surprise as I was sure I wasn't pregnant.
Best of luck.

1. hCG levels are much higher in the blood than what is shed in the urine
2. FETs are notorious for producing lower levels of hCG later in the wait period
4. I wish you could attack a nice old bottle of wine; isn't it ironic that just when we need it the most we can't have it.
5. Your experience is definitely making me want to forego my 4 remaining frozen embryos and call it a day at 2 children. This is just too much STRESS.

All the luck in the world to you, Tertia. I'll be checking everyday until you get that second line (or you get to attack that wine).

Hugs -- Stacey

Still hopeful for tomorrow....

(BTW both typepad AND Facebook were down for maintenance this morning at the SAME TIME - ie when I was checking your pee-stick post. Damn nearly wore out my mouse button clicking "reresh")

That sucks.
But I defer to the experts who tell us FETs are slow to get started with the hCG...
Still hoping for you.

That picture is kind of blurry. I can't obsess with you because I can't see it clearly!!!! LOL!

I'm sorry they are coming up negative. That really bites donkey balls!

A: It's too early
B: Ditto other posters about FET's and being slow to show HcG.

I know your blood test is Monday. I'd test again on Friday just to be sure. I'll go rub my fertility buddah just for you.

I have to say it, even though you knew about 200 commenters would say it: maybe it's too early.

I, too, have two peesticks burning a hole in my bathroom cabinet right now. Beta is scheduled for July 4, a holiday here in the States, which affords me the priviledge of driving an hour and a half to the only lab that will be open in our area. I'm debating blowing the whole thing off and just waiting for my (inevitable) period.

don't lose heart just yet. I got my AF the night before i was scheduled to do my Beta, so, i peed on a stick through my sobbing figuring i had nothing to lose... and got a BFP. ??? Hmmmmmm........ Couldn't figure it... until they told me my Beta was Positive and it was likely one of the embies "dropping off". Still got twins. You just never know...
I still say it's too soon to tell...
Anything can happen... it's still a crap shoot as far as i am concerned...

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