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There is nothing to say to make you feel better, I'm so so sorry. Hug your beautiful A&K they will make you smile.

Ah FUCK IT. I really wanted this to work for you but nowhere near as much as you wanted it. I hope the chocolate and red helped.

Good luck for your appointment today.

Bloody marvellous idea! I want one!

How quickly can you get one of those over here to Denmark? Oh and can you add a vanish the MiL spell?

Superb idea! It would be GREAT if I could order one of those baskests for all my BFN's. I lost count, but I'd start with 5 kits... should keep me busy for at least a weekend!

Voucher for a pedicure. At least my feet haven't let me down. They should be thanked.

Also a bottle of fancy mineral water, to be consumed before going to bed, to minimize the pain the next day.

Well - let me tell you what I did this weekend (after a supremly horrible week: a husband covered in hives on the exact days that I was ovulating on my last cycle before we start IVF, and me working 90 hours). I started with a nice long walk on a beautful sunny morning, got a mani/pedi, and then went to the yarn store (I love to knit) and allowed myself to buy a pattern and yarn for a baby set that I keep admiring but don't buy because I don't have a baby. I then went home, watched TV, knit, and them my husband took me out for lobster. I would have liked to have added in a nice hot bath also....

And I totally second the vanish the MIL spell. Please add that!

I made an IF survival kit for the Barren Bloggers lunch in Washington, D.C. last year. I forget everything I put in but chocolate was definitely there!

The kit sounds about right to me. Maybe have the masseuse come straight to the house, so she can drink some wine, have a massage, settle on the couch with more wine and those DVDs...

Thinking of you and this cycle... Grow, lining, grow....

In the States, you can buy rolls of unbaked chocolate chip cookie dough in refrigerated tubes. I find that eating about half of one of those really works out fairly well in terms of the BFN survival, along with a smallish bottle of tequila. The tequila kills the germs in the raw eggs in the cookie dough.

I think that kit is PERFECT!!! I needed one a couple weeks ago when we got our BFN.

I'm thinking good thoughts for you during your cycle! I really want this to work for you!

I am heading towards my seventh round of IVF. Please, send me a couple of kits!! Can you please add icecream (chocolate with almonds)? And arnica cream (good for the bruises of the needles). Shopping is great therapy, so maybe a gift certificate too?


That is a really outstanding idea. I hope I never need to use it but if circumstances warrant I'll be properly equipped to do something useful.

I think you pretty well have it covered. Personally, I just suffered through another failed IVF and am waiting to see if we can convert to IUI. I am presently DYING for a strong cup of coffee, preferably loaded with mocha and whipped cream. And once I down that, I want to drink about three beers, outside, in the shade. And then go get some sushi, with sake. But dammit, I have to wait until my BFN, assuming we even get to do IUI. Sucks, don't it?

Very timely; I can use one of these this week. And I want each item on the list. Except maybe the smokes. In my mood, I might be tempted to start again. I would add one thing: bubble bath so I can take a very very very HOT bath.

so are you going to start making & selling these kits?

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