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Ohhhhhhh TWW!

Vicarious nerves here.....

OMG I am soooo happy and excited for you. Typing through the tears right now!

Bits are most definately crossed and will remain so!

Holding all fingers and toes and sending you positive thoughts. Will be praying for you every night in you 2WW.

I will add you to my prayers from now until you start poas! You GO GIRL and EMBIES!!

Have a divne weekend with your lovely babes and keep them extra special close - maybe good for the little ones inside to sense there are little ones on the outside they might like to join. ;-)

Way to go!!!! I've got all my bits crossed for you. Can't wait until pee on a stick/beta result time.

maybe marko gave the cooter a twist to ensure that the three wouldn't "fall out" ? (remember those days when you thought they might?..now that was the age of innocence)

all bits are crossed twice!!

Great news......... so glad to hear 3 mad it..... will continue keeping every bit crossed and pray it all works out...... a chance is all it takes, try not freat that it is a small chance, the point is you over one hurdle so now we pray for the best........and we wait (i hate waiting!!!)

Look after yourself and those beautiful precious little embryos..... Have a fab weekend

I'm so excited for you! We leave tomorrow for vacation. I will now have to take the laptop to keep a check on you.

Well, Marko knows there should be at least some "romance" involved in having a baby - even if sex is passe to us old IF gals ;)

Great news, everything crossed for you. Good luck Tertia and Marko!

I've got everything crossed. Yeah you go girl. I recognised you at M&B on Wednesday typing away at your fancy machine and all I wanted to do was to come up and say, Hi Tertia, good luck with the FET. I was too shy and wasn't sure if it was proper behaviour or not. Roll on 02nd July ...

Yay! So excited for you! I'm crossing fingers, toes, noses for you. Can't wait for the 2nd of July!!!!!!!

I would totally believe Marko in the lift. That's men for you. Last time I took The Patriarch to any cooter-type doctor visit with me was when I was in preterm labor with my youngest. My OBGYN wanted to repeast the FFN test the hospital had done three weeks previously (Fetal Fibronectin-chemical released when you are in true preterm labor as opposed to having Braxton Hicks contractions or uterine irritability or dehydrated) and had me get on the table and put my feet in the stirrups, and then she realized that she didn't have the right kit for the test. "Hang on, stay right there, I'll be right back," she said, stepping out into the hallway to get the test kit. The Patriarch immediately reached over and pulled up the rolling doctor-chair-thing and sat on it. Then he started rolling over toward the end of the table. "What are you DOING? Stop that!" I hissed. "Oh come on, let me roll on over and have a look," he said, grinning evilly. "Get off that thing! Behave yourself!" I don't know what he could've been thinking, but I know I would have had to change doctors if my OBGYN had come back with the swab kit and seen my husband behind the drape "having a look." GAH! Men. Something about visiting a coot-centric environment makes them go all stupid that way, I think.

Congrats on the successful thaw! I know you were probably hoping for better (because if it'd been me I would've been hoping to have a very earnest talk with the embryologist and doctor about what to do with the three or four perfect, gorgeous, total-winner ones that we would have no use for after the six thawed and some were put back) but I was so glad to see that you at least made it to transfer. I'm really, really hoping this works for you, Tertia.

Go stand on your head:)

All bits crossed and locked. Air inhaled, approximate exhale date-- July 2nd...
Good luck. I am hoping like mad for you.

All the bits are crossed for you Tertia~

Hey, this is great! Now everyone can drink extra wine so that the worldwide wine industry doesn't suffer when you quit drinking your share.

sending good energy to your little boogers :).thrive little ones.

Tertia, wishing you the very best of luck!! Sending cybervibes to you for happy implantation!

wow i havent read your blog in a while and didn't know you where trying again!!! this is great. all my thoughts are with you and all my bits crossed. i think this is fab!!!!

Good luck, everythings crossed that can be crossed

Congrats on making it to transfer! I will be praying for you.

Good luck, sending positive vibes your way. I've been having my own embyro drama, so I completely understand the nervousness and anticipation you are feeling..... hang in there!

Go Marko - love that boyfriend!!! Tertia... I am sending you all my love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx BF

wow tertia this is huge. Wow.

Crossing bits in Calgary, and even talking to the Man Upstairs.

Great news and very best of luck!

good luck!

You know I've got everything crossed for you T :) All it takes is that small chance my friend. Wow...the pee stick, those were the days. Much love xxoo

All crossable bits crossed.

Best of luck to you... Hope the 2ww goes by quickly.

Congrats on getting this far. All my best for July 2nd as well as June 28th.

I'm with Mary - go stand on your head!!!!

Praying big prayers for all of you - have a relaxing weekend!

Thinking happy thoughts for you!

good luck!

everything's crossed...

Remember... i was given a 10% chance of success with my IVF and got Evan and Samantha from my two embies at 43 years old... so... MIRACLES CAN HAPPEN, MY FRIEND! ;)
VISUALIZE those embies implanting in you and chant, "GROW, GROW, GROW!" to them every morning and night when you wake up and lie down to sleep for 15 minutes.
Do it!!! It works!!

I am just stopping by, and am intrigued. I don't understand. What are embies? Are they the same thing as concieved eggs? Are they alive? I respectfully and ignorantly wonder what the situation is. But, I do absolutely wish you a successful pregnancy. I am curious about the process and don't understand exactly how it works. You probably don't have time to explain. That's alright.
I wish you much joy, love, and peace in your life. Your kids are utterly gorgeous, by the way.

I think that's a fab thaw for your/our clinic. Wishing you all the very best in your 2ww. Hope it flies by and you get the very best news on July 2 (my sis's birthday, btw, so I think that's very auspicious).

Hi Tertia
I just wanted to say that I so hope that this works for you. You are the reason why I have hauled my butt over to the Fertility Clinic after 3 years of farting against the proverbial thunder and am currently in the process of my first IVF. The truth is I can never repay you for giving me the courage to take the next step, so if my prayers, my thoughts, my wishes count for anything - please know that you have all of them.
If anybody deserves this - it's you!
Best of the best wishes, Natalie

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