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Love the boots - have a similar pair and wear them under jeans to make me feel a bit better. :-)

There's not much a good pair of new boots can't cure. Love 'em.

Lovley man, that Marko. Keep him.

Tertia, that is one pair of kick-ass, f**k-me-till-I-quit pair of black boots. I can't believe you think you're 'overweight' and 'ugly'. Pur-lease. You have the slimmest pair of knees & thighs I have seen in a long time. If I had legs like yours, and was given a pair of boots like those, I would have to have them surgically removed at the age of 85.

Love love those boots! But I missed something - why aren't you allowed to get your boobs done?

Love the boots too! Overweight? Ha! And why can't you get your boobs done?? Did I miss something?

Asshole. Your legs look far too good in boots. That shouldn't be allowed.

Wait, what did I miss? Not allowed to get the b-job?!

Okay, ummmmmm... why exactly CAN'T you get the boob job??????????

I do understand that no amount of telling you that you DO NOT NEED TO LOOSE WEIGHT will make you see it

My calves are too thick for most boots. A few more pictures like that, and I might have to make it a mission to find a pair I can wear...

overweight? not a chance. ugly? no way darling. You look fabulous in your new boots!

LURVE to boots. Like everyone else, cannot figure out WHY you are feeling fat.....those boots look amazing on you - you are SO lucky to have such slim legs and un-wobbly knees!!!

PS what's the story on the boobs???

your legs are gorgeous, and so are the boots . . . you sound so down tho, on everything about yourself - have you thought of taking fish oil capsules (health weirdo online again!!!) - seriously, my family has a huge history of depression, and a doctor who is also a naturopath suggested, nay INSISTED that i need to take fish oil caps to avoid depressive episodes, and also to maintain my mental wellbeing. i have a shit hisotry with baby loss, and abuse as a kid and young woman, plus i get SAD (seasonal affective disorder), am super sensitive to sound, and cry at the drop of a tissue, but when i take fish oil daily, i am on an even calm plane. my husband BUYS THEM FOR ME and reminds me to take them if i dont do it myself. my kids also take them (21 and 24 years old) and are just so more 'level' when they do.

they wont make you skinny, or younger, or fertile, or pregnant - nor will they cure the ills of the world in anyway. BUTTTTT they will help you cope with life's low and shitty points, and enhance the high points. plus, they make your facial skin GLOW . . .

i wish i could wave my magic wand and give you a cross where you are only getting straight lines at present - i am not sure if there was ever a more wanted baby. xxxx

Rock on!

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