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Please tell me you bought more than four.

That's hardly a respectable number for obsessive peeing.

where's the pillow for putting your butt in the air?

holding thumbs for you!

Huh. Twin packs. That's not funny. :)

what are those two (or four, depending if you count both packs) red thingies on the left hand side? roses? have you started poas'ing already?

Only 4? Rank amature! I hope you got a big fat +++ on all of them!

I don't even bother to keep a pregnancy test in the house any more.


I hope yours do that cool two line-y thing!

When will you start peeing on those sticks?

That's so exciting! One for every day!

BTW: The package is my first clue to how different some things must be in S-A. Over here you'll only find the very "clean" white-blue-pink boxes of Predictor en Clear Blue, even the brandless (drugstore) packages look like that. Your test looks like my grandmother's soap bar is in there :-)

The roses make them Extra-Special. And yes, they do look like packages of my grandmother's soap. :-)

ROFLOL at the roses. They make this all seem so lovely!

OMG w/the roses on the box! Peesticks here don't come in such dainty boxes.

I, too am dying laughing at the boxes. How lovely...who knew piss smells like roses!!!

I am such a blonde. For an instant I thought they were piss sticks to test if you were pregnant with twins. Aaaaahh hahahahaha!!!!!

Hee! Weren't McDonald's hot apple pies packaged in that type of box way back when?

I thought the hot apple pies still were packaged that way!!! Sans the roses, of course...!!

Ha! I thought of the apple pies, too!

Do the roses make your pee smell better?

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