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My objection is the same as with the book for boys. There should just be one book for all the kids (and adults too) who like to read about fun and practical things to learn. There are many nonfiction books already in the library on camping out, survival, building and making things, money management, fun songs to sing, etc. etc. I just don't see the need to segregate things by gender. And I wouldn't want to buy a book with a label like that for my 7 year old girl/girl/boy triplets. They like to read each others' books in a variety of styles and genres, for the most part. My daughter reads my son's fantasy wizard tales, and he reads her fairy and unicorn books too, at least some of the time. There is a much wider range of fiction and nonfiction that appeals to all the kids equally, which is the best of all.

Andi rocks! I know they will do a bang-up job of this. Hooray! ... must go check it out...

Because now we teach our children that anytime they don't have something someone else has, life is just so unfair. It's hard growing up a boy.

wonderful! i'm going to buy it for my god-daughter for her birthday!

i was beyond geeked when i read about this, especially when i saw andi's name attached to it. rock on!

A, while i agree that this could be seen as only teaching our children that life is immediately unjust when someone has something we don't have, growing up in general is hard, boy or girl. why not arm all of our children with a fun and informative read?

I can't wait to buy one of each for my B/G twins! They will likely BOTH read BOTH of them since they share everything already...

Hip Hip Hooray! I'm glad this has finally been announced!

Sounds great!
I wonder if this was part of their marketing ploy all along? To introduce the "controversial" boy-only book, only to publish the girl version later? Brilliant! LOL!

The UK publisher of The Dangerous Book for Boys already published a girls' companion book called The Girls' Book: How to be the Best at Everything, by Juliana Foster. It's not bad, maybe a little girly in places. But anyway, it exists.

I am soooo sick of political correctness. There are series of books marketed only at girls. Usually they are a series, like Fairies, girls' club, babysitters club, Saddle Club. Some of them have "Girls Only!!" written on them. Boys get bugger all.

Boys aren't girls and girls aren't boys. They are different. Yes of course boys can do what girls do. I encourage my son to play dolls and dress ups. Yes of course girls can do anything boys can. Climb a tree, play football, whatever. But I've noticed that girls LIKE being girls and identifying with other girls, and boys LIKE being boys and identifying with other boys.

There is nothing wrong with that. This book looks great, let's not get our knickers in a knot.

I unabashedly think the Dangerous Book for Boys was terrific, and, there was no need to include girls specifically.

Not a damn thing wrong with the premise of "boy stuff" for boys, it's a delightful book.

Nobody said girls couldn't do the stuff in it, anyway. My daughter liked looking at it, and, didn't once question why it wasn't for "children".

I look forward to the Daring Book for Girls not to feel vindicated, but, because I liked the first one so much.

I'm seeing, in some different places on the 'net, where people are trashing this book. I don't understand why it's being bashed before it's even out - before anyone sees what's in it or what's not - what the "angle" is. Don't *you* get all het up when someone starts spouting off about an immoral, etc etc movie and they haven't even seen it? Or when someone pronounces that she will never vote for so-and-so, but she doesn't actually know what that person's political platform is? Maybe you don't like the concept as you understand it to be, or as you think it might come out, but isn't it a little early to get all frothy over it?

WTH is a zip line? I was thinking up and down the stomach before I got to the back yard bit!!

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