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I have the sexy silvery Mac laptop and my kids love to use the Photobooth. It's a neat toy for sure.

Macs RULE!

Wow, I don't think I ever saw how much the kids resemble Marko...Adam especially! So cute, the lot of you!

How nice of you to share your toys with the kids. All three of them :).

Cute pics! It's awesome that Marko is able to hold down the fort so well while you are away! How does Adam sleep when you are not home?

I have the new iMac and I just love it.

But I have to say, you should kick him off the thing long enough to make yourself a video post! It's totally easy and you know we'd all love to see you. Plus they are super fun. :) I'm addicted.

OH MY GOSH the photo of Adam winking is so adorable.

I cannot get over the resemblance between Marko and SJ's (I, Asshole) Companion.


LOL. Too cute!! Have always been a Mac User. Macs are NO 1.

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