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Have Faith! If you believe that it didn't work, it won't work...I believe in God, Jesus and Mary..and the bible..the bible says that if you believe that what you are asking for is yours, than it shall be yours.
I believe that you are pregnant. :)

And yet there are plenty of infertile religious people...

Am crossing my bits for you, Tertia.

Guess you wouldn't mind playing Briar Rose till Monday, hm?

You've beaten the odds so many times in so many respects... As far as I'm concerned, I'll keep my fingers crossed until there's a definite answer. :o)

I hope it works, too.

I'm keeping up hope for you, but am glad that you have some sense of peace about the whole thing. Those screamers of yours are mighty precious indeed, and while it would be nice to give them someone else to scream at, they are a whole world of happiness unto themselves. We always want more of the good things we have in life - it's what makes us human! Hugs to you.

I'm hoping along with you. It's time for more good things to happen to Tertia.

I'm quietly hoping for you, but I guarantee that if it does work you'll hear me yelling all the way from here.

EVerything is crossed for you, darling. I'm only allowing good thoughts at this time.

I too suffer from a hope addict. (Damn bitch. Won't. You. Shut. The. F. Up???)

Perhaps this is just going to be the most symptomattic free pregnancy for you? The twins knocked out all your nausea and stuff? Or perhaps they have made you so tired you don't have the energy left to feel preggers.

No sense borrowing trouble. Right. I hate that sentence. You can't borrow it because really, where are you supposed to return it TO?

Play with Kate and Adam and just be happy in your own way. We'll all love you regardless. Just DON'T BE NAUGHTY, MUMMEY! :P

Suz, the single thirty sumthin in the USA who thinks you're too cool for sharing your journey with the rest of us.

I'm thinking of you. I'm looking into my own FET to start soon and think to myself the same things, I will be sad if it doesnt' work but having my dear baby girl makes it a little less daunting. Take care of yourself. If it doesn't work...think of the wine you shall have!

All my best, Tertia. I hope it works out for all of you.

As painful as it is, I am closing that door as well. After a lengthy and tearful 2 hour discussion with my husband we decided that 11 years is just long enough. I don't know how many more times I can let my heart break. The only problem is that I don't know how NOT to try to have a baby.

Sending many thoughts your way...

I am going to be hopeful for you.
And I remember you thought you weren't pregnant with Adam and Kate, no? Something about wine and cigarette at lunch?
The odds suck, but I hope you beat them one more time.
Keeping bits crossed.

I really hope it works out for you, I really do :) That said, we will all be here for you if it doesn't, cracking open bottles of wine to commiserate with you ;) (No, I really will.)

I want it to work for you so badly. You can be as negative and pissed as you want, I'll be hopeful and pray for you.
Won't stop praying til doctor says whether it worked.

Here's a thought to sidetrack your mind, if Kate had a blog, what do you think she'd say? (or scream).

I myself always think the worst so I don't get my hopes up. Even though I get my hopes up anyway and feel horrible after if it doesn't work out. I hope you don't get to feel horrible. Maybe it will be another set of twins??? ;)

Whatever the results, please look after yourself.

Of course I'm so hoping you'll get the BFP (and all that it brings with it!)If it doesn't work, please know that we are all extending our arms around you in a huge (cyber) hug.


I seem to recall that you *knew* you weren't pregnant with K&A either. Something about drinking wine and smoking a ciggie when the doctor called with the beta?? I'm just saying....

FETs don't seem to work for me either unfortunately, I had 5 last year, all neg. We're looking at doing a natural FET in July, but I so know the feelings you are having at the moment. I really hope you are wrong, often we look for signs far too early and hang our hope on that.

All the best for your POAS tomorrow, wishing you success.


Hope you are wrong. I really do. +++++

T., you are not 90% likely not to get PG... you are 10% likely TO get PG!!!!
The glass is not 90% empty, it is 10% full...
My glass was only 10% full and now it is overflowing.
Sending sticky vibes.

chin up; don't think the worst before you know. There is no reason it won't work! I really hope it does! All the best

I understand that you have to prepare yourself for the likelihood of a negative. But I feel free to HOPE hard for you. I really want this to work for you, too. Hoping and praying,

It would be so lovely for you.

Best of luck, dear T. I'll never stop wishing for a third myself. If I were younger and the marriage were solid, I'd be doing the same thing. I hope it works out for you and have everything crossed that can be.

I hope that it *does* work. It is pretty sucky not to have what you really want, even if you do have two beautiful children.

STOP LOOKING FOR PREGNANCY SYMPTOMS!! There probably aren't high enough hormone levels yet to be causing any signs! It is too early!
Keeping everything crossed for you! How would you feel about another set of twins??

These feelings are exactly why I am so thankful for my hysterectomy. I am so sure I would have gone back to that hell again.

Sorry it was negative. :(

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