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I was going to email you regarding this article because I wondered if it was you! Cool! (I didn't get around to emailing you though because my work day got crazy. Glad you saw it anyway.)

he he he I thought it might be you :)

not related, but saw this on the news tonight - and I know you said Adam is Thomas crazy...

Recall of Thomas trains in the US due to lead based paint. Hope its nothing doing in your neighborhood....

I read that and I totally knew she was talking about you! I felt so in the know ;)

I read the article earlier today on the train and thought that she MUST be talking about you! See, you're famous in the States now, too.

Holy crap, $3,600 for a cycle? Wow, I know where I'm vacationing next if this cycle goes to shit.

In actuality, I blathered on and on about Tertia and how funny/witty she is for at least a good 15 minutes of the interview, but you know how editing goes.

South Africa is a most excellent destination for IVF - seriously the most fun I've had while trying to conceive (and do we all agree that by its very nature, infertility is NOT FUN?). Can't wait to come back with the girls in a few years time.

Wish Tertia had been mentioned by name, but as stated by another poster, those of us in the know, know.


Aren't you the only famous South African hehehe???

Cool! G&D Tertia revolutionizes the Infertility World. *g*
BTW: I gave a copy of your book to another blogger here in Germany. It so happens that he's a doctor at an infertility clinic: http://www.kinderwunsch.com/ His blog can be found at http://www.wunschkinder.net/blog (The entire domain/site belongs to him.)

I just came over here to post the link to the article : ) Funny how we all knew immediately who it was. Are you the only South African infertility blogger or just the most famous? : )

Think I may have been the one to have beaten you all to the punch with this one as I sent Tertia an email with the above excerpt and a link to the article.

It IS cool to be in the know. :-D

I'm glad to hear that Tertia and Shauna had the chance to meet while Shauna was in SA.

Holy crap! I had no idea it could be done for under $7k with travel. I'm coming to SA!!!

Hey ShaunaKat!! Your babes are looking awfully G & D in that pic (as do you, my dear!)...
Nice to see you! And, aren't you happy to have your 15 minutes of fame be all about your twinks?!

why on earth didn't she link you?

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