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Wow. Sounds like quite a load of projects.

Speaking of which: What ever happened to your friend Harrison? I'm still curious to know how he reacted. :o)

Yay for paid blogging!

And also? You're a phone whore. But your SAMSUNGISGREAT post over at the LOOKHOWCOOLSAMSUNGGADGETSARE site was funny.

Tertia dear... if you are old enough to be my mother, it means you had me when you were 14. That's pretty young, I jest you not.

At least your readers won't give you shit about having babies too old, or thinking that 40 is a bad time to have one ;)

Oh, and did you stay at the Sandton City Garden Court? Man I've spent so much time there, they know me personally. Haha.

Damn, girl-- you are busy.
GL with all the projects. So cool that I read you before you became a national columnist and all that... :)

Tertia, you are truly divine. Love you. Worry that you are taking on way too much, but love you nevertheless. And so, with the utmost respect and a little trepidation, I must admit that the Samsung thing is a bit unnerving. But I guess that's how I feel in general about the corporatization of things I love. Wish it weren't so. :(

Hi. You don't know me, I'm just a random 20-year-old student from Scotland, but I accidentally found your blog a few weeks back and have been coming back every few days. It's a really interesting blog to read and I enjoy it. Just wanted to say hello.

Yay for you having 80% of the vote to keep your phone right now!!

Bloody hell. I forget whether you are on happy pills or not but if you are "I'll have what she's having"

So, does this mean you're too busy to post pics of your new G & D teeth? ;)

sheesh t... i dunno how you fit it all in!!!

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