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Wow, that is one colorful ass you have! The self-administered butt shot does require a fair degree of flexibility and manual dexterity - good for you for having the guts to do it yourself. "Touching thumbs " or whatever that crazy SA expression is for good luck!

Owieowieowie!! You need to put some ice on that, or some wine or something ;)

ugh!!! it looks very painfull. Been there, done that, not looking forward to doing it again. Hang in there...you have come so far already. Best Wishes.

Ouch! Ugh, technicolour painful!

Just one question - your arse looks yellow in the (many) wondrful pics you have posted of it. Is crazy arse dye a new fad in SA?

Good luck, thinking of you. Oh, and had to tell you I visite Xibit's (or however you spell that) blog the other day (I don't rate the music but he was involved in an Australian scandal of sorts). He gets less comments than you do! See, you are a big time celeb!

Eina! maybe arnica might help? the pills as well as the cream or oil?

My abject sympathy for your bum... and I'm impressed with your stoicism.
My worst bathroom PIO shot experience was in China( in a very rural area) with people waiting for me before starting to eat. Horror show as I had to pluck up the courage to hurt myself, contorting in a tiny, not very clean bathroom without counters.) I did it and it resulted in my twin girls, so it was definately worthwhile!
You're in my prayers that the right thing for your family will happen with this cycle.
xxxfingers and toes crossedxxx

Oy, I remember those PIO shots. My sympathies. Here's hoping they are helping you become a mommy again!

I *just* wrote about this in my blog! I do B12 injections every two weeks (and will have to for the rest of my life). At first I had other people do it for me, but I decided I needed to learn myself because not everyone is cool with sticking sharp objects in my buttcheek. I was doing well until I moved... No more full length mirror to check my position in! I did my first no-mirror jab last night. Absolutely sore! Must find a mirror before my next poke.


I have yet to have the pleasure of PIO in the ass.

I take HCG in the gut.



Ouch, I know how sore that feels... Due to a thrombosis in one of my ovarian veins I had to give myself two shots of Fragmin for three months in a row, after Tobias's birth last year, and my thighs looked quite similar.

What helps is some gel that contains heparin. Makes those bruises disappear in a matter of days, usually. Mine was called "Thrombareduct", by Sandoz - surely there's a similar product available down in SA?

Shame Tersh, a yellow bruised bum and a massive nose. I do feel sorry for you!
(I got another hug from Adam yesterday without asking or forcing him to wrap those arms around my neck! Love that little guy!!)

Poor you, poor bum!

I've got all my bits crossed for you, Marko, Adam, Kate, and your 3 embies. Sending prayers up for you too that you'll have a positive pg test, at least one more healthy baby at the end of this journey, and that you won't put an axe in Marko in the meantime. Best wishes to you T.

The first IF injection I *ever* had to give myself, a subQ Repronex in my belly, just happened to fall on a Saturday evening in October, when I was at a Halloween party. Dressed like a Dominatrix, my DH being my... my... whatever you call a Dominatrix's man. We won best costume prize that night. So there I was, leather bustier, whip, black spike heels, shooting Repronex in my tummy fat. Ah, infertility. It creates situations you couldn't come up with in your wildest nightmares!

Nice ass. I had to make sure I did my PIO shots on my right (dominant) side.....the one time I tried it with my left hand, I got the needle in but didn't have the strength to depress the plunger. THAT was fun! Keeping all things crossed...

I stayed in a hotel room in an English castle that had a sign above the toilet depicting the items that should not be flushed down the toilet: Comb. Tampon. Pad. Plastic bottle. Condom. And syringe!

When do you test? Tomorrow if my calculations are correct?

All my bits are still crossed for you here in Bahrain - damn uncomfortable - but probably less uncomfortable than sitting on those bruised butt-cheeks...

BTW I though Marko had banned butt-pics on the blog???

Your arse looks exquisite... Ha-ha... Ahem... Sorry... It does look painful. Here's hoping for sticky embies.
Crossing appendages for your tests.

Sigh. Only you, Tertia. Only you would post a close-up photo of your swollen bruised tuckus for the entire internet to see.

I'm sure that the hotel staff probably think that your a crack whore. So that's funny! (uh...at least for me)

Ouch! I do remember those PIO shots. Fortunately, my doctor said I could skip them with this FET (and use the Crinone gel instead, which is kind of yucky but at least it doesn't hurt). You are awesome -- I would never be able to inject myself. DH would have to come with me on the business trip, or I would have to find a walk-in clinic to do it for me. Good luck with your cycle.

Oy! Flashback! My butt cheeks just cringed. *shudder* You are very brave for doing those shots alone. Nuh uh - not me!

Don't feel like you have an empty uterus, T. Won't be much longer now until your beta. Hang in there.

That's NOT Hot. Sorry Tertia. Looks unfavourable. :(

Maybe I'm having your pregnancy symptoms? You can have them back... I don't want them ... *cry* (ultrasound to check for possible ectopic next week).

I only had one IM shot which i paid a nurse to administer and come to my house at night in the rain to do... the rest were all those little needles which i put in my tummy (4x a day for 3 weeks). My tummy got so sore after awhile i had to put a towel between my stomach and my seat belt when driving in the car because i was so bruised the seatbelt hurt too much to wear without protection!
You arse looks postiviely sexy to me and i don't understand why Marko wouldn't want to just grab you and throw you down right now!
I had to inject myself in the bathroom of a Brew Pub and once in the bathroom of a "Piggly Wiggly"... for those of you who are unfamiliar that is the rest stop on the highway. That time i left my syringe in the trash and about 5 miles down the road i realized i had forgotten my bottle of IF drugs (worth about $1,000!!!) on the back of the toilet tank... I FLEW back there in a panic.
Of course, there was someone in there when i went back and i had much explaining to do...
Like Andrea said... we couldn't dream this stuff up if we tried!

Two weeks ago: Most recent visit to the fertility specialist. Diagnosis - ICSI is our only chance.

One hour ago: I clicked on your blog link to see how it's all going.

Fifty five minutes ago: I saw your ass pic.

The fifty five minutes after seeing ass pic: Have been having a panic attack about IVF and sore ass.

The things we do!!

Am thinking of you oh G & D one xoxo Wishing, hoping and praying for you.

When I had to give myself shots, the nurse taught me a good trick. She said to draw your butt in quadrants and always give the shot in the lower right quadrant in your right cheek. But she also said to put your right leg up on something, not to high, like stool height, and then bend over slightly. Just enough to stretch out the skin. With those steps, I didn't get all the bruises and lumps. Praying for you.

Oww that looks very sore...I found it hard enough to give my subcut injections into my tummy, the mere thought of injecting into my bottom makes me feel squeamish. Brave you (and everyone else who has done it), makes me glad I had the Crinone.

A quick question, did your clinic not give you a sharps bin? I was just thinking about used syringes and needles lying in rubbish bins and thought "what if someone pricks themselves/steals them for personal use?" Or is it normal to find things like that in bins? I AM NOT being rude/offensive/questioning you in a nasty way, I am just curious. Though I admit it yelled a little just then so that people wouldn't flame me.

"I simply can not take a decent ass picture of myself with this phone."

*yawn* If only I had a nickel for every time I heard that.


Oh noes...your poor ass :(

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