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What a wonderful email to get, from someone who actually knows what you are going through. It is great to see that there are people who care about others in this world of ours. I hope that your embryos become babies. Good luck, Tertia.

Dom x

What a sweet letter. It made me smile.

AWWW! That was so touching. Bless the women who have to make the "bad" phone calls. And the mothers that receive them.

Best of luck!

Aaah. The world is full of good people. What an amazing letter, what an amazing group of ladies. Thanks for the smile. I was in need of one today.

Oh, dear Tertia, see how many lives you touch! What a sweet letter to receive. It does make you smile.

Beautiful. Keep up the good work, PGD sisters!

Lovely. Thank you PGD sisters.

How sweet is that? I hope the pgd sisters know how important their work is to us.

Wow... what an intense email!

Oh wow. Perpective is such a beautiful thing. Appreciate the small things, and all the people that make them happen.

That is the coolest letter ever!

God, that's so incredible. What a gift, Tertia, that she wrote that to you. What a gift.

What a wonderful, beautiful letter. And so well-timed, too!

PGD sisters, how lovely that you took the time to write to Tertia. I feel touched in a way that words can not describe. Thank you.

Wow. What a beautiful letter. That brought tears to my eyes.

Oh, dear, tears again!

Hi there why aren't you answering the questions? I am also dealing with infertility and wish to know hom much progesterone you are injecting just to compare the docters.Also wish you will give us a daily update on you 2ww. We all just love you and want to share and pray.

Zelda, I think Tertia has quite a lot on her plate, and hence doesn't update every day. She updates a lot, and always with quality material, but she does have a life to lead! I am sure she also receives a huge amount of email, so I'm not surprised she doesn't get to it all. I'm not being a suck up here, I'm just saying she's a person like all of us, with limited time!

That's an amazing bunch of people. :o)

Zelda, I'm continually amazed that Tertia manages to update as often as she does, not to mention being nice enough to allow us into her life, describing personal details and feelings. I certainly don't think I could manage to do so! It doesn't mean we have any "claim" on her though. If she wishes to give details, that is up to her.

I agree - what an amazing glimpse into the other side. It is so great to imagine those faceless people helping us on our quest to become parents. I think fondly of my RE for helping me get this far.

Zelda, as I am sure you can imagine, I get lots of emails every day. I did get yours and I will answer your questions when I can. If you have any pressing questions, please contact your doctor.

As for updating on the 2WW, there is nothing to update. I feel nothing, I don't think it has worked. Not much more I can say.

Tertia, I've been lurking here forever but this is just so special. Your life has touched so many people and I just want to thank you for bringing their stories to us as well as your own. Thank you.

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