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Oh my goodness - that is SO cute!! Imagine sleeping with sticky plastic shoes on all night - his feet must have been shriveled in the morning from all that sweating. What a precious child - and Kate, with that cute little giggle. She really is adorable.

Is Adam jaundiced or do you need a new camera? Or do I need a new computer?!

I'm glad he's feeling better! You should retitle your blog, "So Cute"

AWww! That is the freakin cutest thing! And big hugs to your kids aunties! My aunts were the greatest when I was little. My kids don't have aunts on my side. I hate that.

hmm...maybe i should send some thomas shoes that make a "toot" sound every time you bear weight on them.


Too cute.
It's better than the freaking princess shoes they sell for girls-- those things are a deathtrap on the stairs and hardwoods.

I love that Adam sleeps with his knees up - so cute. My husband sometimes sleeps like that but with his legs crossed. VERY funny! I bet if you had tried removing the shoes, he'd have come to in an snap.

I was showing my twins this cute photo of Adam and Kate - HUGE Thomas fans here as well and Miss Livia smiles and said "Adam and Kate are growing up so fast!"

Yeah, from a 3.5 year old! I swear she has better verbal skills than many adults! HAHA

Glad Adam is feeling better!

Ahhh, so cute. My girl is into tickerbell and my boy is into Spiderman.


Have a fab trip!

So glad the big boy is getting better - is he quieter at night now. or still snoring?

Hey, I hope Kate also got shoes, etc.? I always worry about the girls...

That picture is adorable, Tertia (the one under the duvet). I can totally relate to the Thomas the Tank Engine obsession; my Jacob is the exact same way. He doesn't (read: won't) sleep alone yet and every night I end up rolling over on one or another of those damn battery operated engines - last night it was James AND Henry...LOL They do make great enticements for his potty training, though. If only I could find the battery operated Lady train - he asks for it every time he poops on the potty.

We definitely have the Thomas obsession going on around here too. Just in case you haven't seen it, there's a recall on some of the wooden trains. http://www.cpsc.gov/cpscpub/prerel/prhtml07/07212.html

my son LOVES Thomas too, but we've now passed the 'toys in the bed' phase. He wore his Thomas sandals last summer until they reeked- and I threw them out. The picture you took was so sweet, I hope you save it for him!

Have you considered that maybe Adam keeps banging into things because you have him drugged??????!!!!!!!!!
Mommy, i would take him off the pain killers a.s.a.p. and start using high doses of Motrin instead unless you want a trip to the E.R. with him!!

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