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G&D as always!

Totally Sarah Jessica Parker. To a T! :)

As well as a big hint of Jennifer Aniston (thought her first but then switch camps.)

I have always felt you look like Rachel Griffiths.

"My heritage.com" says Gwyneth Paltrow

Hands down - Sarah Jessica Parker

Made up my mind before I looked at the other comments - Sarah Jessica Parker it is! Wow, uncanny. Beautiful.

Another one for SJP.

However, there's a touch of Ellen Degeneres in the top one as well. Hope you're not insulted by that!

The close-up shot is definetely SJP.

in the first picture you look a lot like someone I used to work with, but that doesn't matter much to you, I'm sure. She was a very nice person though.

I said Sarah Jessica Parker on the other post, but looking at the close up one, I can see Jennifer Aniston as well.

Love the top you're wearing!

Steffi Graf

You look just like Tertia Albertyn!!

OMG you look JUST like Sarah Jessica Parker! Freaky! But you look like her when she's looking good (ever notice that sometimes she's pretty and sometimes she's not?).

Sarah Jessica Parker is exactly what I thought to!

Sarah Jessica Parker, with quite a lot of Jerry Hall, and a hint of Heather Mills McCartney (sorry!).

Oh yeah Juno, I can see Jerry Hall and Heather too now you mention it!

Steffi Graf, definitely.

Oh my word..... totally Eddie Murphy!

My opinion ... Stefi Graf

I would say a cross between SJP, Steffi Graf & possibly Giselle Bundchen (that model).
However, the nose is totally Courtney Love.

first look, definatly SJP
and after everyone said Steffi graff, then yeah see that too

Definitely SJP.

Whats the name of that actress from the golden girls??


I said Sarah Jessica too!

SJP is the second thing I thought...but the first one wasn't a celeb.

I think SJP is beautiful. I think you are too.

Ernest Borgnine.

Oprah. Ok, really? Mix of Kim Basinger and SJP

Kate Moss!!

Sarah Jessica Parker. No doubt about it. There are worse celebrities to resemble, though, so don't feel too awful about it!

Yep. Definitely SJP.

count me jealous.

Looking good, Tertia! Is that your current hair color in the pictures, or were they taken before the black dye incident?

No offense, but I don't get the SJP thing at all. She is a petite blond. Have seen her in person and haven't seen you so maybe I am missing something?
But, I have always thought you have an uncanny resemblance to Rachael Griffiths!


Definitely SJP. Cute outfit!

SJP especially in the first picture. I thought that even before I read any of the other comments.

Willie Nelson.

Is it Dora the Explorer? Because the resemblance between you and a lil' Latina caricature are uncanny?

Oh wait, I guess your eyes are different.

I think you actually look a lot like Daryl Hannah. But who even cares what she's up to these days? I'm pretty confident you were thinking SJP. There's a resemblance, but be glad you're you. (No wart and all that. Plus, no shame that you starred in "Girls just wanna have fun.")

SJP in the first pic (from further away). Not as much close up.

You look beautiful!

Oprah Winfrey.

My first reaction was SJP also. Great photos!

I immediately thought of Jane Seymour!

Bette Midler in the first one, and SJP in the second.

don't know but love the top!

Sarah J Parker for sure!!

PS: So "cute" to see Dr H, also responds to your questions.....and obviously he is also hooked on your blog !!!! (Dr H, nice to see a fertility doc who is all heart and not in it for the bucks only!!!!)

Definitely Sarah Jessica Parker!

PS - Those are great pics!

Sheryl Crow! your gorgeous. thank for the blog.

Steffi Graf

Sarah Jessica Parker - and that was before I read everyone else's comments...

Ok, I hate to be unoriginal (is that a word?) But....In the top pic you do resemble SJP but in the bottom (close up) you favor (Favour) Steffi Graf.

Regardless, you look smokin'

Yep. SJP was my first thought too.

I gotta go with SJP (close up) and Stefi Graff (farther away) too! Very jealous over here, I might add :)

Steffi Graf

I say Steffi!

I can't decide which celebrity although I would vote for Tertia Albertyn as well but that would be cheating wouldn't it??? but lucky Adam and Kate, all their friends will be envious of how G & D, not to say HOT, their Mom is...

Definitely Steffi Graf in the top picture.

It took me a while, but Steffi Graf for sure.

i think you look like... um... who's the tennis player who's married to the other tennis player who used to date brooke shields?

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