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What a lovely family. And Rose! She is quite attractive, that's one of the best pictures I've seen of her.

What are all those railings behind your window. And yes, your children are very clever. Jean

Do they actually count objects or do they just recite the row of numbers like a poem or a song text? The latter's quite common - even my daughter does that, and she's about 3 months younger than your twins.

This being said: Your kids are G&D, no doubt about that. :o)

As gorgeous and clever as they are - they are NO WAY NEAR as gorgeous and clever as my 2!!! Ha ha! Rose tinted spectacles, we are both wearing!! (pardon the pun, Rose!)

I love Kate's contribution the best!!!

Rose looks gorgeous, Adam too, of course.

I think they are very clever for their age, they speak so well. Geniuses. My 2 and a half year old is really struggling to put two words together (but his sister was using the scientific names for insects at the same age...).

The brilliant genes are DEFINATELY from our side of the family. I am afraid you cannot claim Adam's looks from us, hy is Pa se kind!

Wow, Rose is really lovely in this video. She is just really pretty, and you can tell from this video, a really nice person. The still photos don't do her justice. Her smile and her laugh and the way she moves her head -- she's beautiful. (Also I think the hair extensions really work for her.)

My 3yr old is not so clever. he keeps asking me how you spell his name. I thought i made it easy by naming him AJ. genius, isnt't he?

Rose is beautiful! She looks gorgeous on film!

Adam is just perfect, of course! And kate, well she is a girl. enough said!

Wow, Rose is gorgeous! (And such a good sport.)

Adam clearly is on his way to a Nobel Prize.

I love Adams singing,he is soooo gorgeous.And Kate was hilarious saying to Rose YOU DO IT! Rose looks beautiful,you are so lucky to have someone like her.
Tertia,what are those railings at the windows for?

Very brilliant, indeed! I think all these "gifted" kids get this stuff from their mothers!

I agree - my 2 1/2 year old definitely gets her genius from me! heehee She's doing the same stuff - sings a gazillion songs, speaks like a 4 or 5 year old (seriously, she speaks in paragraphs!) and is easier to understand than many I know, says her ABC's and 1-14. Counts objects up to 14. Makes up stories for us. Potty trained, than God! Either we both have genius children or we are both deluding ourselves! I of course assume the first statement is the true one.... ;)

that should say "thank God" not "than God". That's what I get for bragging about my child getting her genius from me.

Very sweet! you have a lovely family - who obviously takes after you. Nice blog, thank you.

CUTE!! And I just love all of your voices!! I love watching your video clips and yes Rose is beautiful!!
Beautiful kids!!

Tertia, I just had to point out that Rose's boobs are looking lovely! V V proud of her!

And that Adam! He's going to be a heartbreaker! And quite good with numbers I gather since he's doing your taxes for you (let me know when he's available to do mine).

If Kate is half that spunky when she is about 15 years older, she'll definitely hold her own on a date!

More movies! Very Fun. I agree that Rose is lovely. Sorry Tertia, but she was my favourite ;)

Tertia your accent is G & D!

Actually, it looks like Adam is reading in the video! That is even more impressive at his age 8). Goregeous family.

Ahahaha. Excellent post. It's funny - everyone in NYC thinks their kids are gifted! This is one v. talented city.

super smart t!
what a wonderful thing to have on video! love it!

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