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Ah, the poor homely siblings of Tertia! My condolences to them all.

ha-ha-haa!! oh, you make me laugh! thanks for a great blog!

You are a funny girl. Great sense of humour!!!! LOL

HEE HEE! Thanks for the giggle! :)

HAHAHAHAHA. Your siblings are really going to get you now. Too funny.

I hope your siblings love you enough to let this one slide ha ha ha ha ha ha!!

Ok, you definitely have the nicest boobs, though...

Ha, that's frickin hilarious.

Gorgeous family, noses and all. Seriously, what a great-looking bunch. No wonder your babies are so gorgeous.

Yes, the boobs look fab in that picture!!

a good laugh after a long hard day! thanks for keeping me entertained :-) i read your blog daily. hope you're enjoying date night.

HA! That's hilarious.

Very cute! Where is Cyrano de Bergerac on the family tree?

You should watch the Steve Martin version of Cyrano de Bergerac. In it, Steve Martin's character does a little monologue of one-liners regarding the size of his nose. This is the link to the dialogue but it's much funier as part of the movie http://www.whysanity.net/monos/roxanne1.html

Would you care to do a similar photo edit on a group shot of my family showcasing the familial fat ass? We all have big noses too, but nobody notices because of our wiiiiiide "childbearing" hips. Even on the men.

I hope my children get my husband's muscle/bone structure, either way they're going to be schnozz-tastic (celts have big noses too).

Tertia - you are so bloody hilarious. I love it.

Funny girl! nicely done. don't you also have the smallest bum? where's that photo?

Haha! I saw the pic before reading, and thought, "what the?" because I only noticed one person's nose. Then when I looked closer and saw that everyone's nose looked big (except for yours), I knew something was up!

We have some large noses in my family as well. Mine is on the large side. They come from the German (and I'm convinced Jewish because of the names) side of my family.

You are sooo gonna get beat up for that pic. Hee hee. Broken noses all around. :-)

This is why I love you. Right here.

Nice TITS!

Ah, Tertia...They must hate you so. If only they could shave off an inch, they'd be beautiful. But that would require some serious surgery. Of the digital sort anyway. Quite amazingly good-looking grouping nonetheless. Nose-beaks notwithstanding.

ooo you are in trouble now.
nice boobs ;)

You make Photo Shop proud!! Your family is annoyingly good looking -- all of you.


It took me a minute of thinking "wow, she's not kidding, her brother and sisters are seriously over-endowed with le schnozz. Hmmm. How did I not notice that in OTHER pictures? Hmmmm." - then I spewed beer all laptop.


All OVER THE laptop. I mean. Beer. You know. Need edit function, dammit.

I have a pic of me & my 3 sisters, can I send it to you...and can you do that to it?? LMAO

what you all don't realize is that she doctored the picture to make her nose smaller and not our`s bigger, Plus let me add that at 21 i am much much younger than my 43 year old, old sister,

Oh they are REALLY going to love that shot ;)
I too am the smallest nosed person in my large, large nosed family.

You are hilarious!


Wicked girl!!!

um - this may sound dumb, but with boobs like that why do you need new ones? they rock!

You are in big trouble now girl! xx

I suppose it depends on where you're from too, my brother never thought he had a big nose until he lived in Taiwan and friends called him Mr. Big Nose. I guess compared to the rest of Taiwan he looked huge :)

Are you sure that you people aren't related to Cyrano DeBergerac? Or Pinocchio? :-)


PS~ Agree with the rest about the boobs. Yowsa!

Are you sure that you people aren't related to Cyrano DeBergerac? Or Pinocchio? :-)


PS~ Agree with the rest about the boobs. Yowsa


Very funny stuff. Nice blog.

Love the hook you added to your brother!

Paul and Nina's noses are the size they are, mine grossly exagerated and Tertia's made to look smaller. Hilarious, wish I knew how to do it cos I would seek some serious revenge!

oh you are cruel t!

Oh my, you are so in the shits now, girl :) If I did that to my sister, she'd have made up pictures of some pimply, cottage cheese rear end (oaky, so maybe it would actually BE mine) plastered all over the nets in no time.

I have the real life schnoz to relate to this family photo. ...and the nightly snoring habit that my wife canNOT relate to at all (she gave up last night at around 2 a.m. and went to sleep in the guest room!).

Interessante Informationen.

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