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"Coffee beans are actually seeds of cherries that grow on trees."
My word, you never too old to learn... Actually, thinking about it, I mean, where else did I think it originated from, hmmm. Perhaps bunches of coffee bean seeds like grapes? Or perhaps in a pod like peas... Grant commenting from next to me in bed when I share this wisdom: "Did you check that?" He then says it comes from the coffee bean fruit, must he explain everything...lol

Wait? I won?! How frickin' cool is that?! I love the kitty shoes that I bought for Miss P, now I get to get her a second pair? Wow, that's so cool. I never win anything!

Oh shit, though, I think I deleted the email (too quick on the spam deletion finger). I'll have to email her.

That email address keeps getting rejected by my server when I try to enter. ??

I can't get the email through either and I want the coffee!! I need the coffee......

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