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I once asked my doctor what the worst thing he'd ever said to a patient was, and he said that he'd been giving a woman a pelvic exam, and doing a rather uncomfortable procedure on her, and he said, "I'll be out of your hair in just one second." He meant it in the euphemistic sense, of course, but she took it literally, and cracked up. Too funny!

I'll bet all doctors have stories like that.

I want your RE to get me pg too, and i want your friend to get me donor eggs that will work. man...i wish i could come there.

Ah... Now that's English slang, and by long Colonial association, South African too. I've never heard it used over here in the States. The Yanks were much less tolerant of the Engelsman and his silly ideas about taxes... Do you know it's used in a Beatle lyric? Penny Lane? "Four of fish and finger pie" Naughty, naughty.

Anyway. Good luck with the FET... I know you'll keep us posted...

Hope the FET goes wonderfully.

LOL! You made me spray my soda across the keyboard, woman!

GL with the FET...I am rotting for you.

I'm contemplating FET as well. So very scared of multiples though . . . I wish you well with yours, and I will live vicariously through you for now.

Hear hear!
"He is funny, smart, kind and damn good at what he does".
He's my doc too now! Yeah!

Hee hee. You are so funny.

Um, and he doesn't read this blog?

So very jealous of your lunch, for many reasons. Unless you were eating bacon and banana pizza. Those are some mighty fine men you lunch with.

Best of luck with the FET.

Yeah Yeah, big up for our Dr.

Fun conversation and lunch? I need a doctor like that!

Will cross everything, say millions of prayers and wish you all the best in a week (and before and after!).

I hoping your doctor can sort me out properly this time around and no messing. How's your calendar in October???

I have never had the pleasure of either seeing or feeling your vagina, although it occurs to me that doing one, the other, or both, might be a highlight of my year. You might give it some thought.

Then again, you might not.

I had a friend in college who wanted to be a pediatrician. Some years later we were talking as he was finishing up med school. I asked him what specialty he would be doing his residency in. He replied that he was going into ob/gyn because he really like the patients and the 'procedures just fit like a glove'. I think maybe he needs a new way to describe his affinity for his new job :)

Nope. Never seen your vagina.
Oh, and, bestest of luck on your FET!! Will be praying for you!

I am keeping my fingers crossed that the FET works. Wishing you all the best and may you get you additional miracle/miracles.

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