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I personally don't think it's excessive, but it's your baby of course. I'm glad you guys feel she is doing well. She certainly looks very happy :)

My 2 year old has had a brain scan and blood tests - it's no big deal, if you decide you want to go that way. Possibly worth the peace of mind. We have had development issues too but our son seems to be catching up.

I'm so glad things are looking so positive for Amber. Keep in mind down the track that Amber might have mild learning problems to keep an eye out for. When you say that nothing is wrong with her mentally I'm guessing you were concerned about permanent intellectual disability. Sounds like that won't be the case, which is wonderful. But keep in contact with her teachers and if she is having a few troubles in one area (say language, or maths or whatever) get it looked at, and you will be able to overcome it.

Thanks for updating, she's a beautifu little girl!

The ENT should have recommended tubes put in her ears to drain the fluid. My son (27 months) just had this surgery (also had adnoids and tonsils out for breathing problems) and he is a new child. He is talking MUCH more and loves to whisper now that he can hear better.

My son was not yet walking or talking at 17 months and he also had fluid in the middle ear as soon as it was drained and tubes put in his ears he started walking and talking. He is now a happy, healthy six year old boy!!!

Thanks for the update! What a beautiful little girl!

She is a real cutey - anybody else think she looks alot like cousin Adam? I hope that Amber continue's to improve.

Yes! I, too, see cousin Adam in Amber... thanks for the update. Am so pleased about your positive update!

Thanks for the update. It's good to hear that Amber is doing better. Best wishes to your family.

My husband has work to do in Zambia and I am 27 weeks pregnant! Can anyone help me - can I go with or not!

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