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Does that mean that I won? I guessed Julie.

"good ball skills"

Yeah, I guess since all our fun comes from needles and dildocams, we don't need good ball skills anymore.

And neither do our men.


yeah- that's who i was thinking of! she's married to the dude who used to have long hair and wore way out clothes on the tennis court!

Do you see your resemblance to Rachael Griffiths? I have thought this for a while.

You kill me. Can't stop laughing.

I can see the resemblence to Steffi. Although I do believe reading recently that she may have had her nose done.

Julie is a hoot.

I was thinking Jennifer Grey (Dirty Dancing) when I saw the original pics... but all four (including Tertia) are beautiful women.

Hmm, I was thinking SJP until you posted this pic of Steffi.

I was thinking SJP too. I think Steffi is beautiful too, though.

Wow- that is a striking resemblance! You are both very pretty ladies!

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