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So sorry to hear this, Tertia. I hope he gets better soon. *hugs*

Bless you. And quick healing energy to Adam.

PS - the WORST is having to hold a child down. Especially if they start screaming "I'll be good, Mommy". Knife to the heart.

Poor little kids! I take it they're picking these things up at whatever playgroups they"re going to? Unfortunately it's virtually inevitable when they're this age. Tummy bugs used to be the bane of my damned life, but luckily they seem to have had them all by about age 6-7 if they have an active life (ie plenty of contact with other children) and just stop getting quite so pukey.

I remember frequently having to restrain my older child while stitches, butterfly strips, glue or local anaesthetic were applied to whichever part of his body he'd injured that time. It is not fun at all. Hopefully though they shouldn't have to do it more than once, unless the little bugger pulls the lines out...

If it's any consolation, it's all strengthening their immune systems.

I'll be thinking of you both...

Just been there ourselves. I thought gastro lasted 48 hours tops, but after my son (same age as Adam) vomited and the rest for 5 days was told it could go for a week to ten days! He seemed to start getting better at a week, but was so week and floppy. He lost a lot of weight and is now eating CONSTANTLY to make it up. And of course I feel sorry for him and am giving him whatever he asks for. What a lurk.

Hope Adam feels better soon, and so sorry you're both stuck there. Use heaps of alcohol hand gel, it stopped the rest of our family getting the gastro. Poor Adam, and poor you.

I'm sorry to hear that, too. You are a heroic mother - I saw mothers leaving the room and not holding their children down. I think ultimately you did the right thing. After all, it IS good for him and you would never let anything bad happen to him. You do a great job that simply has to be be done. Heroic Tertia, valiant Adam.

My very best wishes for all of you. Thinking about it....your blogging from hospital is quite heroic, too.

I'm be praying for him!
Our hospital takes the child to another room to do the drip. No parents. I know it's scary for them, but then you're not made out to be the bad guy.

I agree, VERY difficult to have to be one of the people holding your own child down. I had to do it with my son and even though I knew it was for his own good I was sobbing the whole time. I'm terrible with those kind of things though.

oh dear Tertia, I do hope that Adam recovers quickly and that nobody else picks up the bug!

Poor little thing, I dread the first hospital visit I really do *sigh*


No fun at all... For anyone. Hope he recovers quickly and you're all back at home running around like crazy in no time!


I hope Adam, and you, feel better soon!

If there is ANYTHING I can do to help, or bring you (like decent food, toiletries to shower), SHOUT. I am down the road! Literally.

Love, Nicola

Oh, poor Adam! I remember my brother having to go through that at almost the exact same age. He was enamored by the IV stand, and we called it his "tree." Lightened the mood a bit. I'll be thinking of you guys this weekend with loads of positive thoughts!

Sending best wishes for a rapid recovery for Adam, and a good night's sleep for all of you. Seeing your child in hospital is so hard, even when it's for something relatively minor. Hang in there!

I hope he gets better, poor guy. How's Kate doing? I've had to hold my kids down for various procedures before, and it's awful, I agree. I think it's better to do that, like a thing where they know their mommy is there and wouldn't do anything unless it was necessary.

oh poor little mite.
I hope he is feeling better soon!
Love and healing.

So in a case like this, do they automatically start Kate on antibiotics. Or is that the kind of illness that antibiotics don't fix?

Good thoughts to Adam and Mama.

Aw that's terrible. Hope he feels better soon.

Oh poor Adam! And poor Tertia. Hope he is better very soon and you can both escape the hospital. It's awful having to restrain your child when you know they are hurting, and all you want to do is bash the people who are hurting your baby and run away. Poor little lamb, at least it will keep him hydrated and make him better faster - but it's still nasty to go through.

(I know what you mean about the timing thing - whilst I have been preg, I always seem to get 'complications' on a sunny weekend and end up in our no-window labour ward! Doh!)

Hi there. Sorry to hear that. Also been there, so know what you are experiencing. The hospital is good but you need to keep them on their toes. Make sure you have a blanket and pillow for yourself as the chair you have to sleep on is not that comfortable. Best of luck. Luv wendy

You poor thing (and Adam too). I had to do the same with my 3 year old son at the beginning of March. Holding them down for IV starts is awful.

Beware of the possibility of "break-through vomiting" for the next few days (usually 1-2x per day), and some extreme clinginess in the coming days or weeks. It may not happen with Adam, but it did with my son. Between all the puking and him not wanting to fall asleep by himself, it was almost like we all post-traumatic stress around here.

I hope he's doing soon, and that no on else ends up with the same.

Uh...I meant to say "I hope he's doing BETTER soon." :)

Oh no! Thinking of you both!

Oh dear, not exactly a way to "get away from it all" you know?

Hope he gets better soon, T. That's awful for both of you!

I have so, so been there, and know how hard it is. May Adam be all better soon, and you get some rest too. This parenting young children stuff is not for the faint of heart.

Hope he feels better soon!

Hoping for a speedy recovery...

thank goodness indeed- poor baby!
hugs t!

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