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And wine! Double yay!!

(Will there be pictures? Can you pressure her, umm, I mean ask her very nicely, to share pictures of her beautiful girl?)

Wow! I have been thinking of her and MP and wondering how she is going. Nice scoop, Tertia!

This IS exciting

Do you think you could get Grrl and Danae to do a guest post too

Rae beat me to it - I was going to ask for a Grrl update, too.

Yay! This will satisfy that one, teensy MIA Blogger fix. Now we need to rally for Grrl and her next big bloggy idea....

Will the big purple dinosaur be coming ???

I'm thrilled!

Yeah!! I'm so glad to hear this, I still go to her blog site "just in case" it lets me in!

WooHoo!!! Can't wait!

Oh this is good news! I went to China the same day that she did and I so enjoyed her blog - it was a loss when we got home and after a bit she 'poof' went away - great to hear about her again!

by v. v. soon do you mean today? or how long should I sit here refreshing your page? i just need to know so I can plan accordingly.

Yay, I keep meaning to ask if you have her password and if you think she would give it to me. I was a very avid reader. I also still check now and again to see if she hasn't opened it up again. And some pics too please!!

YIPPEE!!!! Perhaps we should throw a party!? Can't wait!!

YEAH! I have so wanted to know how things are going with her and Maya!

HOORAY! I miss the Ovary!

(and Grrl, too, and Danae...)

YEAH! I keep her on my blog roll just hoping that we would get an update!

Yay!! Dying to hear how things are for the family and how big must Maya be by now?

So when? huh? huh?

Yes, wine and the Ovary!
And really, how about that Posse reunion tour? Grrl and Danae, yeah.

YEA!!!! I'm another one who goes back to her page just hoping she opened it again

I am so glad to hear this! I was just thinking yesterday about emailing you and asking how she was. I know she disappeared under some kind of duress but I hope she and Maya are thriving!

ps. Would love to hear how Grrrl is too. (That was Chez Miscarriage, right?)

Oh, joy!

Oh, great. More non-Tertia content. This should bring in a steady stream of complaints.

What's that? People are excited? Oh!

Oh, yay! Could this be the gateway back into bloggerdom? (she says, hopefully)

yay, I second the proposal: invite Grrl also.


Great! I miss Karen!

YEA!!!!!!! O I can't wait! I miss Karen sooooo much!!!

Yeah! I have so missed her. Can't wait for an update! And wine, too. Can't beat that.



This news makes my day! I'll get my wine and cheese all set up and ready for when her post arrives. Yay N.O.!!!

Oh how exciting! I miss reading her!

Yay!!! So excited. I can't wait to hear how she and Maya are doing.

You are absolutely right - that is very exciting news!

oh, wow! I am looking forward to that! Can't wait.

YAY!! YAY!! YAY!! Sooo excited. I will be checking your page hourly from now until I get the scoop on little MP and the rest of the fam!

Karen and Maya! Karen and Maya! Karen and Maya! (and Random!) Woot! Woot!

Can't wait! Yippee! I'm one of those who still pops on her site hoping it'll magically log me in :-)

I love the Naked Ovary!!!!
I miss the Naked Ovary!!!!!
Can there be a picture of the cuteness that is Maya??

This is the best damn news I've heard in a while. I've missed Karen and Maya way more than I thought I would ever miss a friend from inside the computer.

That's so weird - I was just thinking about Karen this morning. Wonderful news that she'll be back!

Very exciting indeed!


Also, ditto on the Danae and Grrl longings.

Awwwwesome! I can't wait! I just checked her page yesterday to see if she had come back (ever hopeful - hey, it worked with Soper!). I am in support the request for Grrl, as well.

Awesome! I'm looking forward to it!

Wow! I can't wait to read it. I haven't had the heart to take her off either my bloglines or my blog. And I do keep checking from time to time to see if the site is back up. I know, I know, wishful thinking. Sigh.

Can't wait! I've been wondering how they are doing.

Excellent!!! (lots & lots of '!!!')

I have missed her since she went all password-protected and shit on us.

yeah! i can't wait to hear from K and mayapapaya. wow. i am so glad the vagina posse sticks together.
(uh, don't flame that one...)

I'm so glad she'll be posting - I really miss reading her stories and about Maya. Still check her site, still don't have password. I hope she and her family are happy and healthy. :)

I look forward to hearing from karen, but after reading the previous pot, I *really* look forward to some more skippy posts from you, Tertia. If wine is what's making you so hilarious, pour me a glass.

I'm so glad to hear that! I miss hearing from Karen. I also love the idea of hearing from Grrl. It's been so long but she is still in my thoughts.

Yay! I miss Karen too! I second the need for a Grrl and Danae update!

So excited I had to delurk just to announce my excitement! I hope this update is complete with pictures of the gorgeous MP, but even if not, I will be glad to hear how Karen's doing. Thanks, Tertia!

Karen! Maya! YAY!

great news! funny, i was just thinking about her and wishing we could hear from her!

Oh yay! I can't wait!!!

Yay!!!! I miss reading her blog!!!!

Wow! I can't wait. I still check every day, just in case she's had a change of heart. Note to self. Try to get out more. BUt not until Karen has posted.

Hers was the first blog I found related to infertility and adoption. She set the bar high and also helped pull me out of the "wait" depression (wait for adoption, that is). I can't wait to her from her again!

Can't wait to HEAR from her again-oops

Tertia - that is wonderful news! Now can you just work on Chez Miscarriage?? I miss her like crazy... Chrysa

I'll add to the bring back Grrl club. She was the first blog I ever read. Remember her spoof on Celine Dion doing IVF, remember "floor cake"? I miss her!

Wow it took 'non-Tertia' content to make me make my second comment here ever! :)

This just made my night, it really did. I miss Karen so so much! and oh my goodness... if you could get Grrl and Danae to give an update..that will be like well, hmmm a TRIPLE ORGASM!!!!!!!!



How soon is very soon? How about now?? hurry, karen!

What nice news in a day of otherwise crappy blogger happenings. Can I just say that the withdrawals from not reading Naken Ovary have been brutal? Can't wait to hear the update. Thanks for hosting the party Tertia, I'll bring chocolate chip cookies. :)

Oh, that is SUCH great news. I can't wait. I CANNOT WAIT. I miss her so.

Woot! I am very excited about this and I can't wait to read an update from Karen and I hopehopehope she posts a pic of the beautiful Maya!


i really missed her when she disappeared. i didn't know what happened.

i had no closure. boo hoo.

Yay!!!! I can't wait!

That's wonderful!!!!I can't wait to hear all about it, I have really missed reading her!!!!!!!

WOw that is fantastic news. Can't you make this a feature I love to hear about grrrl and Danae too!

Yayayayayay!!!! Fabulous news. Can't wait!

Hooray!!! I still check her site everytime I read my blogs on the off-off-off chance she'll come back.

Thanks Tertia!!!!!!

(somehow I know no one will mind this non-Tertia post! ;) )

Best news I've heard since she deserted us (((sob)))~ YAY!!

Oh my goodness, I can't wait!

I am so so so excited!!! I am down with the wine too!!!

I am so shocked, and SO GLAD! I have wondered about her and MP for months now!

Delurking to say "Yay!". Karen got her referral right at the same time I got called to adopt my wonderful son. By the time I was able to get back online, she had disappeared, and I never knew what happened. I miss her terribly.

So excited! I think about her all of the time and am always wondering how things are going.

OH MY GOD! So excited and cannot wait. I miss her blog so much, it's still in my favorites and I look at it longingly. I can't wait to hear all her news.

YAY! I love her! Could you ask Grrl to write a guest post, too? Pretty please? :)

Let's get this show on the road.

if we are taking requests, after Karen, Grrl, and Danae, we need a guest post from Mollie in Canada. As the Country's Top Blogger, you've got the power.

You know, when one is addicted to caffeine and they go cold turkey, not by their choice, but have to for other crazy reasons(IF for example), well that was like what I went through when The Naked Ovary went password protect. OMG. I freaked .. I had to go cold turkey and I am still having fits and bouts of disasterous nail biting moments when I hit her bookmark on my computer and it is still password protect. OMG. Come back and update us Karen. I so need a fix and you are one that could help me.

Novary! Novary! I have been one of the hapless losers clicking on her PWP page every couple of days in vain hope. Can't wait.

Whoooo hooo! Very exciting!

Delurking to say I've been out of it for a while, just checked in on you today, and OH MY GOD! I just peed myself in excitement. Thank GOD!!!

Hooray! That is SO exciting! Can't wait. Please give Karen big virtual smooches and hugs from those of us who miss her.

Oh but you are a tease! I keep waiting and waiting....

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