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And here I thought I was the only one up so late.

Thanks for the update. Thanks, Boulder, for doing so much work.

To know a few dollars has made the world of difference to a family isnt a gift to them, it's a gift to me. Thank you for letting me feel this way.

Retired ibex! That made me laugh insanely.

I'm so excited to hear about Harrison's and Nolene's reactions! Way more excited about that than possibly winning the hamper.

I'm so glad that this was such a success for Harrison. Now could you get Boulder to post an update on herself, pretty please? ;-)

Do you know what I loved about this? That Tertia saw a need, and did what she could to address it. What *she* could was perhaps more than some could, with her readership's help. Too often we throw up our hands at the unhappiness and need around us, overwhelmed, and ask why They (the government, charity groups, people who are rolling in money, etc.) don't do something about it. What if we picked someone or something, and just helped, because it was right, and because we could?

Yes, i understand how good it made us all feel to help Harrison, but, I WANT TO WIN THAT BASKET, DAMNIT!!!

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