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I thought the people offering their opinions, (disappointment) did so in a very polite way. I'm more of the type to just skip down to the posts that interest me, but I appreciate that some people voice their opinions differently. I think sometimes that's better than walking away entirely.

Good on you Tertia, for being able to receive constructive criticism with grace. Good on the commenters for being respectful with their critique. After all, they were proclaiming love for the life and times of Tertia, which is more praise than criticism, IMO.

I hope we can all remain calm. Peace out! ;)

I have been skipping the recent posts too. This one caught my eye! :-)

Bwahahahaaa...watches. I think the non-Tertia stuff is kind of a mixed bag...since you're narrowing down, and not opposed to feedback, I'm going to do a run-down of the non-Tertia stuff and what I think of it, and I'm sure if others did the same honestly and constructively it would give you a good idea of "what the people want," which you could then completely disregard (it IS your blog, afterall, and if you want to talk about an infected boil on your arse we'd still all rea--wait, didn't we cover that one time?) or do whatever with...
1. The extremely worthy causes, such as the house-building and Bosom Buddies and the gift for Snickollet are a must-keep. And even, although it seemed more controversial, Rose's reduction (IMHO). Part of "the Tertia experience" is your generosity and the way you help others, and I am glad to read about your efforts to that effect; even when I am broke and can't throw in on them I find them uplifting to read about and they brighten my day.
2. The SA Infertility get-togethers...I dunno. On one hand, your blog has an international readership and most readers are too far away to participate. On the other hand, you're performing a valuable service to the community there, and you are South African and infertile and again, your blog. Perhaps a good solution for that one would be to append a one-sentence mention of these things to the bottom of a regular Tertia post with an imbedded link that the interested can click for more information? It IS a bit of a letdown to see a new post from you on Bloglines and click over and have it be one of those; I think your target audience would still get the message because like the rest of us, they read your blog (obviously).
3. The product endorsements...I like the way you've handled them, with the readers being able to participate and maybe win something, but the CD pre-purchase one was maybe not the best one to do first. Maybe you could do a certain number per month (one or maybe two) at predictable times, so that it would be like "oh, it's the first of the month, of COURSE she did the product review."
4. The Mother-Talk thing...I can see the points of non-mommy, non-bloggers on this one. But personally I was thrilled, and sent off an e-mail right away saying "count me in! Yay!" I plan to participate in Fearless Friday and look forward to reading what other bloggers do with the topic. So I really liked that one, but again maybe you could do a briefer mention of things like that, in your own words, at the end of a "Tertia" post.

I don't think any of the above are particularly objectionable, and taken individually probably nobody would've had an issue with them, but they all kind of came in a clump and I think that might have alienated a few people who come to get their Tertia fix; it may have seemed to some as if you were abdicating from the blog and turning it into a big ad/bulletin board. Personally, it worried me a bit, not so much because I thought I wouldn't be getting my Tertia fix but because I tend to do memes, worthy causes, etc. when I'm really depressed and can't think of anything decent to write about myself or my life. I hope you're doing okay, and have not given up hope on finding an AD or treatment that alleviates your depression, because for crying out loud surely SOMEthing will work. My mother is bipolar, and after years of trial and error her doctor found that a combination of an "upper" type AD (Prozac or Lilly-Fluoxetine as you call it) combined with a "mood stabilizer" (Lithium in her case, although if you are going to give ttc another go then that wouldn't be a good one, and might not be a good first choice anyway since it has some formidable side effects and you don't seem to do the "mania" thing) kept her from getting wired/teeth-grindy/sleepless off the Prozac as well as kept her from getting manic, because she does do that and yikes! There are plenty of milder anti-anxiety/mood stabilizer drugs though, like Buspar, that are low-side effect and probably there is at least one that you could take while ttc. I'm certainly not a doctor or anything, but having spent my entire life watching my mom do trial-and-error I thought I'd offer you the benefit of what I know from being close to a bipolar person. So, there, now you have everything I know about psychopharmacology in the world's longest and assviciest comment ever. Hopefully nobody'll come to my blog and hate on me over it ;-) XOX

I also just tend to skip to the posts that interest me. But I also find some of the "non Tertia" stuff interesting. I can honestly say that I log on everyday of the working week to see what is happening and new. The first time I came across your site I was hooked. I really do not mind the other stuff.

How about writing the "ads" in a different colour altogether? That way, they would be easier to skip for those who want to do just that. (HEX-code #FFFFCC might be a good choice. ;-P )

PS: Why no commenter bashing? I was so looking forward to that! Oh well, yet another disappointment... :oP

Hey Tertia, it's your blog and you can write whatever you like


But seriously, I log in a few times a day to see if anything new is up. I'll openly admit I like the gritty stuff, the contraversial stuff, the deep stuff. And I love the funny stuff most of all. A lot of the "other" stuff doesn't apply to me in Australia - like the CD thing, or infertility get-togethers. But I accept I am reading a South African blog with a big US readership, so I'm perfectly happy that you'll include stuff relevant to both those groups. I just skip over what I'm not interested in and I never sigh indignantly or get annoyed.

The money for the house rebuilding, for your sister's charity, for Snickolett - all are fantastic causes and I think the response to these shows that they are well-supported. But "ads"...well, not so much. But hey, it's your blog ;)

Oh and PS - I think everyone who commented about the "non-Tertia" stuff did so respectfully with no bashing to be seen. I think it's great we're getting some sensible debate and differences of opinion (total agreement gets boring) without anyone going over the top.

From you? Of COURSE I'd buy a watch from you! I donate money to Paypal accounts in the US not knowing if that money is going to buy you large amounts of crack instead of helping a family build a home. But I trust you. Isn't it funny that we do that? I was thinking that someone could set up a blog, get it going, then raise money for a good cause. And that good cause might be a new ferrari, and a set of tits for his 18 year old girlfriend. But you, well, it's like giving money to a nun. Sort of ;)

I also prefer the Tertia only posts. I wrote a comment a few weeks ago about this and then my comp crashed. I took it as a sign and didn't repost. As long as you still make up the majority of the post I'm happy!

Like a lot of people I just skip the non-Tertia stuff. If a new post comes up on my feed, I read the first few lines, and if it's not something I'm interested in (read: not about Tertia, K&A and Marco) then I wait until another day. Doesn't take much time, and doesn't bother me the least. :)

Still free? Check.
Still funny? Check.
Still entertaining? Check.
Easy to skip posts I don't want to read? Check.

So move along, I don't see an issue :-)

I would love to read about more South-African-centric topics.

Although I've never been to SA (although that's on the plan!) I'm a rugby fanatic from New Zealand. I've seen a lot of coverage from SA; I have some [perhaps invalid] opinions, and I'd just love to hear more about your day-to-day life. And Rose's day-to-day life. And pictures of Table Mountain!

...yes...well, i think you'll just change your readership with the promotional stuff worked in. nothing wrong with that.

I have to agree with the others that, by themselves, I wouldn't have even probably noticed, but b/c so many came all at once, it was a bit disappointing (?) if that's the right word. But easy enough to skip over, too. I like the idea of having a 1 x month or 1 x week or whatever "plug"/"biz"/"contest" post, so we know when to expect it....

While we're talking about the blog format-- why did you give up the surveys? They were fun! I vote for an occasional survey as well....!


Mix it up. Diversify is so 90s but hej everybody is wearing tights (sans feet) again and I am surviving. What do you think about the tights? A year ago I did make a pledge that I would never wear "skinny jeans" but hej! my newest jeans are looking a wee bit straighter legged than normal....please happy clap again for all those people that are wearing tights and maybe shouldn't be. x

Another person thinking it was just a bit too much. Perhaps it would be easier if you put these longer product reviews/requests for donations under a cut (ideally one that doesn't open on another page) so that people who were interested could read but other could skim.

Tried to comment before -- I like the new content. I like how you are creating a community of those who are connected through you.

I don't mind. I like the way that Tertia's posts take me in different directions, globally and locally. Some I like more than others. I just see that as part of the parcel.

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