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We have had good luck with pre-selling our films. I think a couple of things helped:

1) We offer a discounted price to give people a insentive to take a chance on us.

2) To further reduce our pre-order customers' risk, we offer a 100% money back for any reason (or no reason at all) policy. So far, with 4 titles offered for pre-order, our refund rate has been under 2%

Now back to work for me. We've got a bunch of "future owners" waiting for Ashley and Kisha!

I did an awesome interview with Verity on my podcast called The ZA Show on episode #88. A really great person who is using the power of social media and the internet to promote her not-yet-recorded album. I wish her all the best indeed!

As Verity's Fairy Godmother - I think what she is up to is AWESOME! A real story of turning dreams into reality. She hasn't just cried and bemoaned her fate as a singer/ artist in SA... she has gone out, been innovative and done something incredible - that has helped and inspired many people! Well Done V!

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