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What a cool idea! You, however, are in strong competition for huge nerd prize.

I really think it would be great if some of the SA people would consider doing it internationally - it would be a terrific way to let those of us outside of SA experience your products, etc.

PS - Kate's skirt is about the cutest thing I've seen, and they look damn cute in pink & blue. And the shirts? Love them.

What Boulder said.

V v cool idea.

You freakin' rock, Tertia! Thanks!

Genius! Nerdy, but genius! I love this idea!

I can't read their shirts.... something.... I'm 2??????
what do they say?????????????????

It definitely is a cool idea (and your kids are cool as ice! *g*), but I think what made the Harrison raffle work so well was the fact that your heart was in it. One could feel that you really cared. My guess is that that was the main factor why so many people contributed in such a short span of time. This here is just not the same thing. (No offense intended, honestly. :o) ) But I'm curious as to if and how it will work out. :o)

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