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You look fab! Love that shirt, and esp. with those pants. Highly cute. And it looks great with your new hair.

I love it when you're skippy. You can tell just by reading your posts.

Love the hair too.


Love the hair. YOu look great. NO help on the cooter thing..sorry. I usually bled for at least a few weeks.

Hurry up and get Marko in a better mood so you can talk to him and then talk to us! I want to know now..

I know. Slip him another IOU...:) That'll help. After all, you give good oral. No? Oral Hygeine! Oops..had to go back and read again!

My goodness, you are looking incredibly G&D!

You look beautiful. I love the lightened hair. :)

Let's both go get in line for ovary refunds. I want one too. :(

can I just say you look awesome?

Really like the hair - brings out your eyes and makes you look very sophisticated. Like the pink top - very feminine! Looking forward to our get-together on Saturday.

Yes, ask about the BP2. Cos you felt like shit, and now you're skippy.

Still G&D though.

I went to herb guy once - he saw amazing things in my eye! And he said I was allergic to fruit, which was odd.
Looking good oh skippy one. :-)

omg you look gorgeous in that pic!

Pity about the cooter :-)

Looking great girl!!! When I grow up I want to look like you!!

Your hair is G&D. I saw the pic before I saw the text, and was thinking "do I dare tell her how fab her hair looks, given that she already said she hates the color?"

Sorry about the cooter, but good news about the happy skippy-ness.

Tersh, you look so fabulous!

Lookin' good! Glad you're feeling better too and I hope that feeling stays. Good for you also for keeping on top of it and not taking it for granted.

Oh G&D Tertia....I have to say: You are one HOT MAMA!! xoxo

Don't cancel the appt. You want to keep this good feeling.

Am really pleased about your skippiness (is that a Scrabble word?). And, although you do look great, your CAMERA looks G & D to me!!! Now i finally understand how you are getting those uber awesome shots of your twinks!! What type is it and how many pixel thingy's does it do??????

I went to the cooter doctor and the dentist yesterday too. But I would not look as cute in white pants! Great hair and outfit. Personally, I like the darker hair on you - better than the blonde IMO. G&D!

The dark hair suits you. Very dramatic, brings out your acid eyes.

You mention everything, but your thyroid. Have you ever considered Grave's disease?

You look AMAZING!! I love LOVE the colour!!! G&D!!

i heart this post. and love the new hair color!

Your hair looks freakin' GORGEOUS! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE your shirt. If new and Woolies, can you let me know? I'll ask my Mom to get and mail me one.

Your new hair looks great! I'm so glad to hear that you are feeling skippy.

You have a cooter like a faucet and you're wearing white pants? Brave, brave girl!

Yeah, see! I was wondering that too about the white pants, Lindsay! Brave, Tertia. Very brave.

Tell you what, when you figure out how to get a refund on YOUR polycystic ovaries, can you let me know where to go so I can get my money back on MINE? That really would rock.

As always, you are an absolute paragon of gorgeous and divine. I also love the outfit, but I must ask: How is it you are wearing white pants when you have a leaky cooter?

De-lurking to tell you how absolutely wonderful the new hair is!!!! Love, love, love!! Just a great picture!

I, too, am in awe of the white pant bravery!

I love the hair...I'm shocked at just how much of a difference 1) a few streaks and 2) you looking happy both make. Glad to hear that you are feeling better, and that you are going to see a shrink.

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