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I'm not going to sign up for Facebook! Aren't you too old for that site, Tertia?!? I think you are! Maybe you're wondering why all the exclamation points! Well! I'll tell you why! It's because after all those !!!!-ridden comments on the last post, Typepad is broken! All comments on Tertia's blog now require an abundance of exclamation points!

How sad is it that everyone was so much more excited about the planned reemergence of Karen than about anything much that Tertia writes?!? Pretty damn sad!

But the excitement! It's contagious!

Oh! So sweet that Marko's like a marking-his-territory Neanderthal, only on Facebook! Do let us know the moment he takes to peeing on your leg, Tertia!

Maybe I will sign up for Facebook after all! I will detail exactly how much money you owe me! Cash, yes, but also jewels! It is true!

Also, I have a really hard time using more than one exclamation point per sentence! I couldn't be more proud of my restraint!

Wa Haaa Haaa!! Your Marko reminds me so much of my hubby, its quite frightening. I think it's really sweet that he is letting everyone know that you are his woman. Well done Marko. I love it when my hubby does little things like that.

Good for him! I think that's really sweet... he's taking an interest in what you're up to. :-)

That is so funny and SOOO sweet at the same time!! You have the best husband, who shows you that he loves you in his own weird way ha ha ha ha. Aaawwwwww Marko :)

Well, best it be on your facebook wall than the way my boyfriend does it. To show that I am *HIS* territory, he is constantly figuratively pissing on me in public. I hate hate HATE pda (public displays of affection) but Joshua must constantly be doing pda to feel like he owns me or something. It's really quite annoying. Lately, he's taken to doing it in front of our best couple friends. Last Sunday we were over there, playing a game, and he was grabbing my chest, my ass, trying to make out with me. I was so very embarrassed, but when I apologized for it to the wife the next day, she understood... her husband will do the same thing from time to time!

I still think it's unexcusable, but at least he's showing that he cares! :P

(P.S. Marko is sweet.)

Tamsen, dear, why did you apologize to the wife? It's Joshua who should be apologizing--to you. (And then behaving himself.) You deserve more respect than that.

So clever. Love it!

Oh how cute! That's the kind of thing Manly would do.

I saw that! Very cute!

I think i wrote that the way we knew each other was that we had "hooked up" a long time ago....
I thought it was so funny that they asked... i just had to do it!
Did you confirm it?

Tertia, your Marko mustbe separated at birth from my hiubby.

He would never indulge in PDAs but this would be his way of saying 'she's mine and I love her'.

Kudos to Marko. You have a keeper.

Yay, we're friends on facebook! AWESOME.

AND you posted on my wall.


aw thats adorable!

I saw that he was on facebook and I was surprised, that explains it!

you have an online lesbian lover in canada??? i want to read about 'those' stories...

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