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I think this whole issue of finding female pubic hair disgusting and wanting to rip it off it is so wrong. When men start shaving their disgusting, hairy armpits I'll think about it but until then, no way! Trimming is adequate.

ow - I hope you recover soon.

Oh, I don't find female pubic hair disgusting at all. I find it slightly annoying and bushy. But not disgusting. Not any more disgusting than male pubic hair or underarm hair.

Uhhmm okay, thanks for the heads up! I was gonna try waxing hoping that it would be less annoying than shaving. From the sounds of it waxing is just as annoying. Sore cooter is never a good thing :)

You have not eaten pussy until you've had to pick the hair out of your teeth. Part of the game.

Ooooh! I'm so *glad* I logged onto your blog before going for my wax this morning! I've now remembered why I hate my wax *before* my wax, instead of the usual *after* ;-)

Oh, and my husband read your blog for the first time this morning ...and very nearly choked on his breakfast he laughed so hard :-) :-) :-)

Not to bring up anything rude but when you do a Brazilian dont they wax other parts as well? I heard they do your butt too!


Same goes for BJ's!!! Men have all kinds of hair down there...

I think I'll stick with shaving after reading your cautionary tale. I have this thing about pain. Besides, wouldn't waxing = ingrown hairs?? Ouchie!

If it's available in S.A., you should definitely try lasering. It's not painful at all (just sort of uncomfortable, but a few ibuprofens before a session will help) and in less than 10 sessions, you're hair-free. More money up front, but definitely worth it in the long run. If you're cold in the winter, you can always buy a merkin.

Haha! I'm telling you, shaven is the way to go. Us men really do appreciate it, and I'm sure Marko does too. It's like a beard really... looks all cool and manly if it's left for a few days, but leave it for a few weeks and it looks pretty crap!

I'm laughing so hard right now!
Did the ole Telley Savalas ONCE!!!! NEVER AGAIN!

I just hurt reading about it! I'm too chicken to wax...and this might just seal the deal!

I've done damned near everything to de-fuzz down there, short of scraping the stuff off with two sharpened clam shells ala primative man. I don't think it's an issue of disgust... it's just a damp, nook-'n-cranny filled region, and I like it better unobscured.

That being said - trim with scissors, THEN individually pluck. Painful and tedious... but MUCH more effective than anything else short of zapping (I have come to believe that there's some follicular advantage to removing individually, rather than yanking 'em out wholesale).

Ohmigosh Got waxed one time, here: http://annenahm.com/?p=168

Leading to the statement I never thought I'd make to the world:
Getting hair ripped out of your inner thigh while listening to your angry-squirrel stomach and really wishing you had an Altoid between your butt cheeks, if only to use as some sort of corking device.
on the follow up here: http://annenahm.com/?p=176

I can only cringe with sympathy.

Yeah. But it'll feel so much better tomorrow, then you'll remember why you get them done.

oooooooooowwwwww tertia! i haven't ever attempted it, and i was under the impression it got easier the more often you did it!!! now you've put me off completely...

I was just reading up on using depilatories like Veet or Mandys when I popped in to check here and caught the topic on cue. Have any of you used them to positive effect? I know it means strong chemicals close to delicate skin but it seems the regrowth is so much softer and slower than shaving. Any feedback?

If you do them frequently enough, they stop hurting so much. The once in a blue moon theory doesn't lend itself here. :-)

Hey Jeanne, I've used depilatory creams and got BURNT! OWWWWWWWW. But then again, I do have sensitive skin. Found that the hair grew back about as quickly as shaving, maybe a day or too longer. It's a messy, time consuming process and the creams either smell bad or over-perfumed.

I do the trim and wax around the edges. Never had hair near my butt, didn't know it existed. Someone told me when they had a Brazilian they had their arsehole waxed. Oh good God, that's got to hurt.

The thing I hate about waxing is you seem to have as much time growing it out as you do having it hair-free. I want to do the laser thing!

I had it lasered, along with my legs and chin about 4 years ago. It all grew back. And the laser was extremely painful and time consuming. I had 8 treatments on each area. Even with topical anesthetic some areas were very painful. My husband tried it on his beard and chickened out after two sessions. He's the man who cut off two toes with a lawn mower and never even said ouch while I drove him to the ER.

Mmmh, what a post to appear just after "You" magazine article. Can u imagine how the tannies will go off when they read this. At least they won't know what a cooter is but I think a few letters to the editor will appear soon.
I say leave your fan hair and leave your head hair. If you really want to experiment do the pits, at least no one sees. (Tersh is porn star so cooter on show)

I say that Kevin, commenter up above, doesn't get a vote. "Leave it for a few weeks and it looks pretty crap"? Men don't get a vote on what women choose to do with their pubic hair.

Wax is evil! Especially for those of us with sensitive skin.

I'll second that, Orange.

'Men really appreciate it,' eh? It's amazing how little that influences my shaving/waxing/growing it out and putting little beads in the braids decisions.

Ag nee man Tertia! All you do is take a little Myprodol 45 mins before, chatter non-stop through the waxing and you hardly feel a thing. I prefer the Brazilian, it feels much more cleaner and it still says "I am a woman and not a pre-pubescent"

I dig the brazilian - gives me a reason to eat choccies afterwards to help! :D

hehehe - seriously though, it's not as painful once you've been through it once.

Another serious thing to consider is finding someone who is an excellent waxer.... have been to a woman who hurt me so bad I was bleeding *there*

and been to another woman who was so excellent, I hardly felt anything!

Whahaha - thanks for the laugh though - even got my hubby to read this entry!!


Try that 'in shower hair remover' by Veet - very good, I am very bare now!! A pink tube with a cute sponge. They are a bit anal about getting it off your hands, something to do with the hair there I think!!

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