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Can't believe you dyed your hair black! Sure it looks gorg. Love you my friend.

Black hair is probably infinitely cheaper than a BMW...and much less permanent. I'm sure you will be G&D no matter your hair color. Sending you hugs. And prayers. :)

Black!?! You didn't mention that to us! I was trying to figure out what color you were doing because I thought you'd just done highlights, I thought.

Why the fuck not, right?


I'm sure it looks stunning on you. I did black hair for my wedding, and I never regretted it.

Black hair is especially good for winter, which is depressing within itself.

Plus, your up keep will be kept to a minimum 'cause your roots won't show. And, its much cheaper than a BMW.

Love to you babe!

Why not a black BMW?

I really feel for you.

None of those naff brackets - straight hugs.

and xxxx!!

There used to be a shampoo here called "Hair Therapy." I always thought it was too small a bottle to include any real help (cozy blanket, wine, SOMETHING of value). Maybe going to the hair dresser works better.

I'm so, so sorry.

you go girl!

So sorry Tertia. Glad you found something to do for 'you'.

Black will make those gorgeous blue eyes POP. Glad to hear you're doing this for you!!!!

My guess is that you are amazingly stunning with black hair.

It would get awfully heavy to have a black BMW on your head anyway.

Gorgeous, divine, and dramatic.

Maybe you could rent a BMW for a day. A convertible, so your hair could stream behind you as though you didn't have a care in the world. (As I wish you didn't.)

MUST see a pic of that new gorgeous dye-job! :)

Oh... and another {{hug}} for you while I'm here. . . .


I can totally picture you with black hair. You have perfect eyes for it. Good for you. Can't wait to see.


Hair dye as a way of coping, yes, I totally understand. Have celebrated the upcoming 2nd anniversary of my unsuccessful attempts to make a baby by dying my hair Corvette-red. I bet the BMW black looks gorgeous. We are going to see pictures, right?

You're amazing. Sending you my best wishes and prayers.

I'd look like Morticia with black hair - too pale - but you my dear will look fab with that skin, those eyes. You are a classy broad.

Dying your hair black sounds like fantastic therapy to me. Get your anger out in however you want/need to! I am SO sorry for your loss and are keeping you in my thoughts!

I'm very sorry, T.

You would rock my socks if you were to go bald.

You know I mean on your head, right? Because, well, you know...

Wow! Can't wait to see that one. I typically go with red when I'm AntiCelebrating, but my hair is already nearly black.


Well whatever it takes to cope and get through difficult situations, i say do it! Thinking of you during this difficult time....

PS dont forget to post a pic of your new hair colour..... sure it looks fab!

Wow, it is going to look great. Can't wait to hear what Adam and Kate think of the color :).

So sorry Tertia.

I hope you don't mind me doing this Tertia. I don't think you will, since I feel it ties into your fight for life, in a sad way.

I have just 3 blogs that I check daily. One is Tertia, one is Dooce and one is Deb (of Debutaunt.) Today Deb has asked us all to spread the word about her friend Brenda.

Ooh, can't wait to see the pics... G & D x 10!

Buy yourself some new makeup too. Get a makeover. Not that you need it, but who doesn't feel great after a make over and some new anything. Retail Therapy. Nothing quite like it. And I bet the black hair will ROCK!

Sending all good thoughts your way.

So sorry to hear. :(

Tertia, I am very very sorry for your loss.

Let's see that hair. You are G&D, of course!

You go girl! However you need to grieve, go for it. Wishing you all the best tomorrow.

Love from Texas, USA.

Totally need to see a pic of the new black hair.

Yes, we do need to see a picture. There is something about the loss and pain that requires a physical outlet. I made a pretty bad hairdye mistake after my first failed IVF that will forever be captured in my brothers wedding pictures.

I hear Black is the new Blonde.

Tertia, I'm sorry for your loss - I'm the triplets mom (we met at Playzone briefly) and you mentioned you were pregnant. I've read through your web and I think its time for you to focus on positive things about yourself. Stop calling being cruel to yourself by calling yourself barren - barren women don't have kids! and you have lovely twins. I hope you feeling better soon.
Kind regards, Lynn

I'm sorry about your loss. But that hair color thing - spot on. My IUI #1 resulted in new shoes, IVF# in a necklace. After that I got discouraged and just cried. Good luck to you.

hi i just dyed my hair black yesterday my hair is naturally dark allready i like it though it kinda suits me i think people should really go with black its a cool color

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