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My 2 1/2 yr old also loves a good poop...he likes everything about it actually. He likes to do it, he likes to say it, he likes to tell me about it, he likes to show it to whomever will listen...I am so hoping that it is a phase that he will grow out of....

Adore the Marko & kids picture - Marko is really enjoying the non-baby kids, isn't he? Excellent.

Re: poop - hilarious! (Well, for me, not for you.)

Have you considered that with your racing around behind him picking up the poop that you are reinforcing his facination? :)


The poop police, haha! I'll keep that story in mind!

It must be a boy thing. My little nephew once pooped in the garden. When my sister wouldn't believe him, he very proudly brought it inside on a plastic spade to show her.

That's actually a good thing that he's honed in on poop - that's one less hurdle you have to cross with potty training!

My 2 year old is in denial that he EVER poops...he cries if you ask him if he's poopy!

Evan was the same exact way! The first video I emailed out to my family with my brand new digital video camera ended with Evan in the backyard bending over, pointing and saying "dog poop."

I'm 33 and I still think poop is funny. Farts too. My infant daughter once did a projectile poop while we were changing her diaper that flew about 2 feet, and I nearly lost it laughing (my husband, however, was less than pleased...)

On the other hand, I don't actively go looking for poop anymore, so I guess that means I've matured somewhat, right?

Hopefully Adam will grow out of this one, or at least get to the stage where you can hand over the poop shovel and have HIM clean up the garden! :-)

What a sweet photo! Adam loves cuddling with his dad. And Kate has a mischievious gleam in her eyes ;-)

Oh boy, my John LOVES poop. We even have to play a game at bathtime where I pretend I don't see him in the bathtub and look for him in the potty. Imagine my surprise (I squeal in shock) that I didn't find John in the potty but poo poo (pretend) in the potty. He loves it and makes me do it like 500 times.

I think it's a boy thing.

The joys of poop.
My ds discovered cat poop yesterday unfortunatly he was quicker than grandma, grandpa, and mommy. He got it into his mouth right as grandma reacted. Yuck Hopefully we will move on to just looking at it and making mommy pick it up instead of trying to eat it.

My 2 y.o. son loves to say the word poop. Poop! Poop! hehehehe! Poop! Poop! hahahahah! Poop! Poop! LOL!!! I hear it for an entire car ride sometimes. He is just fascinated with the word. Won't do it on the potty and i doubt he has ever seen it outside of our house, but, luvs the word and it makes him giggle!
Not my 2 y.o. daughter. Must be a boy thing.

I have to add to this. My son is also obsessed. He actually got off the toilet the other day and said, "awww, look, it's a baby and a daddy poops". He will also come give me descriptions..."snakes" are his personal favorites. And, I get plenty of animal poop reports-especially with snow covering the ground. My daughters NEVER discussed such stuff...it has to be a boy thing.

It's gotta be a boy thing.

Guys have been known to talk about the contents of the toilet after having a poo. There's even ratemypoop.com or something like that. Why?! LOL

With my daughter, it's "look mommy, cat puke!" Fortunately (or not!), that's just limited to the inside of our house.

Thank you for the smile.

funny. my youngest son is a few years older than your boy and he still is obsessed. Which may explain why he started going in his pants and hiding it under his older brother's bed.

Ah you've made me feel better! My eldest is poop obsessed too. Although he has taken to taking my tupperware and pooping inside that instead of the toilet!
Craziest toddler? I win! I win!!
I assume its a normal toddler thing to be obsessed with poop??

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