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aww, that is the sweetest thing I have seen all day!!!!!! My son does that dance too... though he leaves out the bow to your partners, lol. Have a great vacation tertia, thanks for sharing that video, your kids are so sweet!

I love the video! My DS dances to that song too! He's not quite as good at it but he tries :) (he's 16 months)

Have a great vacation. It will be nice for you to be able to get away for a little while.

Loooove the video. The cutest thing I've seen in a while. I hope you have a really great time on your vacation. Where are you going?

Enjoy your vacation and those beautiful children! Gorgeous! (and divine of course)

Have you heard of the dummy fairy idea? My sister is considering it with my nephew. You have a talk with the child and explain to them that dummies are for babies and that now that they aren't babies anymore they need to give the dummy to the baby fairy - so that she can then make sure that the new babies get them. You make a big to-do of it (much like the Tooth Fairy) and hang all of the dummies in a tree. (Yes, a tree.)

The next day, after the dummy fairy has come to pick up the dummies for the babies, you go out to see that they are gone. In their place is a *small* gift of some sort for the child from the Dummy Fairy.

Sheesh. That was hard to write. We don't call them dummies, we call them binkies. Ha!

Anyway, just thought that I would share. My step children were well past the binky age when I met them, so I never had to deal with taking them away myself. I just thought that it sounded like a sweet and fun idea.


OMG!! They are so darling!! I have a 2.5 yr old & he's really into the wiggles~ not spiderman but that does add another element to the dance ( the whole mask thing). :) VV cute!! Kate & Adam need the Wiggles dolls ~ just got them off of ebay ~ they sing & say little things...K & A NEED these as they are such great dancers & wiggles fans :)

Thanks for the video ~ aren't 2 yo's great fun? T

You have the cutest children! Ever!!
Enjoy your holiday!!

omg...Adam is cute of course, but Kate is cracking me up with how adorable she is in her spiderman mask! love it!

Have a great vacation!

Have a great time with your two little spiderpeople

Oh that brightened my day! Gorgeous! My kids are big spiderman - and Wiggles - fans too.

I'll be in the minority, but I reckon don't worry about getting rid of the dummies yet. There's time. Kids are easier to reason with (and bribe) at 3. My daughter gave up hers (her own choice) on her 4th birthday with no problems.

Have a great holiday!

Ag man - those babes of yours are just too cute for words!!

My Bryce also still loves his dummy and I dont have the heart to take it away. LOVED the Dummy Fairy idea though - def think I will use that one.

Just as an aside - I also call Brycie "my boy" - it must be a South African thing. Funny hey!

Hope you are okay - you are never far from my thoughts.


Enjoy your holiday...take lots of pictures!

That video was sooooooooo cute!
Have a great hols. xx

I love, love, LOVE that they are sharing the costume! Adorable! Thanks for sharing your darling kids with us!

*LOL* They are gorgeous! So sweet! :o)

OMG! My boys were totally entranced by Adam and Kate dancing. I could tell they were thinking "WOW, toddlers can do THAT?!....they ROCK!" Now I have to play it for them again, probably about another 10 times.

Enjoy your vacation, no one deserves it better, that's for sure.

My personal favorite is when Kate smacks her head on Adam's bum on the last "bow to your partner". Your children are the sweetest. Enjoy your vacation!

The whole diaper-dummy-mask-wiggle thing is adorable! So cute!

A choreographed dance? I swear that yours are the same age as mine and he has never done anything so professional. Perhaps this is the beginning of a musical dance family act, something like the Jacksons.

Oh and re: dummies - the Irish call them soothers, doesn't that just sound so much better and, um, soothing?

Kate and Adam are SOOOOOOO cute!! You are lucky to have them, and they are lucky to have you. :)

They look like a little synchronized swimming team (on land) in the beginning with the bowing and turning. You should take them on the road!

My son never used a binkie/dummy, but the dummy fairy thing is how my little niece got weaned off of hers. Perhaps it would be best to lead up to it? Make it kind of like Christmas with lots of lead up...get them excited about it.

I also call Evan 'my boy' (and 'my sweet boy', 'my darling boy', etc.).

...and it is kind of dumb but hearing your voice was odd too. You always spoke with an American accent in my head!!!

My daughter Ada was born end of September 2004, so a few months older, still has her dummy. I've tried and tried and tried to get rid of it, but I haven't been able to. She just screams at the top of her lungs or steals her brother's (11 mos). I am not going to worry about it. We are working on getting it to stay in the crib for sleeping only (not being very successful at this yet, but still trying). My oldest was never attached to a dummy (Ada calls it a binky), so this is unfamiliar territory.

Very sweet - looks like you have a budding ballet girl on your hands :-) About the dummy/binkie thing: http://nobaddays.wordpress.com/2007/03/07/learning-to-talk/
Have a wonderful time away - enjoy every bit of it! Especially the wine ;-)

re the dummies - I caved to pressure and took B's dummy away just after his third birthday (it didn't help that he was the size of a 4 year old) and he immediately started biting his nails, which took us three years to break. He wouldn't have kept a dummy until he was 6 ...

My son had a dummy until he was about 5. Gave it up himself when he was about that age because he was embarrassed by it. He is now a perfectly happy, adjusted 18 year old! My daughter didn't have a dummy and sucked her thumb.....still sucking it at 16!

Have a great holiday!


LOOOOOOOVE the Wiggles video! Very cute! You have some talented tots there!

I'm studying sensory/motor development in infants & children right now and I just wanted to say you really shouldn't worry about the dummies. They're not hurting the kids any, they really aren't. They'll get rid of them when they're ready. I know a lot of people don't agree with that, but most children's occupational therapists, especially those specializing in sensory processing disorders will tell you the dummies can be very very theraputic, and from what you've described of Adam, I think it's especially important to let him have his dummy. OK, off my soap box now. :oD

Oh my God. Tooooo cute!

Cutest video, like EVER! So cute. And, I'm a dummy when it comes to other people's dummies...so you'll have to find one of your bajillion other commenters to come up with an answer for that dilemma.

Wow, that takes me back! My boys are 16 this year and they loved that song when they were small! One twin will ditch the dummy and the other will follow suit, so don't worry about it. Have a wonderful holiday.

That video might be the cutest thing I have EVER seen. Seriously, I LOVE it!!!!

Kate's quite the fashion plate - matching her dummy to her spidey costume!

Adore the picture. Think it could be one of my all time favs.


Simply divine! Mine like the Wiggles, but, absolutely ADORE Laurie Berkner.

I ran out of binkies b/c Evan was chewing through them in his sleep (the only time mine get them). So, i just told him he is a big boy now and "no more binky for Evan". He has been perfectly fine with my explanation, but, then, he is not the one addicted to it.
Samantha, on the other hand, has a very heavy binky addiction and has the very last one in our house clipped to her p.j.'s at night so she doesn't lose it.
She will scream bloody murder when that last one is gone and i am very afraid of when that day comes....
Have a most excellent (and relaxing) trip.

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