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You are lovely, you are SO, SO PREGNANT, and the Doppler - well, the Doppler will be a real treat, won't it!

(Remember, though - the Doppler won't pick the heartbeat up until a certain week, so read the directions!)

Oh, and I clicked over to your Flick'r account - Geez, T, your brother's a hottie!

And then I noticed the TITLE of the Flick'r group. Ooops!

If I weren't happily married and your brother were single, I would be on a plane to S.A. NOW to meet him. Of course, you are gorgeous and divine, so it is fitting that he is gorgeous and divine, too. I'm going to go and stare at photos of my husband and son now and drive away those lacivious thoughts.... ;-)

Paul Couch Albertyn is a lovely name, I'm sure your brother (and the couch) would be honored. How fantastic of your brother to get you a Doppler. When you wrote that post about the early menopause scare, I was thinking, "She's messing us about, she's pregnant." I am nearly never right about these things, but Yay! for getting something right once in a while. Very happy for you!

I am LMAO over using the middle name couch. That is funny!

You will LOVE the doppler. Don't forget that it is hard to find the heartbeat in the early weeks. Bring it with you to the OB to have him/her help you. I was listening to my own heartbeat weeks 10 and 11. Hey, it helped me sleep at night!

You get those dead baby thoughts out of your mind! Couch will be fine.

Still crossing fingers and whatever else I can cross - even if it's for the whole 9 months - I'll lose circulation for you and your G & D little baby in that little belly of yours.

And I second the whole Doppler thing - I think it was 12 weeks or so before they were able to get the hb on that for my pgs. Of course - I have quite a flabby tummy - so it could have been all the 'insulation' in the way!

Regardless - I'm keeping you in my thoughts and prayers and expecting everything to be just wonderful for you!

Grow little baby grow. Don't mind that your mother is naming you after the couch, just grow.

Sick is good! V. v. good! I wasn't sick at all with my first pregnancy (had 2nd tri m/c) and with the second felt ghastly til 12 weeks (have 4 year old fabulous boy from that one). I remember so clearly how I often moaned, "I'm sooo sick! But I'm happy about it!"

Also think you should consider the name Gorgeous Divan Albertyn.

At least give him something more dignified like Davenport!

(I just aged 108 years by using the word davenport)

Dopplers are cool. I was 12+ weeks before I could pick up a heartbeat with mine, and even then I was amazed how far I had to angle below/behind the pubic bone to pick it up. The suckers are LOW at first. Good luck, and what a nice brother!

Sending you moocho full-term, delivery, happy healthy baby #3 thoughts/prayers/healing--whatever works, ya know?! :)

I loved my Doppler. It was so worth the money. It reassured me more times than I can count. I would always check for the heartbeat before by OB appointment and not panic if they couldn't find her at first. Lots of times I could tell them where to look for my daughter.

Paul is an excellent brother! That is such a thoughtful gift.

Hey, it can always change its name when it turns 18!

Did I tell you this story...?

A very good friend of mine rang the other night. He'd just had a call from his Mum. She'd just had a call from her best friend.

The friend's Mum's best friend's son (with me? it's not that hard! We'll call her 'X' and him 'J') has applied to join the Police in NZ. As part of that process, the Police interview family members.

This is how the interview went when the Police met J's parents ...

Policeman "We really like J, and we think he'll be good. But we have some concerns about his middle name..."

X "What's wrong with 'Charles' as a middle name?"

Policeman "Uhhhh ....according to our paperwork ....it's 'Danger'."

The day after J's 18th birthday (in NZ this is the age of majority for most things), J had gone out and legally changed his middle name to Danger.


Obviously, his parents didn't think it was so funny ...but it's the most hilarious thing I've heard in a loooong time!

'Danger' is my middle name baby!!

(I hope a laugh helped T ...I find sometimes it just makes things a little better for a minute if I can laugh. One day at a time - and me and goodness knows how many other people are thinking of you for every single one of them xoxo)

Paula for a girl or just Paul?

Hope you're puking your guts out soon. But only because that will reassure you.

I couldn't eat meat for the entirety of my pregnancy. After sick, it was just enforced vegetarianism. That was fun. In the not-fun sense of the term.

wow, I go away for a week and look what happens!! CONGRATULATIONS....... I am thrilled for you!

May the sickness continue and the doppler arrive.

If its a girl you could always call her sofie - a different take on sofa (instead of couch). Congrats and I hope it all works out.

Puke on, sister! Long may you puke! All hail Tertia, Queen of Puke!

Still, though. Good for your lovely bro'.

Sickies are GOOD things! Very very good things! Congrats on the metal-mouth!

I hate that too-much-saliva thing.
Poor dear.
I hope you puke. (sort of)

I've never felt so happy to feel like crap then I do these days, I'm feeling you all the way!!!

Keeping positive thoughts and prayers, keep us all updated.

Sick is good! Metallic taste is good, too! I knew I was pregnant way before I pee'd on a stick with ds because of that taste. Dh thought I was nuts.

Congrats - in the midst of my own pregnancy-induced insomnia I got on to check the web and visit my favorite blogs - and what great news to see!! I had to do multiple rounds of IVF to get pregnant with my first daughter (now 2), got pregnant naturally when she was five months old with my son (now 11 months) and am just 7 weeks pregnant again. But since I wasn't going my infertility doctor this time - I have to wait 2 more weeks to see if it's going to stick. So, I'm with you - very happy when I'm sick and have that musty metallic taste. And yes, my stomach is already out & I'm back in fat clothes and overheating and insomnia. Which is all v. good. Hope this one sticks for you! And the second isn't nearly as hard (babystage) as the first one (or two for you).


Sick is EXCELLENT. Every time I've been pregnant I've felt terribly nauseous from 48 hours after conception. Of course no doctor has ever believed me.

I found that my nausea was hugely helped by avoiding in swings in blood sugar. Eat low-glycemic snacks (I ate loads of oatcakes and hummus, and apples) and try and eat something even if you're feeling absolutely ghastly.

Not liking Paul Couch for a girl.


Hang in there Tersh. It is terribly early still!!

I wish you the best of course. :)

Hang in there momma :-)

I'm seeing "Couch" as the new blog moniker for this baby...

WOWOWOWOWOW!!!!!!!! I have you as a contact on Flickr and noticed your lovely brother's pic just now so I just HAD to hop over to your site... and my was I surprised! I must come and read you more often! I started reading you back in .... 2004 possibly? Wow. You'll be in my thoughts up here in the Catskill Mountains of New York!



Um, T, if you name him/her "Paul Couch" then your kid will have the initials "PC." Do you, of all people, *really* want that for your child? ;)

(I'm still giggling over Sofie - I love it!)

wow gone for a week and you are pregnant! Congrads.

I am still blown away by this news. I hope the good news continue's for another 8 months (sounds like a damn long time eh?)

OMG Tertia - I haven't wandered by in a week and here you are, puking! I had tears come to my eyes. Wow. I am sending good thoughts your way...

And, incidentally, as someone who didn't get morning sickness and had to hear "Oh, you are so lucky not to get morning sickness..." No. A trimester of the stinkiest, loudest, most FOUL flatulence was really not a great trade off.

Here's wishing you tons of nausea and 1x live baby!

Whew hoo!

I am in shock I have not visited for a while and to see your wonderful news made my day!! Congratulations dear Tertia. I sincerely hope and pray all works out for you as you deserve it SO much.

Sending you great big (gentle!) hugs


Just to respond: I wasnt sick for a minute in my entire pregnancy. I also lost a twin pregnancy at 12 weeks and wasnt sick for a minute either. (the loss had nothing to do with that, it was a clotting issue.) SO there are people who have no clue theyre pg.

I'm one of those who don't get sick. And have a high tolerance for any kind of physical discomfort it seems. What with all the emotional crap, FEAR, anxiety, depression et al, who has time to feel bloated or tired or nauseous?
The Doppler is a god send. We use ours every night. But, coming from the place of Loss I come from, I wonder if it's even enough. Sure, we have a heartbeat and I feel movement, but is the baby *really* all right? Having an ultrasound at home would help, I suppose. But then we'd spend every evening trying to tell if one ear is smaller than the other. It's never going to be enough till we have the live baby in our arms. And then there will be other anxiety. But at least then there will also be ADs to fall back on.:)

That was no couch. That was a looooooveseat. Name the baby Paul(a) Looooooveseat Albertyn.

P.S. Your brother is stunningly handsome.

Holy crap, I dont check in for a few days, and all pregnant hell breaks loose! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Isnt all this talk about the couch in direct violation of Markos rule about not discussing sex..?

I was sick as a dog for one pregnancy, and not sick at all for the other.

If it is a girl, you have to call her Sofie. And then when she is 21, you can tell her why she is named Sofie, and she'll hate your forever.

I was so overwhelmed by the FEAR in my first pregnancy, that I got pregnant again, even though I had planned to adopt, because I wanted to do pregnancy without the FEAR. Weirdly, I never suffered from the Fear in my second pregnancy, because I was so in shock that I was having twins after thinking it was hopeless that I kept wishing for there to be only one baby instead of two. My fear was for the future and how the hell I would ever handle three kids.

I know it is so hard, but there is no reason for you to be filled with the fear, everything is going swimmingly so far. Try to enjoy it.

Oh! If it's a boy, he could be Chester! For 'chesterfield!'

No? (slinks away)

Chesterfields are cigarettes in South Africa, if memory serves...

Sick is good! Yay!!

Love the name Couch. You're too cool for school.

Holy shit! I get busy at work for just a few days and all hell breaks loose! Many, MANY congratulations! I have everything crossed for you and will be praying that all goes well! It's a damn miracle and so unbelievably cool!

How about Davenport for a middle name?

How does your linen napkin help with the nausea at this stage?

(Isn't one of your sister's girls called Sophia - wonder why now?)

I don't know if this is true or not but I heard that Ron Howard (child actor now Hollywood director...directed "Apollo 13" and other movies) named his children after places where they were conceived so it is not an unprecedented move to so name children.

A girl could be Pauline or Paulette (I went to high school with a Paulette...she was kind of a bitch tho').


Sorry, I dropped off the face of the internet for a while, came back and you're pregnant! It was my first thought when you were talking about how weird you were feeling, but didn't want to be the ass. I'll be paying much better attention, I promise. I know it's scary and your emotions are all over the place - but you can do this. Adam and Kate are proof, and you're due for an easy time of it. You've got a great doctor, and I'm sending you all my best wishes!

I'm so glad that you have a doppler. Peace of mind is priceless.

I had a Doppler for my last pregnancy, it was excellent. I would have been a nutcase without it. Well, actually, I'm a nutcase anyway, but I would have been a nutcase about the *pregnancy*.

Hi Tertia and congratulations. I haven't commented in a long time but just had to wish you all the best. I agree, feeling sick is vvv good in pregnancy. I had the same thing - 8 years plus infertility, IVF finally worked with my son and then had a baby the old fashioned way, no problem. Go figure. I hope you get strength from your family while you wait for the next scan. You probably already know this but your progesterone levels increase every 48 hours, in one hit so to speak. So you can feel really sick when it kicks in and then the next day fine - something to keep in mind when paranoia sets in! Am keeping everything crossed for you and little couch baby. I have a gut feeling this baby was meant to be.

Tertia OMG!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You already know how estatic I would be for you. This is amazing and what a miracle. No one deserves this more. I am so incredibly happy for you and Marko. Love you T

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