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Not fucking fair. None of it. I'm sorry.

Read this article about sharing a bed.

Sorry for the long link- I don't know how else to send it. I agree- Single KING size beds for everyone!!!


Glad this part is over for you, and wish you ALL the *very* best and long-distance hugs.

On the bed issue, we bought a king size and then did the Euro thing - namely, we have separate, twin-size fabulous, light-as-a-feather down duvets -- they call them comforters in the US for a reason. We sleep SO much better this way, and you can still snuggle in under one duvet if you want to cuddle last thing at night or first thing in the morning. I know it doesn't help the snoring, but at least you're not squished and there's no blanket roll-n-pull. You hear the snoring far less when you're not aware of his every move.

Keeping my fingers crossed for a good night's sleep and a brighter Friday. And wishing you a quick and thorough recovery. :o)

Cytotec is brutal. Truly awful. I had to have more than six full doses during my termination with Thomas. After the first pill, the contractions were so bad I thought my whole insides were going to come out.

So sorry, sweetheart.

I hope this physical part passes quickly.

here's to a glorious Friday and a restful weekend. I have to second the dueling duvets option. My husband and I have each had our own since before we got married. It really makes the bed sharing much more palatable for everyone...

Ugh, sorry for all the events of Thursday, but I laughed very loud just now when you told Marko about snoring and he was like who? The guy in our bed behind you, indeed! Hope you get some much-deserved rest soon.

Do you have those breathe right strips in SA? The sticky things that hold open your nose passages? My ex used to snore terribly, and the strips helped a lot :)


On a completely trivial note.... your pedicure looks lovely.

Hope you continue to fare so well, Tertia. Best Wishes.

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I, too am admiring your pedicure. And your spirit. Get some rest and enjoy the weekend with your family.

How awful that you couldn't have your own room and some privacy! At least there wasn't some asshole next to you asking, "So, what are you in for?"

I've been sitting here for five minutes trying to think of something else to say, but everything sounds stupid. I'll just say that I'm sorry, and it sucks that this has happened to you, and I hope that you really are as ok as you sound.

Oh honey it's so tough. Please expect that you will have some emotional fallout in the next few days as the pregnancy hormones clear from your body. And you will need a ton of rest, so put Marko in the spare room. Also make sure that you eat plenty of iron-rich food in the next few days and weeks. There will be bleeding and you don't want to end up with full-blow anaemia as I did.

It helped me with closure to find out the sex. I only found out by accident - the doctor was so busy telling me that it had been a chromosomal abnormality and that we had just been unlucky, and I saw the details when I glanced at his notes. But it allowed us to give HIM a name in our minds and made him more real and more meaningful.

T, you have to get a king sized bed. It makes all the difference in the world especially since you're not a touchy sleeper. Plus there's more room for the rug rats.

I'm so so sorry that you had to go through this Tertia. I know for me that once a had the d and c I at least felt that there was closure on that particular pregnancy and I could move on.


Loving, comforting thoughts, cyber hugs, and Breathe Right Strips... Snoring partners suck! You're a lot nicer than I am... I throw elbows.


You know, my wife, Gina, the woman I love tells me that I snore like a "bullet train" and she really empathises with that bit. I don't really hear anything except when she wakes me up saying "snoring". It takes a while to figure out what the heck is going on so I understand the "who ... who" thing.

Tertia, we are really thinking about you constantly!

A sharp poke in the ribs is what usually wakes Paul up, he snores too loud to hear me say 'snoring'.

Sending you lots of love and hugs and healing!

I find a sharp elbow to be more effective as a snore deterrent, plus it makes my husband roll completely over to his side of the bed. Win-win.

I am nowhere as nice as you- if my husband snores, I hold his nose until he stops or turns over. One of these days I'm going to accidentally kill him, and then I'll be up the creek.

Sorry about the Cytotec...everytime I've had it's been incredibly easy, mild cramps, low levels of bleeding. Of course, my uterus is piece of human wreckage, maybe that explains it...

I found out the gender of all of my lost babies. It did help...

And as for Marko's snoring, send him to a sleep clinic, he has apnea. My husband used to snore so loudly, the neighbours complained. And now he uses a CPAP breathing machine, all I hear is wonderful blissful silence. His sleep has improved as well, and his blood pressure is down.

I'm so sorry it was that rough, and then with the roommate! As if it wasn't bad enough. I think you're right to find out as much as you can for closure. Some people aren't that way, but you definitely are. *many hugs*

That bit about Marko really cracked me up though. Who was snoring..LOL.

Here's hoping tomorrow is looking up!!!!

Holding thumbs that Friday is 10,000 times better than all the other days this week. Hope you got some good drugs out of it at least.

Argh - no fun. Hoping for a much better weekend with the magical arrival of a king-size bed.

So glad you're through this day and still able to make us grin. :-)

My cure for hubby snoring:
a) Tell him to roll over.
b) Tell him again.
c) Jerk upright, grab pillow and spare blankie, mutter a few parting words and stamp off to the living room sofa (with terrier following closely).

(((((many hugs)))))

Yuck. Sorry you had to go thru that, glad it's over, hope tomorrow is better. Thinking of you all.

When my husband snores I shake him a little with a poke and that usually gets it to stop, temporarily, as he shifts his position. Talking to him would never work - he's too deep a sleeper (true story: I was once (fairly recently) awakened to the sickening noise of him falling out of the bed, practically on top of his (VERY cluttered) nightstand. I got all crazy, asking him if he was OK, and got no audible response. He got himself back on the bed, face down, lying across my legs, and I could see that he'd gotten a cut on his back, but still I got no real reaction. Eventually he turned himself back the right way, and I realized that HE HADN'T WOKEN UP. Not even a little. This was confirmed in the morning, when he I asked him if he remembered and he didn't know what I was talking about. If it hadn't been for the cut on his back - which had bled onto the sheets, hell - he probably would have accused me of making the entire thing up. The whole day he thought it was the funniest thing ever. I was furious that my sleep was so rudely disturbed by the noise and the worry and he didn't even wake up. Hmmph.)

Big hugs Tertia. So glad it is over. Sorry about the loud snoring roomate--how annoying. I think I might have thrown someting at her to wake her up. Your bit about Marko's snoring was hilarious and I really did laugh out loud several times, thank you. My husband likes the travel neck pillow on top of his regular pillow, and it really has cut down on the snoring. Hoping Friday is good for you.

I am so, so, sorry. I've done cytotec before, also. It hurt. Badly. You're in my thoughts, as are your poor sick little babies. Hope they are feeling better. Add me to the hate sharing a bed with my dh club. He snores terribly, and I'm not nearly as nice as you are. I practically need to haul in a crane to roll him over, because he becomes so confused and sleeps so soundly (must be nice). He has had the audacity to DENY that he was snoring before. Can you believe it? "I wasn't even sleeping" he says. OOOooooh I beg to differ.

1. Here's to Friday. Cheers.
2. What kind of weird angle are you lying in the bed?
3. Wait. wait. wait. I had to put the cytotec up my coochie. WTF?
4. What is git anyway? I've only heard it in English movies.

Holding thumbs here for a calm Friday with no snoring within earshot of you.

I'm so sorry that you had to go through that.

Sharing a bed, a bedroom or a bathroom should be outlawed immediately.

There's nothing more annoying than an ANNOYING roomie! I hope you're feeling better soon :)


You were in my thoughts today - I'm glad it is over.
I agree with earlier comments telling you to rest.
And must second that your toes look G&D.
Be gentle to yourself,


Snoring - Ian doesn't stop for one second if he turns over, so we have one of those really expensive pillows- it saved his life!! I was going to kill him, you see. I had such sleep deprivation I would look at the bed at night and get tears in my eyes!

The pillow is called Tempur and you can get them at bed shops, they are about R1000 each and take a while to get used to - but throw away Markos other pillows, because he has to get used to it!! (Yes, damn!!) It will take between 2 to 3 weeks.

The best bit was the apnea - the bit when he stopped breathing - silence at last - so you know I was really sleep deprived, hey? Anyone else would be worried, I was grateful for some p+q!!

Thinking of you

Tertia, it sounds like you were severely undermedicated. Here in the US (so I'm told) they give you twilight sedation & an amnesiac so that you wouldn't even be able to say the procedure was "bearable." You'd be saying "What procedure?" I'm so sorry that it hurt. I'm so sorry you had to take the sucky cyotec. I'm sorry you had to bleed to death and weren't even effing allowed to sleep after all that. You should at least be made physically comfortable, dammit.

Talk about a complete crap week. May the weekend be brilliant for you!

The hubby has restless legs syndrome, which I think is code for "occasionally I kick my wife when I sleep." The beds break into twin size for half the month (it's a Jewish thing), but even in the smaller bed, with the fat dog at my feet, I sleep a hundred times better.

There's something to be said for the separate beds. Perhaps it's evolution? First separate bathrooms, next beds?

Your toes look lovely. I'm so glad you have some measure of peace about this, and I'm so sorry you had to go through it at all.

Sharing beds *is* for the birds. My husband will be aware and talking to me one second and snoring the next. I'll shake him and say "you're snoring". "I was? How could I have been snoring I was awake?" Then 2 second later "zzzzzz". Infuriating. I'm glad we have a guest room, I end up there at least once a week.

Sending you a quick (hug).

I am very sad. My throat aches with all the tears I am trying not to shed. I don't know why today is such a tearful day. Maybe because I just did not believe it until now. The gender thing makes it so real. I thought it was a boy. I bought an outfit on the Woolies sale. Shit, am I making you sadder. Sorry. Gonna stop now. I love you. Try doing handstands in the pool at Montague, people will see your toes (as opposed to black hair) and think you are gorg.

when my wife snores i reach over and finger her twat. she rolls over immediately. guess you can't do that with marko.

Lots of love love from Joburg!
Ann xxxxxxxx

So glad it's finally over for you, at least the hospital part, sorry it wasn't very easy, snoring-Joe had the sleep apnea surgey, it didn't help he now just makes new noises! Well, your toes look beautiful T. Lots of love.

Thinking of you.

Dying laughing at Rainbow W's comment.

But I also had to come back and ask, is Victoria correct? Were you awake? Even awake, they could've given you lots more painkiller, although I agree asleep is better. Oh Tertia, I'm so sorry, now I think this is even worse.

With my last m/c we did the tissue testing and it came back as normal female, which means it was also inconclusive since that could have been my tissue. I went through the grief all over again when I learned the sex, but now that time has passed, I'm glad we did. It helps me to come up with a picture of her in my mind.

I have tried everything to stop may husband's snoring, except surgery. He won't be evaluated. As a working mom of four, with a snoring husband, who angers when I wake him, I have found my solution. No I did not cover his face with a pillow, although I did think about it. I got bunk beds. Not for me, for my boys-eight and 10. That means I have a room to myself. Yippee. I am the envy of all of my friends. I sleep, yes sleep, when the earth shattering noise begins. Forget the guest (room). I am making it my room. I wish you luck. Sleep is sweet.

I have tried everything to stop may husband's snoring, except surgery. He won't be evaluated. As a working mom of four, with a snoring husband, who angers when I wake him, I have found my solution. No I did not cover his face with a pillow, although I did think about it. I got bunk beds. Not for me, for my boys-eight and 10. That means I have a room to myself. Yippee. I am the envy of all of my friends. I sleep, yes sleep, when the earth shattering noise begins. Forget the guest (room). I am making it my room. I wish you luck. Sleep is sweet.

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