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This is simply excellent!

Darn, I've been away a few days and missed all the excitement. I would have purchased a ticket. Oh well, I will wait until your next wonderful opportunity to help people. You know, I donate to charities here and all I get is a load of junk mail asking for more - and even worse, a load of junk mail from charities I've never heard of also asking for money. I would much rather help your friend Harrison, help or Rose than send money to some faceless charity organization. I also appreciate smaller charities (like Child's Play, which enables people to donate games and toys to children's hospitals around the world, or your sister's charity), but I really enjoy helping specific people the most. I found this organization called Kiva.org that enables people of normal, middle income to help loan money to entrepreneurs in poor communities, and I'm going to start doing that soon too, because it is also very personal. People may say that doing things like this means it is a matter of judgement for those with the money, that they can feel like they are choosing this person and not this person, but I just like to feel like I'm helping a real person - I like seeing results.

My, do I ramble. Sorry.

You are the beautiful person T!!!
Without you Harrison and Nolene wouldnt have this opportunity.

Tertia do you now how much are the bank fees are? you mentioned in a previous post that they are hideous, if you decide to go down the get Harrison a bank account path I would be more than happy to contribute towards the yearly cost.

thank you tertia for giving us the opportunity to make a difference.

and then to realise, we have that opportunity every day, in our world around us.

you turn sorrow into joy. you inspire me.

but please, although you are the miracle that will give harrison a ceiling, don't wallpaper over your sorrow...take time.

You're a good egg, Tertia. Really. While most of us either sit around thinking about helping others, you just go out there and do it. Harrison is lucky to know you. Whenever I drive past Diepsloot (informal settlement near Fourways) I feel so heavy hearted, and helpless to do anything about it. You have just proved that it is possible to help, and that charity begins at home.
It also goes a long way in making us realise that, yes, we have problems, but we are so fortunate in so many ways that other people are not. Good on you.
BTW: Been feeling a bit low still, but not too bad. Just trying to work out if I will be coming to CT for the IVF or doing it here. If I come down I will be doing it with DR. H. Still working out logistics. Hope you are feeling better?

Feeling like a minor celebrity b/c you referred to my comment! Woo Hoo!
I just hope this isn't my "15 minutes of fame"!!

Hi Tertia

I really admire the way that, in a time when many women would be curled up under the covers and refusing to come out, you have turned to help another person instead.

I'm not sure if you ever respond to memes, but I have nominated you for a Thinking Blogger award. The idea is to tag people who make you think and ask them in turn to link to another five blogs that make them think. Anyway, it may not be your style to follow up the tag, but I just wanted to pay you the compliment and let you know you're appreciated!

Yikes! I missed the boat on this campaign! That's what happens when you don't check your blogs for two days. I would love to contribute...any way that I still can? Let me know...

Tertia I am speechless. I want to show everyone in the world your blog - what a fine, fine example of doing something constructive with your pain.

You asked, in an earlier post, what difference prayer made. I wonder how many prayers of Harrison's and Nolene's you have been instrumental in answering, these past few days.

With deep respect
Susan Plett

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