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I'm so sorry for your bad day/week and for your loss.

The hair, it's absolutely gorgeous!

Seriously, I don't think that you could have created a worse week if you tried. Ugh. At this point, the week can only get better, right? Take one thing at a time and just try to remember to breathe.
And, I really don't think that the hair color looks bad at all. It really makes the blue of your eyes stand out!

Sorry about the crappy week, and sorry the crap isn't over yet.

Your hair, however? I like it.

Actually, I like the hair very much. As for all the other crap...I'm so, so sorry.

I like the hair too. It makes your eyes look very, very blue.
So sorry about everything.

Know it's not much consolation for all the other stuff, but I (and it seems like the commentors before me) think the hair is pretty! It makes you look very striking. Sometimes it's just the shock of having drastic color change that makes you hate it to begin with.

I kind of like the hair, too. I don't like the week, though. Not at all. So very unfair. Maybe once you have survived all of this and the kids are healthy again and you are feeling better, if you still don't like the black you can become a redhead. I think you'd look totally G&D with red hair.

What a week!

I do love your hair though. You have the eyes to pull off the dark locks.
thinking of you,

I'm so sorry for yet another loss in your life, not to mention the very difficult week. Here's hoping it can only look up from here. Will be thinking of you in the morning.

Yeouch! What an awful week. It has to end sometime? Sorry, that's all I got. I remember the fog that comes with samll, sick children- spent a lot of time in the ER with my youngest godson when he was a baby, for the same type of thing. I think I walked crooked for a week! Holding a baby on your hip for 24 hours straight is not as easy as it looks :-(
Your hair, however looks gorgeous-very dramatic.

Aw, poor little Kate. Poor mummy and daddy!

I like the hair. Makes your eyes POP!

Yikes - that is one bad week. How unfair of life to throw all of that at you at once! I protest to the universe on your behalf...

I do like the hair, though. I agree with the others that it brings out your eyes and makes you look quite striking. Maybe it will grow on you...

I'll be thinking of you, starting now.

I am so sorry you've had such a crap week. And I'm sorry that tomorrow will suck as well. My thoughts are with ou and your family. (hugs)

Hey, I like the hair. I, too, have very blue eyes and died my hair black a few years ago. I discovered it looked terrible unless... I darkened my eyebrows. Get a black eyebrow pencil (or use eyeliner in a pinch) and carefully color in your eyebrows. Put on a little black mascara and you will look GORGEOUS (not that you don't look great already, really). I got compliments on it all the time, and I loved the look. I would have kept it longer but I'm cheap and lazy and when my roots grew out I looked like a skunk. Turning it back to dirty blonde was a whole other adventure... it ended up red (my husband said it was like sleeping with a different woman every few weeks)! Anyway, seriously, give the black brows a try - you'll be amazed at the difference.

Hope tomorrow goes by fast for you and then the day will be over and you can have some more wine. A close friend of mine died last month and my husband and I discovered that we could drink vast amount of expensive vodka and lemonade and never be hungover the next day. Wine gives me headaches the next morning, so this allowed us to get drunk every night for 2 weeks straight after our son went to bed. It seriously helped. A lot. My doctor was the one who recommended it. Hope you find something to help you feel a little better.

You're in my thoughts. You have been ever since all of this started, and you will be until that black cloud lifts again.

I've always envied you that load of thick, gorgeous hair, by the way. No joking. I honestly think that you're a pretty woman, with those beautiful eyes and that lovely smile of yours.

Oops, I just realized that the "black cloud" might be seen as an allusion to your new hair colour. It's not, of course. :o)

Oh, Tertia. What a shit week. I'm so sorry. Your strength amazes me. You're such a wonderful mother, pulling through for your kids when they need you even though you're feeling down. You should be proud of yourself for that. I keep you in my thoughts and prayers every day.

i think your hair is great -- dramatic and quite lovely! all my best for tomorrow. i hope it goes quickly and you can come home to a glass of vino.

Another fan of the hair here. I do think you'd like it a bit better if you darkened your eyebrows a bit. It really makes your eyes pop.

I hope Kate and Adam feel much better soon. And that tomorrow goes swiftly and they give you lots of good drugs.

I hope the twins recover soon. What a cow of a week (not in a bovine cows-are-nice-gentle-creatures kind of way though, the other way)!

And, maybe not black hair ...

Lady, I think the hair is beautiful. I highly approve.

What a shitty week. In a good way, at least you've had plenty to take your mind off of other things. Next week will be sooooo much better. You're G&D. Inside and out.

I actually like the hair.

Sorry that everything else is sucking so much though.

What are you talking about ?? Great hair. Sorry about everything, including the sick babes.

Love you.

Thinking of you 24/7. ((hugs))
Hope the babes are feeling better.

P.s. You look fabulous!

eh - not so fond of the hair. My daughter just dyed hers black -- I don't like hers either! But, it's just hair -- it will grow, it can be coloured again (although black is rather difficult to 'fix.') It could be worse - you didn't get a gross tattoo**!!

Hope the kiddos are better soon -- and that you do not come down with it!!

**DISCLAIMER -- I am not against tattoos - I don't have any (I am old and chicken) but my daughter has two -- one ugly as sin one that is beautiful! **

I think the darker hair sets your light eye color off beautifully! No Morticia Addams in sight.

Oh sweetie, bring back that fun-loving blonde ;)

I will be thinking of you all morning.

Okay, important stuff first - that hair color is great - I don't know WHAT you are talking about! Yes, it is different, and yes, if you hold your head down and put the camera waaaaaaaaaay above you so you have to look up and make your eyes do unnatural things, then yeah, it ain't the best pose. But, I really like the way the color makes your eyes stand out!

Your week sucks and I am so very sorry...you're getting it all the way around. I hope the kids are better. I'll be thinking of you Thursday.

T, you know I love you ...you are G & D and everything else wonderful under the sun ...

You know that a good hairdresser can fix that black hair right? They bleach and then recolour and it looks like new! or rather old. You know what I mean.

Well, so blonde friends who went black tell me anyway (I'm a ginga ...if I try black, I go green). It just hits you in the VISA a bit. But, gorgeous new hair will be happy credits to off-set everything else you're going through at the moment.

I do like your top though!!!! ;-)

You are in my heart constantly at the moment, and of course I'll be thinking of you all day Thursday.


Your hair looks great.
Glad Kate is better.
I will be thinking of you tomorrow.

I think your hair looks nice.

Actually, at most beauty supplies stores you can buy a hair stripper. The brand that I have used is called Pure White, but there may be others. Just ask one of the people there, they should know. Follow the directions and the black should be gone, or at least mostly, enough anyways to tolerate if you really do not like it. I think it looks nice. Try some rubbing alcohol to take off the dye from your forehead.

Nothing like being elbow-deep in runny poo and sweet-smelling vomit! Simliar instances here, blah.

I like the hair color. I don't think it's hideous, just different!

Hope your week improves and that you have a poo-free, vomit-free RESTFUL NIGHT!

Sorry about the sick added to everything else. I'll pray you are able to get some rest when this week is over.

Yes, this sounds like a shitty week, there is not much one can comment about it. But - hair can be changed back. When I saw your photo I thought: "what amazing blue eyes, I wish I had that color". I would suggest to stop taking photos of yourself with your cell phone, Marilyn Monroe wouldn't look good in these...You are quite attractive and that is at least one department in which I don't think you should worry at all. Good luck with everything. Ciao.

Holy cow -- what a week! You poor dear -- but you somehow managed to write a post on your blog. I've got nothing going on (relatively) and cannot even make my bed. You are a goddess!

I think you hair color looks superb! It's just that you feel all shitty on the inside and it makes you not love the new look. Wait until nest week...when you've had even 2 hours of sleep...and you may be surprised. Best of luck (or whatever it is that makes one get through things like this) tomorrow. You are loved 'round the world.

I'm with everybody else, I like the hair. I love a brunette with blue eyes, I'm not sure I ever noticed how blue your eyes are before (now it sounds like I'm hitting on you). It might be 11:30 Thursday now (not sure of the time zone difference) but either way, I'll be thinking of you and hoping that the day passes as quickly as possible.

OMG What a horrible week! I sincerely hope that after this week is over that you treat yourself, and have Marko treat you, to a week (or at least a few days) of good days to compensate. If I was there, I would start with dinners of your favorite foods, plenty of good wine, and your favorite desserts. A hot bath every night, then time to curl up on your favorite couch with more wine, a good book, and/or movie.Of course, you can curl up with K, A for story and cuddle time and to breathe them in...then back to relaxing for you, and no arguments! As much of this pampering as you can stand. That's my prescription for you, please take it!

Oh, and I don't think your hair is that horrible. Some highlights to soften it might help?

I do tend to find black hair on white folks a bit too stark.

However, that you could spin a funny post out of sick toddlers, cleaning up puke, and dilating your cervix just makes me love you more.

I won't lie, I think you looked better as a blonde. Not that I'm calling any other commenters liars or anything. Please everyone let's try not to flame each other until Tertia feels better. Thank you.
T, I've been thinking about you. I hope everything goes as well as possible tomorrow and that they at least give you nice drugs, or else send you home quickly so that you can eat a sandwich and get piss-drunk. Update when you're able, and take care.
And for what it's worth, I probably would've given up and taken the child to the hospital at that point, too--better safe than sorry. I feel your pain on the poo virus from hell/antibiotics :-(

What a shitty week. I'm so sorry. Poor Kate. Poor Adam. Poor you. Poor Marko. Poor Chilli. I really hope that once you get past the next few days, things take a turn for the better.

Of course I am thinking of you. Peace to all of you during this.

We did the poop and puke dance here a month ago, not pretty. But...didn't I tell you those little darlings would help get you through this? Sure, they could have picked something better than fevers, poop and puke to get your mind off your sorrows...but hey, they are only 2. ;)

Thinking of you (all of you) tomorrow - and the day after, and the day after.....

Be well,

Ah, Tertia. I'm so sorry things are going crappily (literally.) I'll be thinking of you plenty, dear.


Thank you for sharing when you're in the middle of a shit storm.
I don't feel as alone.
Thanks thanks thanks.
You aren't alone either.
Lisa T

Thinking of all of you. Sorry such a crappy week.

Thinking of you. Praying for you...

grim grim grim. take care on thursday. thoughts with you. hope the kiddies are doing ok.

I feel just terrible for you (and for Kate & Adam being sick, and Marco being worried). What a f*cktastic week you've had to go through. And yet... as you said in your post the other day (yesterday? the days blur) K&A are helping you keep it together right now and maybe, in an odd way, their being sick and needing you so much is a reminder of what you do have (not that I think you're not grateful for what you have--nor do I think you deserve what you're going through). If that makes any sense.

I'll be thinking of you tomorrow.

Oh Tertia, I'm so sorry. Am thinking of you.

Glad Kate is on the mend.

Take care xx

First time commenter, feeling utterly useless for doing so, but all the same.

I don't know if this will mean anything to you, but I had my tonsils removed when I was about four. And while I'm sure at the time I wasn't sunshine and songbirds, all my memories of the experience are overwhelmingly positive. Lots of jello and pasta and ice-cream, a new stuffed animal, and lounging around watching movies. I even remember the medicine tasting good. I don't remember the pain at all.

(Also: I think your hair brings out your very-bright blue eyes. I'm always envious of people with blue/green eyes, as mine are boring and brown, but yours are gorgeous.)

Thinking of you tons!

Poor little Kate. I'm glad she's doing better now. You're such a tough cookie T. I wish I lived near you so we could drain a cask or two of wine. I agree that the dark hair does make your eyes stand out. If you do look like Morticia at all, it's only the lack of sleep dear.

As far as the spots on your forehead, I'm trying a fade cream on mine now. If it works I'll let you know!

Still thinking of you and Marko and your mom and your Adam and Kate.

I love the dark hair - it totally makes your eyes pop! You as always, are G&D.

I hope the kid-o's are feeling better soon! No fun! I'm sure that Marko will take excellent care of the lot of you.

Wanted to let you know that two of my triplets had tubes (grommets) at the same time and it went very well. They took them in first and second in the morning and the whole thing was done in an hour. Plus, they give them this drug cocktail before they take them in the operating room which makes them act hysterically drunk so they don't freak out- quite funny. Good luck with everything :)

You're in my thoughts today and always, lady.

you. are fucking amazing.

p.s. i like the black hair

My son had a bad reaction(violent diarrhea) to antibiotics last fall and the Ped. told us to give him a dose of Mylanta(liquid form) with every dose of meds. I was skeptical but it seemed to work. Then this week my younger son started getting a "runny tummy"(love that phrase!) when he started on antibiotics for strep throat. Tried the Mylanta with him and he has not had a problem since. No idea why it works since Mylanta is mainly a heartburn medication but I'm not complaining!

I am keeping all of you in my thoughts and wishing for some good health, peace and fun to come your ways:)

Hope you all have a much better week next week!

Thinking of you.
Wishing I could fast forward you to better days.


Hey Tertia. Having a sick child like that, is no fun. My little girl (also 2 yrs), has been in hospital 3 times. Once for jaundice,
once for grommets (after lots of fever and vomiting), and once for constipation of all things. Very stressful, and I agree that having to wait endlessly for meds at the Clinic with sick and unhappy child on your hip is also not fun! Eventually you know your medical aid details out of your head, and don't even need a card!
But it does get better quickly, so good luck with the tonsils/grommets thing. Definitely one at a time!
Hope the D&C goes quickly and as painlessly as possible. Best wishes, WendyD - Durbanville

my thoughts are with you.

I hope the kids are feeling better today! I haven't been through the puke and poo show myself yet (cross fingers) but I really do feel for you. And only on one glass of wine. Uggh.

Ok, about the new hair colour. I like it. As others have already said, it does make your eyes stand out more. The picture isn't your best, granted; but who would look their best in a pic taken from straight above looking into the camera? My mom always says its the expression that matters, not the clothes or the hairdo. It was probably the worst time to take a picture taking into account your week. Give yourself some slack.

Another reminder: don't get presumably horrible hair colour fixed during an emotionally bad time. Bleaching colour out will damage your hair. Give it a couple of weeks and then see how you feel. It'll fade a bit and you might end up liking it. Just think! No more touching up roots, etc. Plus some make up (as someone suggested) is a must. I think it's lovely. Really classy and sexy.

The sun spots on your forehead can be lasered away. But you'll have to remember to wear sunblock every single day. I also have them and it's a PITA but help is at hand in the form of laser technology.

I'll be thinking of you this morning. The stars should have at least aligned so that the rest of your week went well. Not fair. Not fair at all.

I hope K & A are both feeling better this morning. You might want to give them both acidopholus to offset the yucky tummy from the antibiotics. And re the hair, I like the black. V dramatic. Why don't you live with it a while before deciding.

Platinum blonde!

I don't think your hair color looks bad at all. I think any negative feelings you have about it are caused by bad camera angle and lack of smile. Not that I'd be smiling right now, either.

I'm sending you a ton of good vibes and know that your friends in the computer will support you any way we can.

Thinking of you today, Tertia...

Wish I could send you a crate of wine, but then again, you live in one of the world's finest wine-producing countries, so I'll settle for raising a glass to you, to your good health and happiness.

I'm so sorry about everything, Tertia, even about your Dyer's Regret. The hair's not that bad, honestly! It's not a harsh black, it looks like a softer deep brown. C'mon, think about it, after the night you had, even Angelina Jolie and her team of stylists wouldn't have made the prettiest picture. A few highlights (reddish ones, maybe) would soften up the color, or you could just do what I do and wear more makeup. Since I've dyed my hair I've been wearing makeup daily, and more than normal, to kinda balance out the unnatural hair or at least go for that "I'm totally fake and fabulous" look. Do the department store beauty counters in SA offer free makeup applications? It's lovely to go and sit for 20 minutes and have someone fuss over you with soft brushes, at least. I think that with some dramatic makeup to go with the dramatic hair, you'll look gorgeous.

There's no words that will comfort you via the internet. I can only offer you virtual hugs

There's no words that will comfort you via the internet. I can only offer you virtual hugs

thinking of you....

Glad you have found the calm spot, although lack of sleep could be to blame...
My ob/gyn had the tag of "serial aborter" on my chart to reference my 4 mc's - I wanted a t-shirt but my husband didn't think it too funny.

Hope the bodily functions of your household stop erupting and a virtual glass of wine for you.

Oh, T, I'm so sorry. I had been out of the country and not staying on top of my blogs. I had missed your pregnancy until now. How heartbreaking. I am so, so sorry. How sad. I hope they give you lots of drugs today and that everything is painless, at least physically.

Hey girl.

Hope you're okay. Been thinking about you all day. Amazing, this virtual world which makes us so close to real people whom we've never met. (Hey! I managed to insert your book title in there!)

But, hopefully the haven't met part will change soon. I'm moving from George to Stellenbosch at the beginning of April!


Tertia you are in my thoughts.

...thinking of you today...dear T

I like your hair! I think it looks divine!
Hope you get the tonsillectomies done on the children. I remember your post about it, and them having gone through another pout of the tonsils/ears I hope seals the deal. I would almost stake my life on the fact that they will be better once you have the surgeries done (and to tell you the truth, since they drink so much because they are young; doing it at this age is probably better than when I got it at 7 and had to eat everything through a straw...like a baby...:P IMHO is all) here's to hoping your week only gets better! Hang in there!

I think your hair looks fab - I was very scared when I read you were getting ready to dye it black but it's not as dark as I thought it would be. I think it makes your eyes stand out, and you have beautiful eyes.

I hope today went as well as can be expected. I'm very sorry for your loss.

Hope all of you are feeling better soon!

Oh, my heavens, what a ghastly week. I have everything crossed for all of you including the dog. I hope K and A will be better enough so that you and Marko can get some rest. Warm thoughts from somewhere in the USA at this tough time.

Oh, Tertia. I'm so sorry for all the awful things you and Marko are going through. Please don't worry about answering e-mails! Just soak in the love people are sending to you and know that THEY know you just can't respond to everything!

I'm so sorry about the D&C and not eating, I hated that stuff. Hate miscarriages (major understatement). Hate that this happened to you again.

Lots of love to you & family.

Hugs. Just, hugs.

I will wait until the end of time if i have to for your email response b/c i know hard it must be for you to do anything right now with all that going on. Sorry about the kiddoes. Hope they are better today. Sending you hugs.
P.S. i lurve the dark, mysterious look.
P.S.S. Can't your dermatologist friend help you with your forehead blotches? Maybe a chemical peel??

I meant to say, "A chemical peel for FREEEEEEEEEEEE!"

OMG, it just keeps going and going doesn't it. This probably isn't the place to say it but I was thinking about your body image thing. There are therapists that work by taking really good pics of you and helping you see the good bits. Might help. and it sounds like fun.

Oh my! My wife and I have just had a similar week!!! We had 10 hours sleep in 3 days, was totally stressed out. Hope you feeling better than we are now. Our little one is finally sleeping after doing the 20 minute sleep dash for the past 4 days.

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